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  1. drablak

    Call of Cthulhu Starter Edition

    Is it possible to pre-order these? Or when will they be available for purchase? I need to get this for Christmas!!
  2. drablak

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    Well, I appreciate all the advice in this thread. I'm sorry it went a bit off topic but I know the intentions of everyone involved were good. To end this in a more positive note, I will say that it's a real pleasure, as someone totally new to the setting, to discover Glorantha and RuneQuest as I'm reading the material and the rules. I'm quite enjoying myself!
  3. Looking forward to this as well! I have found memories of StarFrontiers (for the great alien races and the Space Opera genre) and Traveller (for the Hard SF genre), among others. More recent games such as Mindjammer has a great setting but I don't like Fate Core system it uses. Stars Without Numbers has a great setting also (but is too D&D in space for my taste). So count me in for a BRP-inspired SF game from Chaosium! Where do I sign?
  4. drablak

    Change log for updated PDF's

    Thank you for the updated PDF, and thank you for the dedication to Greg.
  5. drablak

    Change log for updated PDF's

    Cool, thanks! It might also be useful to have a PDF of the changes that we could print out and insert in the physical book for reference (not the typos, but the clarifications, etc.).
  6. drablak

    Change log for updated PDF's

    So there will be a 3rd version with additional changes then? The one I have has all the changes mentioned in this thread. Do we know which changes?
  7. drablak

    Change log for updated PDF's

    FWIW @7Tigers, the PDF I got when I recently purchased RQG seems to have all those changes included. You might try to re-download yours and see.
  8. drablak

    Narl's Apple Lane Campaign Report

    Nudge nudge How did it go @Narl ?
  9. drablak

    RuneQuest Core Rules Questions

    This is clear and indicates that throwing a dagger is a different skill than using a dagger in melee. I'm a bit confused about some other cases. My first impression was that each line in the list of weapons on pages 208, 209, and 212 were individual skills. Looking into this further, though, I wonder. Is the Dagger, Parrying, a different skill than the dagger (melee)? There is no mention, in the Javelin description on p.211, of the Throwing Javelin skill, I would have expected the same comment as the above quote in that context. Does someone with a javelin use the same skill for both melee and throwing then? Axe, small: same comment. It refers to its use in both melee and as a hurled weapon, no mention of a separate skill. Axe, Throwing even refers back to Axe, Small. Spear, Long or Short: same thing. So, in general, are there separate skills for throwing and for melee with the same weapon? If it is the case, do you get half-skill with the other method (say if you have 80% with the melee skill, do you get 40% with the throwing skill)?
  10. drablak

    Play a game and honor Greg Stafford

    Hey @Humakti, I'm from Montréal too! Bonjour
  11. drablak

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    Don't worry, I won't! It's one of the reasons I like to start with a play-test. The other reason being that it gives them a chance to understand how things work before making decisions on their character when rolling them up. But making sure they get that combat is deadly is on the list for sure!
  12. drablak

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    Yep that makes sense. As someone who's sometimes a GM and sometimes a player, I am totally interested in background and so I have a tendency to go too much into it at first (as does the other GM in our group), but it's much more efficient to introduce things without the players noticing too much! Thanks for all the advice and encouragement, I'm taking notes!
  13. drablak

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    Thanks for the advice! I think your advice to let players settle in their characters before planning too much of the campaign is spot on, I will do so And it works for me as a GM as well, since I have to get a feel for the strength of the opposition the players face. I'll keep the Grazelander advice in mind as well. Thanks!
  14. drablak

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    Did you introduce Glorantha at all before, aside from the excerpt from Broken Tower? Thanks for the pamphlets, those will help! And my players will like the 20-page folder, no worries there! And I'll look into Passage/Lock as well, thanks!
  15. drablak

    Advice to a GM new to RQ and Glorantha

    Thanks for the advice. Good catch on the different pregens. I was also thinking of offering them to keep the pregens or roll, interesting that half of yours went either way. Your advice on adjusting the difficulty level is great too. It's one of the things I find hard coming to a level-less system, so thanks!