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  1. Yeah, but the thing is... I think that too. Just not like that. When I read that Moonson's design was based on bad-shape Elvis (I hadn't made that connection myself)... I didn't have any problem with that whatsoever. Just a fun cosmetic touch. And I know that canon-Argenteus is pretty much a Nero-like ruler, a decadent figure whom Lunar propaganda is trying (badly) to paint in a positive light, and of course a product like this has to reflect that... ... But that's one thing, and a lovingly explicit and detailed depiction of his potty problems is another thing, you know? Moonson
  2. Oh right, forgot that one. I was considering Imperial Lunar Handbook I and II essentially the same book in two parts, and Life of Moonson is a prolongation of the Rough Guide. There is also Champions of the Reaching Moon, but that one has a very narrow focus, thus why I also forgot it.
  3. Preposterous as in "it would be preposterous to consider this madness part of the usual/canon Glorantha", not as in "this is garbage". Just a big ol' misunderstanding. It's a nice product in its own way, it's just that I wish so badly that there was a serious, canonical Lunar Empire/Lunar mythology book. Those three books won't be enough for me, I just want a "Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes" for the Lunars. Cults of Glorantha won't even have the Red Emperor cult, although your version is pretty good and valid. Peace, man.
  4. Quite honestly, I don't know why are you being so aggressive. It kind of baffles me. Even more so when: 1) I haven't said that the Rough Guide is canon. Not once. Not ever. There is not a single canon book focused in the Lunar Empire, as much as I would love it; just two non-canon ones. I'm just saying that the person in charge of the canon recommends the Rough Guide as one of the best sources on the Empire, one that even fits his vision for it. Which means that, since there is no canon Lunar Empire book, the Rough Guide would be the closest thing to it. Is that wrong? Is that deceptive?
  5. They say that, according to Jeff, it is one of the best sources on the Lunar Empire alongside three official, "canon" products. Oh, sure, before that it says that it is not "canon", but that was never my point; after all, I was comparing it with another non-"canon" book. Neither the Glamour Guide nor the Imperial Lunar Handbook are "canon". But the Jeff quotes make it seem like the Glamour Guide is more "canon"(-ish) than the Imperial Lunar Handbook. Which is impossible, because the guide is a crazy bananas, farcical at points, full of pop culture references book, and the handbook is... n
  6. I don't know, my man. Those are the only lines quoted from that particular discussion, so I only know what drivethrurpg tells me. Verbatim: In another discussion, he commented: "I'd say the Guide to Glamour is about 95% how I view it. And as all RQ players know, a roll of 96-00 is always a failure. As opposed to something like the Imperial Lunar Handbook books [for HeroQuest] which were closer to 25%. And as all RQ players know, don't go into combat with a 25% skill."
  7. Yeah, I know. At least, I do now. Personally, I blame the wikia for its "we'll only use "canon" sources" policy.
  8. So... Took me long enough to realize this, didn't it? After all, "Your Glorantha May/Will Vary" has always been one of the biggest slogans. I should have seen it coming. But see, when Jeff Richard came along saying what is (Guide to Glorantha, King of Sartar...) and most definitely isn't (Glorantha the Second Age) canon, well... I believed him. Yeah, I know. Silly me. I still don't really know why he would want to fool me like that, but hey, maybe it's his way of opening the third eye. Wouldn't surprise me. It started days ago, when I realized that taking this at face value meant tha
  9. About HeroQuest, I'm guessing the Big Rubble book was definitely cancelled. Somebody correct me if I'm mistaken, because I would like that book very much.
  10. Pretty self-explanatory, but yeah, now that we have the two complete Sartarite sagas (The Coming Storm-The Eleven Lights and Six Seasons in Sartar-The Company of the Dragon) I was wondering which one is your favourite, if you even have one (maybe they're equally awesome), and why is it.
  11. I'm starting to think that what happened is that Nysalor was a thesis, Arkat was an antithesis, and that the whole thing failed because the antithesis ended up destroying the thesis (or viceversa), instead of creating a synthesis (which is to say true, pure non-Gbaji Illumination) together.
  12. Well, yes, the priests of Orlanth hate Shepelkirt as much as Sedenya hates Rebellus Terminus. If the Lunars have flawed Illumination, the Orlanthi are not even trying. But the Lunars are the ones invading the others, building a temple and attacking Whitewall in order to kill their god, sooo... I think they are (usually, at first) the worse ones.
  13. Well, if the Trollkin Curse was created when he wounded Kyger Litor in the Battle of Night and Day the circumstances (one attack in the middle of an open war) make it somewhat less horrific that something so unprovoked as the plague in the West. But you're right, it's kind of a dick move.
  14. Ooooh, so THAT's why the Lunars are the villains (to the extent that someone can be a villain in a world like Glorantha, of course). Very interesting.
  15. About this new topic, I find kind of interesting that Nysalor never seems to do anything evil directly. His followers were the ones who created the plague in the West, or turned into vampires in Tanisor, or "misinterpreted" his philosophy in order to create the Make Me a Duke movement. Just like the Unholy Trio released the Devil into the world after being Illuminated/Occluded by Rashoran. That is what makes Nysalor so ambiguous; I don't really know if he ever was Gbaji, or if Gbaji was more of a nasty side effect of his/Rashoran's teachings.
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