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  1. I'm starting to think that what happened is that Nysalor was a thesis, Arkat was an antithesis, and that the whole thing failed because the antithesis ended up destroying the thesis (or viceversa), instead of creating a synthesis (which is to say true, pure non-Gbaji Illumination) together.
  2. Well, yes, the priests of Orlanth hate Shepelkirt as much as Sedenya hates Rebellus Terminus. If the Lunars have flawed Illumination, the Orlanthi are not even trying. But the Lunars are the ones invading the others, building a temple and attacking Whitewall in order to kill their god, sooo... I think they are (usually, at first) the worse ones.
  3. Well, if the Trollkin Curse was created when he wounded Kyger Litor in the Battle of Night and Day the circumstances (one attack in the middle of an open war) make it somewhat less horrific that something so unprovoked as the plague in the West. But you're right, it's kind of a dick move.
  4. Ooooh, so THAT's why the Lunars are the villains (to the extent that someone can be a villain in a world like Glorantha, of course). Very interesting.
  5. About this new topic, I find kind of interesting that Nysalor never seems to do anything evil directly. His followers were the ones who created the plague in the West, or turned into vampires in Tanisor, or "misinterpreted" his philosophy in order to create the Make Me a Duke movement. Just like the Unholy Trio released the Devil into the world after being Illuminated/Occluded by Rashoran. That is what makes Nysalor so ambiguous; I don't really know if he ever was Gbaji, or if Gbaji was more of a nasty side effect of his/Rashoran's teachings.
  6. I will admit that I'm not well versed in Kralorelan Illumination, so yeah, we can call it Sevening to be more specific. On point (3): I kinda knew that it goes both directions; I also know that Arkat was Illuminated (probably Argrath too). But Arkat also fought against Illumination, so I think that he could have done that in part by reversing the usual process (instead of the Many acting as One while still retaining some degree of individuality, the One acting as Many while still retaining some degree of unity; thus why Arkat Kingtroll felt like a betrayal to his human allies who had joined forces with another, quite different Arkat). But yeah, I'm aware of this point being the most speculative one.
  7. As I understand it, Illumination is about the Many becoming the One ("We Are All Us"). That's why: 1. Illumination is also about acceptance of Chaos (and about Chaos accepting Order), even when it would be counterproductive, as both Chaos and Order are parts of the One. 2. Hermaphroditism represents the triumph of Illumination, starting by its own deity Rashoran/a, by assimilating both halves of one of the most primal, significant and explicit dualities of the universe into a single being. 3. There were several Arkats/Argraths; a single being turning into many is pretty much the opposite of Illumination, thus one powerful way of symbolically fighting against it. 4. This, and not some territorial dispute about the Middle Air, is the real reason why Rebellus Terminus must be killed. He is contrarianism/individualism incarnate, thus impossible to truly assimilate into the One. That's the reason why the EWF's Orlanth the Dragon thing did not last, and both Lokamayadon and Shepelkirt knew that they had to replace him if they wanted to win.
  8. I find it hard to believe. The man (whom I never met in person) answered via e-mail a Glorantha-related question exactly one month before his death. I think this is the first celebrity death which has truly upset me. Glorantha is a unique masterpiece, one of the biggest achievements in the history of fantasy, and I will continue admiring and loving it as this big, beautiful yet too-little known gem that constantly lets us feel the awe and wonder that Bronze-Age societies must have felt before their vast world and their unfathomable gods. The world will be a little less magical place without him.
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