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  1. My version of Microsoft Office said there was an error with the file, but once I told it to fix it, it seems to be intact and readable. Looks fantastic at first glance through the 14 pages. Thank you. Hope your own campaign goes well with that foreshadow meeting Attila etc.
  2. The recent podcast there was mention of a update or revision of some existing Pendragon products as well.
  3. I'd like to thank you as well for your help. I'd be happy to get a copy send to my email just for my own use if nothing else. I'll pm you my email.
  4. I posted the url to the one I mentioned above on your game forum. I'll resend you the url in a pm.
  5. He wanted to start by next Tues Nov 26th, so not sure if he'll revise that to give you more time or what. I figure he'll respond when he can. Yes, that's the revision I was given the url for.
  6. I really liked your feedback and bullets above, so will see where he wants to go with it. We all need to generate our PKs still so this will be invaluable. The info will also be useful for me since I'm GMing my own game (set in Uther's timeline) for background if nothing else. Yes, the copy of the HRB appears to be by Aaron Thompson.
  7. I'm sure he'll appreciate it as would I. I did grab the pdf copy of the HRB that Morien linked me on the Discord.
  8. Thank you. I suggested to him to come join the forum and respond/post here as well. He said he'd try to get here after work (he works overnight shift apparently). So you might see a post from him sometime tomorrow. I would gladly take the tables/notes as you get to them.
  9. Here is a quote from my GM.."I will take any help they offer. The table sounds like a good idea." Well, the GM has asked for help. I know you don't have anything past AD 410, but I suppose it's better than nothing.
  10. He's got the campaign starting at 439 AD in Salisbury, unfortunately, that's as much info as I've gotten from him for a few days now. I asked for more so will see how it goes.
  11. He currently has nothing, although, he said he might try doing something (he's new to the system too I believe). He approved using Book of Sires and Book of Knights and Ladies for PK generation.
  12. Hello, I'm new to Pendragon, but not Chaosium or Arthurian myth/legends. I joined a new game which is starting up soon and the GM has it set in AD 439. I noticed the Book of Sires offers a little bit about AD 439/earlier, but none of the event tables for player knight generation are really setup for that early of a time period. The GM has given some generic values to randomize for Glory for Great Grandfather/Grandfather/Father, but nothing else yet. Any suggestions/ideas or should I not fret about it to much?
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