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    Started with D&D in 1979, moved to RQ2 in 1980 and never looked back. Attended Convulsion 92 and 94 and failed badly in a Glorantha trivia pub quiz with Greg on my team. Played RQ actively for 15 years but dwindled due to life. More of an observer and wistful collector now, living in Sydney Australia.
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    None sadly, but still buy RQ for nostalgia.
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    Sydney, Australia
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    Grew up in the UK, moved to Sydney, then Auckland, and now back in Sydney again.

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  1. OK then... Great sales pitch. Bought it. Looking forward to reading it.
  2. Hi there, I discovered RQ when I tired of AD&D and saved up my pocket money to buy GW's RQ2 in 1980. My friends and I played RQ through Balazar and the Elder Wilds, Pavis and the Borderlands up to and through the AH RQ3 period and the wonderful RQ Renaissance of the early 90's - Sun County, Strangers in Prax, Dorastor. I went to Convulsion several times, met Greg and even landed up with a copy of Sandy Petersen's campaign notes from the Convulsion auction in 1994 (?). Great memories. Then I guess life got in the way. I moved to Australia in 2005 and all my RQ stuff has sat in boxes in the loft for at least 15 years; I haven't played a game of RQ in at least 20. Keeping track of RQ and Glorantha became tiresome as it branched in so many different directions. Every now and again I would buy an RQ or Glorantha product mostly as a homage to my teens. I would leaf through the product and then consign it to the back of a cupboard. With the COVID19 lockdown in hand, I pulled out my copy of latest RQ Rules on a whim and gave it a good read. The years have fallen away and I'm a teenager again! The production quality is magnificent and the rules and the setting have been honoured admirably. I realise too that I now have potentially captive players - two children the age I was when I first lifted the lid on RQ2 and rejoiced at the lack of character classes and alignments. So... there's real no point or question to this post. I simply felt moved to offer my thanks to those who kept the spirit of RQ and Glorantha alive during a fallow period and have engineered such a magnificent rebirth. Thank you
  3. RQ defined my gaming experiences in the 80's and early 90's. I met Greg at Convulsion and had the honour of sharing a pint with him when we were in the same team for a Gloranthan trivia quiz. We didn't score so well and he marvelled impishly at the scarily encyclopaedic knowledge of fellow Convulsion attendees. I was always more of a fan of RQ than Glorantha but the latter provided many rich adventures and epic tales for my RQ campaign. My gaming friends then are my best friends now - 30 years on and without a diet of gaming weekends and pizza to sustain us. I owe much to Greg and Glorantha and will remember him. Farewell.
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