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    Started playing DnD in college in the early 80's, also discovered Lovecraft at that time, and saw & picked up the first edition of CoC at a gamestore in San Marcos Texas within days of its release...have loved the game ever since, but haven't played it in years (hoping to join a game).
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    Interested in DnD5, New Traveller, and Delta Green (would love to join a game)
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    Work at a university & practice Chinese martial arts

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  1. Thanks so much for the thoughtful, helpful, and humorous essay. As an Army Brat I know about life on bases (well, life on Army bases more than 40 years ago!) but not about life 'in the field'. Best, Joseph
  2. Ejlertson, I sympathize, I bought the three and later found out about the slipcase. I emailed Chaosium about buying just the slipcase...no dice. I ended up buying the slipcase set as a collector's item. Joseph
  3. By the way, apologies if I'm posting in the wrong area, I realize this is more CoC-adjacent. Best, Joseph
  4. Hey everyone. I loved the BBC Radio Lovecraft Investigations (Case of Charles Dexter Ward season 1, Whisperer in Darkness season 2, and Shadow over Innsmouth season 3). I also enjoyed the Old Gods of Appalachia podcast. Does anyone have recommendations for similar podcasts? Best, Joseph
  5. Really interesting...I like it. My only issue is that in reality I don't think science and the occult are mutually exclusive knowledge areas...for example, in high school I was into science AND stuff out on the edge, ESP, Fortean phenomena, the supernatural, it was all part of the 'unknown' and I was fascinated by all of it. But I majored in physics in college and the deeper I got into science and how it is done, the more skeptical I became. But I knew about the fringey stuff, I just no longer believed much or any of it. And that stuff was a part of a lot of the entertainment I liked (and stil
  6. Interesting question...I agree with Lloyd Dupont, Lovecraft's writing isn't the best, yet his influence is everywhere, inspiring Stephen King and many other better known and more successful horror writers (I probably read King's pastiche of Lovecraft, 'Jersalem's Lot', before I read any actual Lovecraft...I was introduced to Lovecraft in college perhaps just a year or two before I discovered the Call of Cthulhu game). For all his flaws as a writer (and a person, his racism and narrow-mindedness), his fiction has stuck with me because I am so taken with the core idea of his writing, cosm
  7. Klecser, I agree with you, it's a great time for CoC and for Lovecraft fans, he's got a higher profile than ever before, I'm looking forward to Lovecraft Country and the Nick Gage film, but it's just wonderful to see the rejuvenation of Chaosium and CoC published material. And I say that as someone who has loved CoC since finding the game in a San Marcos TX game-store perhaps just weeks after it was first published and has loved it ever since.
  8. More Lovecraft storytelling! BBC Radio 4's followup to 'The Case of Charles Dexter Ward' has begun, I'm through episode 3 of the six episodes posted thus far, a lot of fun. I'm really enjoying these horror podcasts, Charles Dexter Ward was very good, I enjoyed Limetown (not Lovecraftian but horror nonetheless) too. Presented as 'investigative' podcasts, each of these effectively captures the info gathering elements of a CoC campaign. Joseph
  9. Rest in peace, Wilson. I have the Miskatonic U. kit, love it...and one of the earliest Wilson cartoons I ever saw is burned into my brain, it was from a Playboy issue (in the 80s?), it showed one weird creature chasing another, with two older women in the foreground, one saying to the other, 'it's just one damn thing after another.' Lol.
  10. Yep, absolutely, for years CoC people have been recommending the movie Q, a b-movie where winged serpent god Quetzalcoatl (sp?) terrorizes 70s New York City. I finally saw the movie recently, it is just awful as a piece of movie-making (Michael Moriarty chews the scenery so much I thought the dude was going to get indigestion)...but it's a great CoC scenario!
  11. Hee hee, just a couple weeks ago I watched the movie (hadn't seen it in years), it was pretty terrible. But the book was a fun read and it reads a LOT like a CoC scenario. And reading this thread reminded me that years ago I ran a CoC game inspired by T.E.D. Klein's short story 'Black Man with a Horn.' It's in his anthology 'Dark Gods'. Another story ripe for a scenario in that same book...'Children of the Kingdom'.
  12. You could also have one for Dean Koontz, I like his book PHANTOMS...of course I always thought he got his idea of the Ancient Enemy from Lovecraft's idea of a shoggoth.
  13. Hi everyone, Just finished a 10-part podcast from BBC Radio Four, Lovecraft's THE CASE OF CHARLES DEXTER WARD. Updated to present-day and patterned after the Serial podcast, it follows two reporters for a mystery/true-crime podcast investigating Ward's disappearance from a locked room. I have generally been disappointed by overt adaptations of Lovecraft, but this podcast was really involving and eerie. I highly recommend it and I hope they will do more. Best, Joseph
  14. Just got the starter kit earlier this week, can't wait to go through it. Congratulations on the video series, what a great introduction to the game! Joseph
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