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  1. Thank you
  2. I just bought the game and was wondering if there's an official character sheet out there. I found one in a link to an rpgmeeting website but not sure if it's the latest official one Is there one? Thank you
  3. Brilliant! Thank you
  4. One thing I've thought D100 could benefit from are things like 'Feats'. Perhaps not exactly like D&D but similar. Something other than skills to make one warrior different from another warrior. Does RD100 have this?
  5. I really like the sound of all that Thank you
  6. Did Revolution D100 use 'Action Points' (as in Mythras) in combat? I sincerely hope not as they have a tendency to unbalance fights. 3 AP v 2 AP can be overly significant
  7. I'm sure this has been asked before but here goes I've got the May 2008 print edition of BRP (recently bought it off Drivethru) and I was wondering if there's any errata for it. I did look but all I found was an unofficial pdf that was 17 pages long. I was hoping the 2008 print run had been updated. Thanks all.
  8. Thanks for this
  9. Hi Does anyone know what print run we are in with the 4ed BRP? I want to make sure I get the lastest pdf with all the latest errata updated Thank you
  10. Thanks Newt, that does make a lot of sense now
  11. If you take a look at 'Henra' the jolly bartender in the adventure 'A Road Less Travelled', his stats are pretty impressive, or is it the case that starting stats for starting characters are not impressive? You could substitute any of our group's characters with Henra, and aside from one that has magic, and a hulking Str 17 Size 15 brute, they'd perform just as well with Henra, and in some cases he'd perform even better. What's your thinking on all this, are OQ2 characters too weak, do they need more oomph?
  12. Thanks Mankcam
  13. Page 162 I've read the rules but I'm still unclear on how to use magic points to manipulate sorcery If I have 5 magic points and cast a spell, can I apply an extra 4 magic points to Duration AND 4 more magic points to Range, or is it split between them? I think it's the former but I'm not sure Also, beginning sorcerer characters only have a Sorcery skill rating of INT to cast spells with?
  14. Page 73 "Whenever a character is suffering from exposure, starvation or thirst, the Fatigue test penalty immediately doubles to –20%." I can't find any mention of a Fatigue test having a -10% penalty anywhere
  15. Language (Own) is INT +50 but Culture (Own) is only INT +10 Is this correct? I wouldn't have thought your own native culture would be so alien to you