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    Long time gamer (started in 1975); early Runequest convert and involved with the history of the Hero System in a roundabout way under my real name.
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    Playing Mutants and Masterminds and Shadow of the Demon Lord
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  1. Someone who knows Luise better than I do would need to talk to her about that, I suspect; I'd be willing to do some of the work (I've done editing in the industry before), but am probably a bad person to try and put the project together.
  2. Sounds like I probably have about as late a version as there is, then.
  3. Unfortunately, I don't know any way to do that; the copies I got were given to me directly from Steve when he was running a short campaign for us a dozen years ago. And the subscription thing appears likely to have fallen by the wayside a number of years ago, at least were I to guess from the fact his own website has been parked for some time now.
  4. The last version I have comes from 2008. I'm not actually sure Steve did any work past that period on it, though I vaguely remember him saying he was doing some a few years ago. I'm not sure the legality of offering up the stuff I have though I have trouble seeing Steve objecting to keeping it available to those interested; I know he was making some small amount of money on subscriptions to his updates at one time, but like I said, I think that's been many years ago at this point, and may have been to keep his powder dry if he ever got it to the point he wanted to publish it proper.
  5. In the light of Steve's passing, I've had an urge to reread what he'd done for SPQR, but I suspect the version I have (which I would have got from him more than a decade ago now) is probably out of date even given that he'd pretty much abandoned work on it. Anyone know if there's any place to find the last version of it anywhere?
  6. The superpowers section in the BGB was much more designed around the original Worlds of Wonder version of Superworld, and is much less well developed, just as those were.
  7. Still keep trying to decide if this would be useful for my Fantasy Britain campaign; its up in the Carvetti area, so I can't make up my mind...
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