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  1. Yes Personally I wouldn't allow that in this situation. Sever spirit is the premier death magic in Glorantha and wouldn't let anyone who isn't a Humakti contribute to what is effectively a cult enchantment. I would allow it for other rune magics where the cultists were associates. The problem with Humakt, is that he has no associated cults! Yes, more so if they knew sever spirit. (Initiates who know sever spirit could contribute to the spell part, those that don't could contribute to the trigger and condition.
  2. Let's imagine that he puts Sever Spirit on his sword, needs to know Spell Matrix creation (1pt) (RQG page 334) and Sever spirit (3pts). That will cost 3 POW to make a Sever Spirit anyone can use at POWx5 and their POW to overcome POW (and a rune point for the enchantment ritual). For an extra 1 POW they can add an attack condition, and another defines the condition eg, anyone who isn't a Humakti is attacked by the Sever spirit. The POW for the attack is the POW when the Matrix was made (not after they've spent the 5 POW to make this as that would be mean). Be aware that Enchanting Rune magic i
  3. An attack condition causes a spell to be cast when the item is violated or touched. It's a reflex casting, the target is unlikely to be willing, hence attack. Even a heal spell would be an attack spell as it would need a POW vs POW to work. Who ever violates or touches the item, unless more broadly defined by extra target conditions eg. 6 linked spells, with the extra target conditions of upto 6 six targets including the toucher. Wouldn't work with Heal (touch only) but would work with disruption. If the target conditions define extra targets, as above, then choose what works b
  4. Yes, but there's a point reached at the table where you just want to get on with the game. You should indeed subtract everything and redistribute. But a huge final blow can move things on quickly, and indicate the fight is over by moving to an automatic success (unless your group likes to play to the last hit point).
  5. Posters are reminded to read the first post pinned at the top carefully, including: This will take some time to answer all 10.
  6. This is not a straightforward task. My advice would be to alter the BRP sheet from the SRD site yourself. Many PDF readers allow you to do simple edits, so changing skills and headers is possible Alternatively, convert it to a jpg or other graphic format and paste a new list of skills on top, likewise the header.
  7. Seven Mothers initiates can Summon / Dismiss Elementals (max 1pt) using the Moon rune, but cannot Summon / Dispel any form of Air Elemental.
  8. I have updated the answer above to reflect this.
  9. That's great, it's where most of these ruling should take place in the context of your game. I have updated the answer above to reflect this.
  10. Page 202, second bullet, last sentence, remove: Thanks for spotting this, the example should read: Yes, except in rare cases where after the reduction the value is still over 100% e.g 25% vs 150% becomes 0% (5%) vs 125%. Unless this is a dramatic moment, I would suggest using the automatic success rule on page 141, as it's hardly a fair fight. see above. Yes. When the roll is unopposed or the final is still over 100%
  11. This is corrected in the upcoming Cults of Glorantha, Chalana Arroy:
  12. I covered most of the concepts of spell teaching in this thread: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/12165-shamans-teaching-spirit-magic/ Overall, it's an out of game event as it's not the stuff of adventures.
  13. Yes. Yes, as the Q&A says, the mechanism of spell teaching is not discussed, but it's a guaranteed and safe way to learn a new spirit magic. Spirit combat is a dangerous way of learning new spirit magic if you are not a shaman. Normally you can't initiate spirit combat, and if you win the spirit may have inappropriate, forbidden, or no magic for you to take. You will also not have a focus for the spell (created as part of the week long ritual).
  14. yes. Previous answer clarified.
  15. Correct. The Black Spear is an example of a complex wyter. As well being a wyter, it can be seen as an allied spirit of the Tribe, and thus as initiate of Orlanth Rex hence its rune points. Unusually It has a long and complicated history, due to the fact the clan has existed for centuries. No. Except when they are complex composite beings. The Black Spear can cast the Orlanth Rex Magic the tribal King has, in this case Command Priests, Command Worshipers, and Detect Honor. Yes. Not exactly. Their points come from seasonal holy days and are capped at POW,
  16. Likewise on the other Discord servers we participate in.
  17. It's an informal event. No recordings were made. Likewise once over we reset the Discord server fresh for the next one.
  18. Please see our latest shipping updates to follow what's happening. You can get up to date information delivered to your inbox by subscribing to our newsletter. We release an update approximately every few weeks. Here's the latest: https://www.chaosium.com/blogcovid19-shipping-and-fulfilment-update-15-february-2021/ Newsletter subscription is on the bottom left of the page. There's also an RSS feed, if you do that sort of thing: https://www.chaosium.com/rss.php?action=newblogs&type=atom
  19. Use the search in the top left. https://www.chaosium.com/horror-on-the-orient-express-pdf/
  20. please contact Dustin customerservice@chaosium.com, he's based in the US so won't be online for another 3 to 4 hours.
  21. Generally feats are associated with specific runes as that's where their power comes from. Does the hero have no movement rune at all? If so he's clearly the thunderous kind of Orlanth as opposed to the adventurous, and that's the key the the character. Perhaps he can swap out one of his runes on a daring heroquest or start another at Keyword at 13. If you want to be full on Orlanth the three main runes need to be Atir, movement and mastery.
  22. I'm sorting a few things together - the Glorantha Core Rune font page, now has all the runes in the listing and I'm using that to built the runes here. Those are 50x50, which is big here. I'm going to make 20x20 as well and have both sets available. I'll add the minor runes from the font and the sorcery techniques too. I also plan to add some CoC glyphs as well. DON'T USE THEM YET EXCEPT HERE! I'm likely to delete and re-load the current set with new names eg: 20-element-air 50-element-air here's the current list: combination-communication combination-power conditi
  23. Have a look in the smiley Emoji icon in the editing toolbar. Look in categories - runes... you can also type for example element-fire with a colon immediately before and after. <code>:element-fire:<\code> as you start to type the after the : the runes should start appearing. the current set are too large (50px), I will resize and upload soon. Keep it under your hat for the moment.
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