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    Started with D&D in 1979, moved to RQ2 in 1980 and never looked back. I attended Convulsion 92 and 94 and failed badly in a Glorantha trivia pub quiz with Greg on my team.
    I played RQ actively for 15 years but that dwindled due to “life”. I mostly GM'd RQ in Glorantha - the classic RQ2 campaigns and the wonderful RQ Renaissance of the early 90's. The other RQ campaign we played back in the day was published by Mongoose and TDM - Age of Treason/Iron Companion/Shore of Korantia.
    I'm currently rekindling my RPG habit - reading the new RQ material and writing some of my own to use on Roll20.
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    Writing some RQ material to GM for friends and playing in a Roll20 Traveller campaign
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Grew up in the UK, moved to Sydney, then Auckland, and now back in Sydney again.

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  1. Looks great - very excited to get this in my hot little hands.
  2. I have recently started playing in a Traveller Roll20 campaign (across 9 time-zones - Sydney to Galway) run by a school friend with whom I last played Traveller face to face 35 years ago. It's been a lot of fun (certainly better than no RPGing at all) and works pretty well provided the Gm puts in the prep time. That inspired me to pick up my RQ2/3/G books and start prepping up an RQG Roll20 campaign for my old RQ group from the 80's. I'm going to start with the Quickstart adventure Broken Tower as we are a bit rusty... we played 1980 - 1996 almost continuously then once each in 2003 and 2012
  3. 😀 I'm relieved to discover that it wasn't operator error. Thank you.
  4. I dropped in a very basic set of stats, tried "Shaman" and "Assistant Shaman" but the Spirit combat damage doesn't seem to adjust beyond the amount determined by POW+CHA. What's my rookie error?... Thanks for the tip re the NPC sheet - will be using that.
  5. Thanks for this tip. I noticed that the character sheet doesn't seem to accommodate the spirit combat damage mod for Assistant Shamen and Shamen - it simply derives the base damage from POW+CHA. OK.. so there's an NPC sheet? Where/how do you obtain that? I was able to get the character sheet by setting my game up to use the BRP / RQ: Glorantha character sheet. I hadn't figured out that there is an NPC sheet asset that can be loaded somehow. Thanks.
  6. I see what you mean… I discovered on Sunday afternoon that playing around with fonts and styles is a procrastinator’s heaven. Not much material written but I get an experience roll in Love (Fonts) Dare I test the relationship by enquiring what the specifications are for the shades of green used in the tables?…
  7. The Compendium is very useful - thank you. I'm getting back into RQ and being time-poor will rely on published material. I've made quite a few purchases now and the Compendium has really helped me figure out which ones will be of greatest utility. I bought Legion today - the artwork is extraordinary.
  8. Glad my ignorance could be of service! 😁 I'm experimenting with Roll20 for RQ myself but am yet to run anything - how have you found it? There doesn't seem to me much in the way of support for RQ specifically though the character sheet seems very useful and there are plenty of generic assets to be found.
  9. Hello, Apologies if this is a rather foolish question. After a 25+ year hiatus I have started writing some RQ material and am using the Jonstown Compendium templates to do so. For one thing they are lovely and for another it will make the job of sharing the material easier in the future (should I be brave enough). However, I'm using Word and noticed that the Word template has different Header formats (Albertus and dark red) to the PDF templates (Georgia and dark red then a bronze colour). The published material seems to use the PDF template not the Word template. Cou
  10. I don't believe the two have to be mutually exclusive. Personally, I'd like to have a map to use as a map and artwork to give me a sense of how these places look. RQ2 Pavis nailed it - the fold out map was a complete and valuable resource for GMs and players. Combined with the two-page isometric "Pavis Panorama" all the bases were covered. Not having an overhead view is a fair enough decision but a shame, IMHO. Feedback is a gift etc. I'll still buy the packs though as the RQG products and material absolutely rock.
  11. I agree with you completely. We need utility as well as artistry.
  12. Flew over the Burley Griffin today courtesy of an air elemental in the form of a flying Kangaroo and pleased to report no Pirates in sight
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