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  1. Scout


    Well that sounds ideal. Thank you Sir_Godspeed
  2. Scout


    Does Glorantha have a region similar to the following regions as found in Conan's Hyperborea? Shem, Stygia, Kush, jungles, that sort of thing. I want to go for a sword and sorcery feel.
  3. Scout


    Anyone know if there's a Discord channel for Glorantha?
  4. Scout

    Pulp Offerings?

    Ok thanks for the advice Loz
  5. Scout

    Pulp Offerings?

    Thank you. Does it have a rule for breaking the Action Point restriction? Specifically attacking beyond the AP limit?
  6. Scout

    Pulp Offerings?

    Does anyone know what the Pulp hero rules are in the Mythras Companion? www.drivethrurpg.com/product/274910/TDM111-Mythras-Companion
  7. I'm having some trouble keeping straight in my head, all the different ways Runes interact with a character's personality. For example, on page 229 the 'Casual Use of Runes', it explains the roll, and this is practically the same as that written under 'Personality Disputes' on page 231. The only difference is you roll once for 'Casual' rolling but twice in the latter.
  8. Very interesting, thanks both I have participated in a wargame which took part via snail mail. It only lasted a few weeks but it was really cool. Different requirements though as a wargame seems to be more structured.
  9. Always been intrigued by pbp. How well does it work, what are the differences?
  10. I believe it is "play by post"
  11. Thanks for clarifying The rules (page 229) say you can only use inspiration via a Rune once per session. Do you think that's a bit restrictive? I was considering letting players use it once per game day.
  12. Page 224-225: Two weapon use "Training or experience in using a weapon left-handed does not help the right-handed attack or parry with the same weapon, except that the half effectiveness rule applies. For example, use of a dagger left-handed, allows the adventurer to use it right-handed at half the left-handed ability." Not sure I remember reading about a half effectiveness rule. Can someone give me an example of the above rule using some numbers? Also... "An adventurer using two weapons at 100% or more with each weapon skill may attack one foe twice at full skill rating (o
  13. Page 221: Attacking a Person on a Chariot "Damage taken by the chariot for more points than the chariot can absorb in one blow is taken on the hit location rolled in the attack. The armor on the location, if any, absorbs the excess points. The chariot then loses 1 hit point." I find parsing the above rule a bit difficult. Is it saying, on a successful attack, roll for location and roll damage, and if damage is left after applying armour, reduce armour by one? EDIT: Chariot fighting? How cool is that!
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