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  1. Are you talking about The Reminiscences of Paulis Longvale? That's in the Cults Compendium too.
  2. Ugh, finally! I've waiting the first one for years; the second one didn't seem so important to me until I learned that it would cover the Later Hero Wars (that's an exciting first) and that it would replace SToK and its companion. Is it really going to be a complete guide to Sartar AND a Boy King/Great Pendragon Campaign style book to boot? How long it's going to be? (because that sounds like a reaally big book).
  3. This one (and its sequel Men of the West), if you are interested in the military side of things. They are not canon, but they respect canon as much as they can and the author used a lot of sources to write them, several of which not so easy to find.
  4. Sartar Rising 3-Gathering Thunder is not on DTRPG, please consider uploading it.
  5. I'm all down for republishing Dorastor as part of Runequest Classic. Also Sun County. They are important milestones in the history of Glorantha, more than interesting, and deserve the chance to be reborn for everyone who missed out.
  6. Sartar Rising 3-Gathering Thunder is not for sale. Not in Chaosium, not anywhere (the first two volumes are in DTRPG).
  7. That being said, if there's still some proofreading to do... I think I'm pretty good at it, so you can always send me the text; I'd do it for free (the text would be its own payment). (... Hey, there is no harm in trying, is there? 😉)
  8. Sound about right. That or, if you believe in the theory that Gbaji was the real winner of the duel, it broke because its legitimate owner had died.
  9. I'm confused, so I'm going to leave here several quotes for us to consider. - Arkat has always had the Unbreakable Sword: Whatever the truth, Arkat possessed a powerful weapon before he left the island [Brithos]: the weapon was called God-Cleaver, reputed to be the Unbreakable Sword. [The Guide to Glorantha, page 128] Arkat’s initiation into the cult of Humakt in 426 was hailed as a victory by the Swords (high priests) of that cult because Arkat’s weapon had always been the Unbreakable Sword, supposedly wrought by Humakt himself. [The Guide to Glorantha, page 129] - Arkat won the Unbreakable Sword well after the start of the Gbaji wars: Sometimes Arkat was halted [by the Golden Empire]. Then he would stop to HeroQuest, and return with some new and devastating wonder. On one of these HeroQuests he won Humakt's Unbreakable Sword. [Dorastor: Land of Doom, page 9] - Unbreakable, huh? Well, Arkat, I hope you kept the receipts: The Deceiver was dismembered by Arkat's great sword, which broke from the task. [The Guide to Glorantha, page 386] Numerous ancient magical treasures of the lost Feldichi race and the Bright Empire, including pieces of the Unbreakable Sword (...) lie hidden in Dorastor. [Dorastor: Land of Doom, page 4] So yeah, when did he win that stupid sword? Why had something so... breakable the name "Unbreakable"? Where is Arkat's Saga when a guy needs it? So many questions! Only in Glorantha, folks.
  10. But those texts changed the history of literature for the better. Others could argue about the benefits of many outweighing the wish of one. Although I respect your opinion, you're clearly a person of principles.
  11. Chaosium has not said anything about not owning the rights. So, even if they don't technically own them, that doesn't seem to be a problem for them. That being said, I accept the explanation they've given. It's their business to run, not mine.
  12. I don't see it that way. That's not a "last will" kind of wish, and even if it was, should Max Brod have burnt Kafka's unpublished work like the latter asked him to? Like I said, it's complicated.
  13. I would use internal Gloranthan logic to explain it: it's because, with the Hero Wars, the Greater Darkness comes back, and the only possible way to end such an event on a happy(-ish) note is with I Fought We Won. Of course your heroes won't meet anyone else's heroes in the process. Maybe (if both sets of heroes survive) they will meet after the end, and know that somehow they have fought together all along.
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