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  1. Biturian's Travels were there as Cults of Prax was out of print, it was taken down once the Classic Kickstarter made it them available once more. You can still find them here (from 19 years ago): https://web.archive.org/web/20021230232706/http://glorantha.com/library/biturian.html.
  2. Thanks for spotting this. I'll add this to the Q&A pages, which will be used when a new printing is assembled.
  3. See https://wellofdaliath.chaosium.com/home/catalogue/publishers/chaosium/runequest-glorantha-bestiary-print/cha4032-runequest-glorantha-bestiary-qa/#Introduction As the initial post says, Before you post, please make sure that you have: Checked the RuneQuest Glorantha Corrections and Q&A
  4. Yes, per Increasing POW Through Spell Use or Spirit Combat, page 418. Although the results table gives benefits on a fail, to gain a check it should be a success.
  5. Not if you don't want to. If it's part of your campaign research keep it here. I've tagged this thread as a personal runequest campaign, so it's clear to all what it's about (that also means that when others go way off topic, their comments can be removed as not relevant to your topic). keep going it's interesting.
  6. Please note that we are aware of the following in the Adventurer folios: Vasana, left & right arm & leg AP doesn’t match. Stat block is 6, image is 5. Stat block is correct. Molon is missing a point per hit location. D20 Result AP/HP 1-2 Right hind-leg 3/8 3-4 Left hind-leg 3/8 5-7 Hindquarters 3/10 8-10 Forequarters 3/10 11-13 Right fore-leg 3/8 14-16 Left fore-leg 3/8 17-20 Head 3/9 Nathem, head AP doesn’t match. Stat block is 1, image is 5. Stat block is correct. Aranda, head AP doesn’t match. Stat block is 5, image is 6. Stat block is correct.
  7. Thanks for spotting this. I'll add them to the Q&A pages, which will be used when a new printing is assembled.
  8. If you have a correction or question, please add it to the RuneQuest Rules Q&A page.
  9. It does say clearly on page 206 (second printing) The only exception would be if a spell says specifically that it is not subject to the effects of a critical hit (but there are currently none). As usual that's up to the GM, however even with magic armor, it's still doing maximum impaling, slashing, or crushing damage, which in most cases will result in death if head or abdomen or a serious injury for everything else (unless a weedy weapon).
  10. I've removed it the whole thread, it was accidently left behind. It's not part of the main Q&A. Thanks for spotting this.
  11. No. No. As wraiths are embodied spirits, Disruption attacks their hit points (like attacking an elemental). With an enchanted weapon, it too would do physical damage (as the text says). Both are spirit combat attacks, so no. However an adventurer able to split their attack with their enchanted weapon and has enough strike ranks could attack twice. Have a read through the spirit combat Q&A.
  12. For any new corrections or questions, please add them here: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/13124-runequest-rules-qa/
  13. Try logging in with your email address not your username. There was a forum upgrade earlier in the year, that stopped usernames being used for login on security grounds.
  14. I've just checked all the PDFs and your account and everything appears to be working fine. It was likely a local internet / browser glitch.
  15. We don't announce release dates, but look here:
  16. Scotty

    The Rainbow Mounds

    The Invision Community software has no support for 3D models and there are no third party plugins that support them either. While embedded external sites are possible, we deliberately block the posting of HTML. I can add to the permissible file types, but it's much easier just to link to you craesitions on external sites.
  17. Yes (SIZ 6 = SIZ SR 3, DEX 26 = DEX SR 0 = Base SR 3) Thanks for spotting this.
  18. Thanks for spotting this, it is correct in the Core rules and Starter Set.
  19. So Telmori adventurers have Man 25% / Beast 75% and Chaos separately at 20%. Mechanically in RuneQuest it's tracked as a separate rune and represents chaos corruption. The 20% is the taint, but they receive no chaos features. No.
  20. Note that the ENC penalty on page 150 is for adventurers who are over their maximum ENC, so this is in addition to the armor penalties. Eg: An adventurer wearing heavy scale unencumbered would be at -25 Move Quietly. An adventurer wearing heavy scale two ENC over their maximum would be at (-25+(2x-5%)) -35% Move Quietly.
  21. Yes this is the place, I've added the Rune Spell Reference to the initial post. Thanks for spotting this. We will correct it asap.
  22. The limit will disappear once our filters establish you aren't a spammer. We've had a few problems in the recent past so now have a proactive system in which your posts are approved by the moderators. Keep posting!
  23. Yes. They'd be walking a tightrope between their conflicted runes. An excellent roleplaying opportunity.
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