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  1. And, this way the clanfolk will think "scary, but it's great to have him on OUR side" rather than "maybe useful now but let's get rid of him asap" which would be the fate of a ZZ follower.
  2. He could also be just an orlanthi with Darkness in him. I'm playing a character in RQ with similar temperament and with the Air & Darkness runes as strongest runes. He's quite devoted to Orlanth, but is vengeful, likes to play it dirty etc. Good stuff. I don't think cults like ZZ would be appropriate inside orlanthi clan. Anyway, mortal people can and should be 'imperfect', and if someone goes against some of the cultural virtues, is a new / specialist cult is always needed? Iit's very 'Umath' to be unwanted and make a space for yourself, by force if needed. One mythical option to explore: in Orlanth & Aroka myth Orlanth consorts with "Dark Woman" (Kyger Litor / Deloradella) who later gives bith to "Crushing Noise". Were he to approach Orlanth's Hall, and accepted inside, he would become part of Thunder Brothers. Ok, one without much Thunder, but hey, nobody's perfect.
  3. @M Helsdon, @MOB: Any idea when a POD version (and ideally, PFD+physical book combo, like the Pendragon Book of... series) could be available?
  4. Also missing from the new version: some markings after the Sacred King list (p. 162 of the old edition and p. 132 in the new one) Printing error in the first one, mindless scratches made by someone hit by Illiteracy Curse, or powerful magical symbol omitted from the new version on purpose? Only reader can decide. But I find it suspicious that the "Missing Chapter" appears exactly on the spot these markings were in the first edition!
  5. There already were "northern" and "southern" versions of the saga manuscript. This could be another, or simply a scribal error... But surely, there is a conspiracy at work here.
  6. In the old version of King of Sartar there was a ominous warning after the last part of Argrath's Saga, considering the fall of the Moon. "But now it's invisible instead!" This has been sinisterly omitted from the new one. But it's clear now - the triumph of the Moon is that it is freed from (even immortal) presence in the world, and in the Fourth Age, becomes incorporated directly in the fabric of Time, and thus, as barbarians rudely put it, "invisible". Hence the addition of a Moon Season to the Gloranthan year, to replace the one lost during the Sunstop. You heard it here first....
  7. Promethea is great stuff, works as an inspiration for Glorantha and HeroQuesting, too.
  8. Of course you can have an Obsolete ability in HQ. Like this: Obsolete 10W. Probably a Lhankor Mhy scholar, Dayzatar follower or a brithini?
  9. Hi, I'm hoping to make some room on my bookshelf, so if someone here is interested in any of the items listed below, please PM me. Prices 0 - 15 $ / item + shipping. Conditions vary from fair to near mint. These ship from Finland. RQ3 books and boxed sets: Glorantha Bestiary Elder Secrets box Glorantha box Into the Troll Realms Troll Gods box Vikings! box Mongoose RuneQuest: Glorantha the Second Age Magic of Glorantha HeroQuest 2nd edition (Moon Design, generic) Fanzines & fan publications: Tradetalk 10,12-14 Unspoken Word 2, The Thieves Arm In Wintertop’s Shadow Wintertop Fair Moon Rites The Zin Letters 3 Mythic Russia (Hero Wars based, hardcover) King Arthur Pendragon: Core rules 4th edition Knights Adventurous
  10. I read first bits of Gloranthan lore some thirty years ago, and steadily it came a passion that has never waned. I never had the chance to talk with Greg but once had the opportunity to listen him give a speech in a Con meeting. His charisma and warm intellect were captivating. His works have given me insight and allowed me to be a more complete person. There are few people, contemporary or otherwise, that I have as much respect for. Thank you for all this. My sincere condolences to Greg's family and all his friends.
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