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  1. But, if I have Characteristics that result in a -5% modifier, and Pick Pockets has a base of 5%, that's 0%. Or am I missing something?
  2. Thanks all, looks like problem solved.
  3. On one hand, I really don't mind at all, but I'm worried my buddies will throw me out the window because they keep failing at dice rolls.
  4. But, the highest score I have is 25 for Perception (Listen). All others are 5 or 10. Actually, with -5 Stealth, I have a few skills at 0%. That cannot be correct.
  5. I just created a character, rolled his Characteristics, then applied what modifiers there were to the skills. I'm now on the 'Mechanics and Melee' chapter and haven't seen any rules to add more points to the skills. Do I get any more points? They're pitifully low.
  6. Hey all, Hoping someone can help me with some RQ2 questions I have. Page 12: I don’t fully understand the training rules. Basic training costs in Glorantha are 400 L a week for eight hours a day. This can be subdivided into four two-hour sessions at 100 L a week each. Is the 100 L on top of the 400 L, for the privilege of having the 8 hour block broken up? Then: TRAINING This cost basis for characteristic improvement is the same as the cost basis of any skill (as opposed to spell) found in this book. In short, for every week (6 days) of training at 2 hours a day, the cost is 100 L. I thought it said 400 L a week for eight hours a day. Thanks all.
  7. This is true, but I would like to get it right in case the characters begin with too many skill points or even not enough. I'd like to make sure of that rule for game balance.
  8. That sounds good to me. Thank you.
  9. Are the Optional Bonus Skill Point Packages on page 27 part of the optional "build your own profession", or are they a part of the standard Profession lists? Also, it says (page 27) "What did your Agent do before his or her current profession?" This makes it sound like they are additional 'hobby' type skills you get on top all other skill ratings regardless of where they come from. It also says "If you like, grab a package to quickly choose the eight skills for your Agent's bonus skill points." If you like? Basically, I have no idea at all how to use the Optional Bonus Skill Point Packages on page 27. Any help appreciated. Thanks all.
  10. Scout


    Well that sounds ideal. Thank you Sir_Godspeed
  11. Scout


    Does Glorantha have a region similar to the following regions as found in Conan's Hyperborea? Shem, Stygia, Kush, jungles, that sort of thing. I want to go for a sword and sorcery feel.
  12. Scout


    Anyone know if there's a Discord channel for Glorantha?
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