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    Started with D&D in 1979, moved to RQ2 in 1980 and never looked back. I attended Convulsion 92 and 94 and failed badly in a Glorantha trivia pub quiz with Greg on my team.
    I played RQ actively for 15 years but that dwindled due to “life”. I mostly GM'd RQ in Glorantha - the classic RQ2 campaigns and the wonderful RQ Renaissance of the early 90's. The other RQ campaign we played back in the day was published by Mongoose and TDM - Age of Treason/Iron Companion/Shore of Korantia.
    I'm currently rekindling my RPG habit - reading the new RQ material and writing some of my own to use on Roll20.
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    Writing some RQ material to GM for friends and playing in a Roll20 Traveller campaign
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Grew up in the UK, moved to Sydney, then Auckland, and now back in Sydney again.

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  1. YGWV. If you want them, have them. Who can possibly say how the Humakt cult has evolved in different places and at different times. You could have fun with Humakti from one area encountering a wandering Humakti God talker. Each of them stridently convinced the other is doing it wrong.
  2. Righto. Add that to the list of things in RQG I hadn't noticed!
  3. Not at all. No RM use in 5 sessions so far. I suspect this is mostly because they are so used to thinking of RM as one-use. I suspect they will get used to it over time but I don't see SM fading away - it's just so useful.
  4. Hello, My desire to read, write and play Glorantha and RQ material far exceeds the time I have available. My answers therefore reflect a 'path of least resistance'. RQG Started in May after a c.25 year RPG 'deep freeze' Earth Season 1625 Sartar. Colymar lands thus far. Ranging from the Broken Tower (Quickstart) in the South to Apple Lane (GM Adventures) in the North. Ernaldoring clan. Mostly descendants of a notable but bastard daughter of Brandgor, grandfather of Chief Baranthos. GM Screen Maps+Adventures book (indispensable), Glorantha Sourcebook (interesting background), Glorantha Bestiary (expanding on Aldryami in Tarndisi's Grove), HQ Sartar Companion (useful background on Sartar, Encounters, Clans, Personalities, Locations), Duel at Dangerford (ideas and background), Six Seasons in Sartar (ideas). Published scenarios, linked by GM whim and events of the party's own making with reference to sandbox elements of GM Adventures. Haven't gotten far enough for it to diverge very much but see Duel at Dangerford for a neat example of making deviations work. No idea how to respond, sorry. Like asking the goldfish to describe what the goldfish bowl looks like from the outside. Fun, I hope. The players want to do more but they haven't played RPGs in 25 years either so I'm not sure they are the best judges. Roll some characters and start with something low-key. Introduce elements of Glorantha as you see fit. Most importantly - give it a go and if you are enjoying it then you're doing it right. Concepts such as YGWV and MGF are important. You bought the rules, it's your game now no-one else's. Another good areas to start is Sun County on the River of Cradles as it's a fairly long way from anywhere and the locals are insular (the Sandheart series of scenarios on JC is worth a look). NB I play on Roll20, not face-to-face. If the RQ character sheet were not available in Roll20 I expect we would have put RQG in the 'too hard' basket and be playing something else instead (CoC probably). I should add that I discovered this website https://basicroleplaying.net/rqg/adversaries/index.php from listening to Chaosium's Ian Cooper on a podcast - it is a revelation for GM enablement and well worth a look. Hope this helps,
  5. Is it worth pinning? Lots of useful advice here that ought to be easy to find.
  6. I quite agree. I've added some macros - POW rolls and SR ordering at the very least. Many thanks to all who are contributing to this thread and @dvdmacateer for your work on the RQG character sheet.
  7. AusPost delivered mine this morning. Thanks to lockdown I was at home to receive it and enjoy the moment.
  8. We're not incorporating rules from prior editions. We have 'house rules' to tweak aspects of RQG to suit us but we did that in the past too. Our experience thus far (being only recent returnees to role-playing) is that we are forgetting to incorporate some of the rather wonderful new aspects of RQG like Passions and Runic Inspiration. Also, remembering that Rune Magic is not one-use. We simply don't have muscle memory for those elements of RQG yet. So it's not that we aren't intending to use them - we simply have to make a more conscious effort to remember that they are there. RQG is the best edition yet - I can't think of an aspect of prior versions that I would grandfather.
  9. My PC's are going to be heading out from Clearwine and into Locaem lands early in 1626. Seems like there's some good raiding to be done there and scores to settle, what with the Locaem being on the wrong side of history (and a Dragon). Anyway, I'm teaching myself how to use Wonderdraft to make maps for my Roll20 RQG campaign. My first project is to create a map of Vayshan's Run. I've attached it here in case others can use it. The orientation is not N-S, see compass rose at top right. It's based on the map @Jeff posted in FB for the Ernaldori the other day, plus the description in Pegasus Plateau. The fields are a bit wonky and need work. The edge of the Plateau is on the left hand side of the map. I reckon it's about 25 km from Londros to Hillsedge, but that's hilly, wooded and uninhabited land with nothing more than the occasional hunting trail or animal track.
  10. Lots of great advice from other contributors. I recently ran The Broken Tower and Apple Lane for 3 PC's. For the Broken Tower I had the clan send a couple of herders along with the PC's to help them wrangle the 60 cattle (39 as it finally turned out but that's another story). This meant that I had a couple of extra pairs of arms and legs available in the form of henchmen. On the way to Apple Lane my PC's met the RQG pre-gens at Asborn Thriceborn's Stead and travelled with them to Apple Lane. My intention was to have the RQG pre-gens on hand to cover some parts of Apple Lane with my PC's covering another.
  11. That's right. GSB and G2G will have more on this. For a "Need to know" of Orlanth, Yelm and the Lightbringer quest, read p.58 of Cults of Prax (the Chaosium PDF version). Yes, Vasana's quest is akin to the Tales of Biturian Varosh. Vasana's quest illustrates RQG game mechanics, ToBV introduces you to the cults in CoP. I would certainly recommend reading ToBV start-to-finish to get a 'feel' for Glorantha. There's no need to read CoP cover to cover - the Pavis cult is of less relevance to a campaign set in Sartar. If you want to familiarise yourself with major cults then each cult write-up has a 'Mythos and History' section which is worth reading. How the cult actually works 'in-game' is covered in the Rune cults chapter of the RQG rules (many of the RQ2 mechanics in CoP have been updated). Your strategy is on point - read ToBV and decide to go deeper if you discover a cult that sounds interesting. If your campaign will be in Sartar then the Lightbringer gods (plus Humakt) are worth dwelling on. The Seven Mothers are worth a look on the basis of 'Know Thine Enemy'. I did have a deeper look at the Theogeny section of GSB last night. If your objective is to immerse yourself in Glorantha then definitely read it. OTOH, if your objective is to know enough to run an RQG game in Glorantha then I'd recommend only referring to the bits that seem interesting to you. I found some sections I'd like to read for interest so will most likely do that.
  12. This takes the anticipation up another level still. Excitement was all very well in my teens but I'm a little, ahem, older now. With all the teasers here and on FB I just hope I last until the Sartar Box set comes out! Or the Cults book. Or... Or...
  13. I'll preface what I'm saying by being clear that Glorantha is interesting to me as a setting in which to play RQ. I'm here in the RQ forum, not the Glorantha one. Glorantha appeals to me on many levels including by being a coherent setting with its own depth; its denizens are not simply a bunch of 'extras' there to amuse or antagonise the PC's. My advice is not to worry too much, or to be intimidated. Because Glorantha has been around for so long and has such a committed fanbase the quantity of content is overwhelming. I'm no Gloranthan scholar but what I think can take a while for newcomers to understand is that there is often no one true answer to the way Glorantha "is". In many RPG's the setting information is a monoview universal truth. What we read in the published materials on Glorantha is how it is perceived through the eyes of the (imagined) narrator/reporter/scribe whose work we are reading. Another account may vary or contradict. In the Glorantha Sourcebook you can read one version of events in 'History of Dragon Pass' (pp9-37) and another slant in 'The Redline History of the Lunar Empire' (pp.153-189). I'm sure the Theogeny section is interesting but I haven't read it, I refer to it. I've dipped into the second half of the book and have enjoyed what I have seen but I haven't read much of it. I don't need to know it to run an RQG game. But... I've probably built up more baseline knowledge since 1981 than I care to think about. So... I would definitely recommend the GSB and tend to think of the level of relevance as starting high and waning as you progress through the book (to me at least) for a campaign set in Sartar. The History of Dragon Pass chapter is excellent. The sections on the Elder Races and the Theogeny will be great primers. By that stage you've read 128 pages on top of the RQG rule book and if your objective is to run a fun RPG session for your mates then I'd venture you're into the zone of diminishing returns by that stage in terms of reading up on the background. I do recommend the Adventures Pack from the GM Screen - this is first class and a credit to all involved. The early sections on the Colymar complement the History of Dragon Pass in GSB very well indeed. The setting information, the scenario hooks, the NPC's - this is exactly what an RPG product should be - high levels of playable content. All that I see tells me that the RQG Starter Set will be the same. What gave me the greatest 'feel' of Glorantha so many years ago were the 'Tales of Biturian Varosh' in Cults of Prax (https://www.chaosium.com/cults-of-prax-pdf/). Whilst that is set in Prax, the commentaries on well known gods are first class. As a teenager I was bewitched and knew immediately that I was onto something that would offer me more than any AD&D scenario ever would. Horses for courses though... Overall my advice would be to read what you feel you need to run a game. Don't try and 'catch up' on background knowledge. Much depends on how much time you have available. My free time for gaming is limited and must be used judiciously. I find Glorantha very interesting and have to resist the urge to go down rabbit holes of research. The published works (GSB, G2G etc) are great references but are not 'required reading'. If you were going to commit to reading one, then make it the GSB (it's far shorter). In terms of 'other' scenarios/material - the Tales from Sandheart series is absolutely worth a look as it is set in Sun County which is a way from anywhere and its locals are quite content with having nothing to do with the outside world. Hope this helps. Other opinions are available etc.
  14. The art is amazing. Glorantha allows some fabulous adventures to be had and tales to be told. And Runequest meshes so very well with the background. Particularly with the innovative new approach to character generation. The learning curve is sometimes steep but worth the journey. My friends and I were playing AD&D in 1981 (?) when I got the GW RQ2 boxed set, probably on the strength of a review in White Dwarf. We never played AD&D again after our first RQ session. Welcome.
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