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  1. Oooh boy, watch out, this is a hotly debated topic. My superficial understanding of this is that Dragon Pass and Prax have a high percentage of initiates, with lower percentages elsewhere. Note that it's common for adults to be initiates to one cult while being lay members of another cult or two. Also note that some adults are initiates of two cults.... something to keep in mind when looking at numbers. For more info, check out the cult population numbers of Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes (available in PDF while we wait for the RuneQuest Sartar Homeland book), this other topic here on BRP (war
  2. This is actually a good example of what I mean in my previous post: IMG a house guardian spirit may almost never be seen, but the people in the house would regularly leave food or other offerings out for it, and these offerings may disappear overnight. The people may also do other various related rituals.... the point being that the magical element is more implied than visible, so to speak. The folk traditions are what's visible (leaving food out on Godsday, saying a prayer before cleaning under the bed, whatever). Occasionally, they may get a glimpse of the spirit, when it chooses to become v
  3. Sounds good! Just be careful to not turn this into a bad Harry Potter-esque world where some things are done with magic even if doesn't make sense. There's a difference between immersing the world in weird/semi-magical folk traditions (Vaesen is very good for this in terms of 19th century Scandinavian stuff) and actually featuring magic in every day situations all the time. I'm more interested in the former.
  4. I went to look for something in King of Sartar and while I was there I figured I would once again measure the distance from Clearwine to Boldhome. It ended up being somewhere between AAA/GtG (~45km) and the RQ/HQ books (~62km) (as far as the "assumed correct" scale goes, see previous post). Fun stuff.
  5. I see, thanks. I would personally do it in an HQG game because it's easy for the players to see something and say "oh that's cool, can I do that?". The freeform system makes is not only possible but desirable. In an RQG game however it's trickier, you end up describing magic that the players may or may not be able to perform... it depends on your playstyle and how creative you get with the rules. I have a thread on that very topic actually. So IMHO yes if the players can do it (assuming they're in the appropriate cult, etc.), no otherwise.
  6. Haha that's awesome Frankly I don't know if it's necessarily a bug. It could be one of those animals who just keep growing and growing until they're killed. Several animals like crocodiles were thought to be like this IIRC. I like this a lot because it basically looks like the Resistance Table formula, no? So you just try to beat the average stat on the Resistance Table to improve? (IMHO RQG needs to remove a lot of "custom" mechanics and do a lot more "reusing" of mechanics from one place to the next... so I tentatively approve this)
  7. Yep, I already had all those corrections in a "more recent" PDF of the "first printing". The only difference I can spot is the new (indeed very welcome!) versioning information on the credits page.
  8. One possible interpretation is that the 5d6+30 has less variance (35~60), while the 10d6 has more variance (3~60). With more variance come more opportunities for outliers, which means the possibility of the odd individual with up to 70 in that stat.
  9. As Trotsky says, the Pairing Stones is, I think, the only official one. There is an upcoming book on Pavis and the Big Rubble, but it's still in production and will probably be released in 2022. Over on the Jonstown Compendium (Chaosium's community content program on DriveThruRPG), @Nick Brooke has a PDF that lists all of the other Jonstown Compendium PDFs, and that includes a map to help you spot where things are set. The "Rubble Runners" and "Rubble Runners Redux" books offer some NPCs with adventure hooks in the area, but the one you really want is the Sandheart trilogy (volume 1 is he
  10. I agree with your general point, but I'm confused about your examples. How are these things magical? I suppose the seeds sparkle from a Bless Crop spell (I would describe it indeed, the same way I describe a glowing sword if it had Bladesharp cast on it), but I'm not sure what these other examples point at?
  11. Recently I was reading some old HeroWars/HeroQuest-era cult write-ups and realized that the Rune abilities there can be used for a wide variety of situations. In many cases, they let your character accomplish magical or semi-magical feats that an equivalent RQ character can't. IMHO HQ's Glorantha is arguably a more magical place than RQ's Glorantha, but I was wondering about bringing some of that magic back to RQ... so for instance do you allow Rune rolls or Rune augments to accomplish non-mundane ("semi-magical") actions? What about allowing a Rune roll with a Rune Point spend to do something
  12. For some reason this reminds me of this thing I see popping up again now and then
  13. By the way I had to measure a distance recently so I figured I would join in this fun exercise. My conclusions are close to the OP but with the following remarks: I don't see a difference between AAA and the Guide beyond simple measuring error. The AAA/Guide maps can be made roughly consistent with the RQG maps by treating hexes as ~11km. I noticed that S:KoH and S:C have a lot of different maps... so I measured a few of them, instead of picking just one. Of the four maps I measured in S:KoH, two are consistent with the RQG maps (p232 and p237), and two are somehow using a di
  14. Nah, Spartacus was Kirk Douglas. Past that, I only paid attention to the insane Cecil B. DeMille-type large scale crowds of extras, or to Jean Simmons
  15. So for anybody who still cares, with 95% Worship, the average person would get to POW 16 at 10 years (with only 3 RPs... POW 15 with 5 RPs), but struggle to ever get to POW 18 (which is fine, not everybody wants to be a Rune Lord/Priest). The typical Colymar militia (3 RPs, POW 12) would have 3 to 5 years of experience under this model (I used a more opportunities for POW gain than the average person). Both are interesting to me. I'm still going to stat NPCs with my gut, as always, but knowing whether that's below/on par/above what the rules "dictate" provides some interesting ins
  16. If I increase the Worship score to, say, 75% (spending of 5 MPs), they get an average of 14~15 POW after 10 years (depending on their sacrificing). They get to 17 after 19 years. This however taps into how different GMs interpret MP spending, how "religious" vs "traditionalist" their Heortlings are, and so on. I'll leave this up to individual GMs to figure out, and therefore whether they need to alter their Glorantha, their NPC rules, or both.
  17. If we were to apply the RQG advancement rules to NPCs (I agree that RQ is a simulationist system and that this should therefore be possible, but I'm sure other people would disagree with this very premise), then NPCs may get a POW gain roll on High Holy Day and Sacred Time... but, IMPORTANTLY: they only get it if they succeed their Worship roll! By default, they will have 25% in their Worship roll... most people just dance and drink and eat and don't really commune with their deity on a profound enough level! (they may spend some MPs to increase their chance, granted, but they would not sacrif
  18. lordabdul


    North-east of Alone, nestled against the Indigo Mountains, is a place called "Deadwood" (not to be confused with the "Woods of the Dead", also near Alone!!). I've got some questions for the tribe: Is there any relation with the "Deadwood" of the God Learners map in the Sourcebook? (p122) I guess not, I think that one is a predecessor to the Aldryami forests of Fronela? The old HW Dragon Pass gazeteer mentions that the trees there sacrificed their life essence to allow the passage of the local Dragonewt king upon his death (
  19. Agreed for the players. I didn't know what the hell a Thracian or Scythian was until 6 months ago. But for me the usefulness of having references (historical, geographical, cinematographic, comics, whatever) is mainly for the GM. As I said on Facebook, I'm a fairly new Gloranthan GM (I starting GMing in the setting less than 2 years ago), and getting a good mental picture of what this or that piece of Glorantha looks like was my biggest problem. I think that's what people mean when they say that Glorantha is "difficult to get into" or "intimidating". The available game material gives a d
  20. You should take this troubleshooting into another forum (Alastor's Skull Inn is good for this kind of meta stuff), but I'm using Firefox and have no problem. Maybe resize the window wider?
  21. I'm surprised that the maps of the AAA would differ from the maps in the Guide.... aren't they exactly the same? Like, the AAA was a compilation of the Guide's maps?
  22. I think the PDF version of the AAA (available for free as part of the Jonstown Compendium) also has this key as an extra page.
  23. I just checked the new version and yes the text is the same. And good point from @Shiningbrow that "autumn" should be replaced with "Earth season". VERSION NUMBERS! THANK YOU THANK YOU! Given the lack of update notification or even information for purchases on Chaosium.com, I can't tell you how much of a big deal this is
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