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    I've been playing off and on since 2007 or so, but am relatively new to Glorantha and RuneQuest.
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    Delta Green and Trail of Cthulhu, among others.
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    Near Seattle, USA
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    I'm a huge fan of games which can be played with a single die type.
  1. Hi ALl, I'm a relative newcomer to Glorantha, having discovered it first via King of Dragon Pass, and then going on a HeroQuest buying binge a while back. However, I'm increasingly intrigued by RQG and its somewhat "heavier," approach to the setting. I'm wondering if there's any equivalent to the Sartar clan questionnaire in preparation for RQ? If not, maybe something fan-made could be produced? I don't quite know how RQG plans to handle clans, aside from the obvious "Sacred time," rules in Previous Adventures and so forth. Any thoug
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