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    former RuneCzar, retired author of tabletop and video games
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    protégé and handmaiden of Chaosium and its inspirational works

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  1. Greg was a mentor, visionary, and evangelist. I followed him meekly, first into fandom, then into geekdom... then into craft and authorship, and finally into reverent service. Personally, I recall his charm. I am honored to have been the butt of some of his most elaborate jokes. For example, I will always remember him for his moment of triumph here: http://www.staffordcodex.com/truetales/2015/12/16/why-i-love-bad-medicine-for-doctor-drugs Publicly, I acknowledge his gift for creating institutions and traditions, and for bringing so many treasured friends and acquaintances together. His work is classic and eternal, but I most honor the communion of artists, friends, and fans he has brought together through his labors, his inspirations, and his sparkling personality. We will meet... but we will miss him. There will be a vacant chair. Let us linger to remember him. He has left so much for us to remember him by.
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