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    Started playing RPGs in 1983 with AD&D (after a few years of war-games). Have been playing RPGs weekly since then. Have played too many games to list.
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    Castles&Crusades as a player, RQG and CoC soon as a GM
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  1. I agree 100% with everything @foolcat said above. Another angle to this is the narration of the result. The GM, seeing the result of the damage dice, might have narrated that the cultist moved his head at the last moment, making the shot to the head only a grazing shot as a result (4 points of damage). That would work as well to keep things believable. Or the GM might have ruled that, even though it was only 4 points of damage, the cultist was stunned because of the shot and could not riposte. Another thing I always mention to my players is that, whatever works for them also works for the opposition. If a cultist sneak up behind a player character and puts a gun to their head, how do they feel about automatic death?
  2. Our thoughts are with you and your mom.
  3. Wow this is an incredible amount of work! Very well done and well researched. Thank you for sharing this with us. 👍
  4. Yes, but the example specifies that both can be done at the same time, so the GM in this case seems to fall on the 'can' side. Here's the quote: You're right though, that only lets the Broo close range and ready weapon (at SR 5), then it has to wait its weapon's SR to strike, so it would close at SR 5 and then strike at SR 12 assuming the average spear SR of 7 for a Broo. Oh, right! my bad. Only missile fire works that way. I still don't understand why it can't strike in the first round, perhaps it has a non-average spear SR. Thanks for the clarification!
  5. Could you explain why the Broo doesn't strike in the first round please? I don't understand that. It should strike at SR5, then possibly at SR12 if it has the average spear SR of 7. What am I missing?
  6. Indeed! But I don't see it coming any time soon. Sadly. So many questions asked, so few answers. And most of the answers only add to the confusion. Basically we're told that we should handle things how we see fit, house-rule what doesn't make sense, etc. Not what I expected of a brand new edition after 30 years of insight.
  7. As PhilHibbs said the Broo should have been able to strike in the first round at SR 12 (a Broo has a liste spear SR of 7)? It also skipped phase 2 for two un-engaged opponents? Shouldn't they have closed before starting on SR? That part always confused me. Why does the Broo become engaged only on SR 10? If it takes 5 rounds to both close and ready its weapon, shouldn't it be next to Vasana on SR5? Also, from my understanding of phase 2, the Broo should have closed the range even before SR are taken into account. Anyways, this doesn't help remove any confusion for me.
  8. Is this (quoted above) a result of that (quoted below), and apply only in cases where both start unengaged?
  9. I'm curious by that statement, are you playing Pulp Cthulhu?
  10. I had the same reaction when viewing those two games. I understand the limitations they were made with (the time zone difference, and the very popular Twitch people involved), but what I was looking for from the designers is a example of the RAW. Sure it's exposure for the game, it's all good, but if you have time only for two games, one from each designers, then perhaps make sure you show the rules as they're actually written. I mean some 5 hours of RQG without a single reference to SR seems like a wasted opportunity. It wouldn't be a problem if those were two online games out of 4-5, but they only made those two.
  11. Nice! Can't wait. I mean really! Can we get a peak at the back with the teaser and all?
  12. No, it's really called Hackmaster (https://www.kenzerco.com/hackmaster/)
  13. I don't mind the resistance table at all, fwiw. It's easily converted in a formulae that I can do in my head without a problem. But (one example) I don't see (yet) a pattern in the attack & parry table that I can get in my head. Another thing I have trouble with is the SR. They're not impulses I'm told, yet they sure feel like they are. And phase 2. Etc.
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