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  1. Hi,

    I'm hoping to make some room on my bookshelf, so if someone here is interested in any of the items listed below, please PM me.

    Prices 0 - 15 $ / item + shipping. Conditions vary from fair to near mint. These ship from Finland.


    RQ3 books and boxed sets:
    Glorantha Bestiary
    Elder Secrets box
    Glorantha box
    Into the Troll Realms
    Troll Gods box
    Vikings! box
    Mongoose RuneQuest:
    Glorantha the Second Age
    Magic of Glorantha
    HeroQuest 2nd edition (Moon Design, generic)
    Fanzines & fan publications:
    Tradetalk 10,12-14
    Unspoken Word 2, The Thieves Arm
    In Wintertop’s Shadow
    Wintertop Fair
    Moon Rites
    The Zin Letters 3
    Mythic Russia (Hero Wars based, hardcover)
    King Arthur Pendragon:
    Core rules 4th edition
    Knights Adventurous


  2. I read first bits of Gloranthan lore some thirty years ago, and steadily it came a passion that has never waned.

    I never had the chance to talk with Greg but once had the opportunity to listen him give a speech in a Con meeting. His charisma and warm intellect were captivating.

    His works have given me insight and allowed me to be a more complete person. There are few people, contemporary or otherwise, that I have as much respect for. 

    Thank you for all this.


    My sincere condolences to Greg's family and all his friends.



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