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    Started with D&D in 1979, moved to RQ2 in 1980 and never looked back. I attended Convulsion 92 and 94 and failed badly in a Glorantha trivia pub quiz with Greg on my team.
    I played RQ actively for 15 years but that dwindled due to “life”. I mostly GM'd RQ in Glorantha - the classic RQ2 campaigns and the wonderful RQ Renaissance of the early 90's. The homebrew RQ campaign run by friend was eventually published by Mongoose and TDM - Age of Treason/Iron Companion/Shore of Korantia.
    I'm currently rekindling my RPG habit - reading the new RQ material and writing some of my own to use on Roll20.
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    Writing some RQ material to GM for friends and playing in a Roll20 Traveller campaign
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Grew up in the UK, moved to Sydney, then Auckland, and now back in Sydney again.

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  1. To be fair to the Chaosium team they have no control over the slow-moving train wreck that is logistics in the UK at the moment. I can only imagine the frustration that is causing them and many other businesses. Maybe Chaosium have in mind a date at which the self-imposed constraint of waiting for Blighty to catch up will be relaxed and the rest of us can get on with it.
  2. @dvdmacateer @StephenMcG thanks. I have a Pro account so will have a dig around at some point.
  3. Thanks and @dvdmacateer too. Is it this one: I hadn't been on the Chaosium Runequest Sandbox for a while - I will have a poke around and see how you did that. Many thanks
  4. Agreed. If I was playing RQG F2F I would hack it to what suits my group's sense of MGF. As I'm using VTT I am constrained to much of what has been developed for use. This is of course a self-imposed constraint. There's nothing to stop me playing RQG over Discord with a Die Roller bot and some sort of screenshare too (of which there are many). I'm tempted to teach myself Roll20's archaic macro language so I can hack some tools to enable 'House Rules' but it's not high enough of a priority. With FG quite possibly on the way I expect I'll shell out for a license and try that. The constraints of Roll20 and 'official rules' are tolerable if it means I can get a game of RQG in.
  5. That's a good point. For example, the new 'Korolstead - Secrets of the Smoking Ruin' on JC has a map pack with 80 jpgs (40 for GM and 40 unannotated) that drop straight into a VTT - no dev required and no dependency on a VTT platform's pipeline. For campaign maps I screen-grab whatever PDF I'm using and import that.
  6. I have a hunch that this is probably the future. So many aspects of our lives have been digitalised (anyone still using slide rules?), I see no reason why TTRPG should be any different. Many of the crunchier aspects of games can be enabled through technology - no more looking up on tables, tracking of durations etc. What we mark off with paper and pen (2 damage to my spear that made a parry...) should be accounted for digitally in the future if we wish. If true this is VERY good news for crunchier games like RQG and WFRP as the incremental benefit to the customer is so much greater than it is for a more narrative rules-lite game. A customer (and future customer) pain-point is being mitigated and the addressable market for the game is increased. Digitalisation of TTPRG can really level the playing field and actually offers a bright future for RQG. Such innovation is often fan-led - the Foundry mod for WFRP and the Alien and Forbidden Lands Foundry mods for Free League being cases in point. The Chasoium acquisition of the Dholes House is another fine example. Innovative digitalisation of RQG could be very powerful.
  7. Ditto. Some insight to the strategy would be welcome, recognising that it is intention, not commitment.
  8. Errr... not so fast. Your quote of @Runeblogger post says Foundry VTT - that would be great. But his/her edited post now says Fantasy Grounds. So... not Foundry, not Roll20 but Fantasy Grounds (FG). Chaosium sells CoC content on FG (and Roll20) and AFAICT not at all on Foundry so I'd surmise that Chaosium is starting with FG based on Runeblogger's post. Without committing dates it would be helpful at least to get some insight from Chaosium on its VTT strategy. Should Roll20 users be patient and wait for RQG content there or is that not on the roadmap? I'd rather not fork out $40-150 for an FG license to run RQG if Roll20 or even Foundry support are intended (even if not committed). That said, Roll20 might be the biggest (?) but it seems far from being the best. The newer VTT's like Foundry (and FG Unity?) seem to offer better integration. The WFRP/Foundry integration is exceptional.
  9. Back in the day I moved my RQ3 campaign to PenDragon Pass and we found that worked very well. If I was playing RQG face-to-face I'd probably tinker with an opposed roll approach again. As I'm using Roll20 I'm effectively constrained by the character sheet macros (given I don't want to re-code a bunch of stuff in Roll20) so we're sticking with Rules As Written. We haven't played that much RQG yet so I'm heartened to read in this thread that greater use of Rune magic helps breaks the deadlock more quickly.
  10. Correct. Although with RBoM we had the PDF already; it was just the hardcopy we waited for a little longer.
  11. @Nick Brooke - first impressions are very good. Like Duel at Dangerford I expect I will make great use of it, drawing upon your familiarity with Glorantha to inform my own campaign. Practical interpretation of the setting into gameable content is welcome. It's always interesting to see behind the curtain of how other GM's run games so I find your footnotes and asides particularly helpful - many published products are less generous in this regard. What appeals most is that this is a mini-campaign that really only could happen in Glorantha as it is so interwoven with the culture and mythology of that setting. Act 2 (Desert Storm) is a good example of this and is not a scene I would ever think to craft that way - I like it for that as it is a provocation for how more game-playing value can be extracted from the richness of the Gloranthan setting. If I may, the only comment I have found thus far that cause me to double-take was in the first paragraph of p.142. The analogy used there seems unnecessary inasmuch as there are alternative ways to make the point. It detracts rather than adds to the charm of the product and the writing. Overall this is a very fine addition to the Compendium and I look forward to using it. This must have involved a lot of work - thank you for sharing it with us. I look forward to seeing it accumulate precious metal tokens on DriveThru.
  12. … and I read on FB that it is already in the Australian warehouse dammit! I could be there in 30 minutes… 😖. I’d even spring a copy for @Jason D too
  13. It looks glorious. Chaosium team gain +1d6 Reputation
  14. I'm fine with RAW but understand your point. I'm no expert but it seems Mythras is written more along the lines you suggest:
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