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  1. I never thought that I wouldn't see him again. Greg was a larger-than-life storyteller who takes up a large part of my memories of growing up in the Bay Area of the 70s and 80s. I looked at him as a second (well third, in realty) father-figure who helped my find my way in a world that wasn't quite ready for geeks and nerds of varying degrees. He had his faults and foibles, some more serious than others. but most i didn't learn about until I was fully grown. I am a man with a family of my own now, and I can only hope that I am anywhere near the type of mentor that Greg was... I remember the storytelling adventures he took us on, we children who waited with baited breath to see how our characters fared in his fantasy worlds. Through these gaming sessions, he brought laughter, love and lessons of morality... through hanging around his house and his kids, he showed me what family was. I will miss him as surely as I would miss my arm, even though I hadn't seen him in a decade. I had hoped that he would meet my kids for more than the all-too-brief introductions that were made when we ran into each other at the supermarket when I was in town for my 25th high school reunion, but alas, that will never be. He will have to live on in stories I tell and life lessons I impart - one of the most important being that one should not attempt to commit suicide after having relations with a witch who stopped you from succeeding in your quest - it can only lead to a bad outcome for all. Bye, Greg. I'll keep an eye out for witches.
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