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    Storyteller, I like to create content for my games, into world building, I like mature games. I am fan of Wraith The Oblivion, Exalted and others games of White Wolf. Prince Valiant was my first TTRPG. The Computer is my friend, be happy citizen or be doomed.
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    I am storytelling: Mage The Ascension 20th (Setting: Hong Kong), Dungeons & Dragons 4th: Eberron, Call of Cthulhu: London.
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    I am from Colombia-Medellin, I study music, I play the piano, I am writer.

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  1. Thanks for all, Greg. Prince Valiant was my first game, I played the game with my friends of childhood. Today we are still friends. Thanks for all, dear shaman. #WeAreAllUs
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