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    Writer of the Griselda stories, editor of RQ column in White Dwarf (1982-4), long-time friend of Greg Stafford and participant in Continuum conferences in UK.
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    Long retired from university teaching (77 on Oct. 15 2018), but still active as specialist in Greek prehistory.

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  1. Finally managed to get myself signed up; thought I had an account, but apparently not. So ... very VERY sad to hear of Greg's departure to the Spirit Plane. I started corresponding with him in 1979, having been put onto White Bear and Red Moon by a fellow lover of complex board games, and quickly got into RuneQuest. I encountered him quite a number of times, at the Leicester cons and elsewhere, and always found him great company. As a long-time fan of fantasy, I have to say that Greg's world of Glorantha is a world-beater when it comes to complexity and originality, and I feel privileged to have been able to contribute to it a little with the Griselda stories. He lives on in this and his other creations, and it has been a richly rewarding experience to know him. Ave atque vale, Greg.
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