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    Began with AD&D back in 1982, and have been in the hobby since.
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    Cepheus Engine system in the Third Imperium setting
    Mythras system in the Greyhawk setting
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  1. I asked once before, but Trifletraxor was recovering from the hack at the time. Thanks for any feedback!
  2. That image of the boy - the aspect of "Big N"... That's creepy!
  3. Sverre, your commitment is appreciated! The site does feel rather snappy - Thanks again!
  4. This is a wonderfully evocative title! Reminds me of the tales of Elizabeth Báthory... I will be watching this blog as well - thank you for the link!
  5. Back when I was running RuneQuest, the monetary donations that players made to their temples grew their ransom. This kind of Status-on-the-sly mirrors Mankcam's use of Status, in the opposite direction. I like your use of Wealth rolls, Mankcam! Interesting. Need to decide how to get this documented so it's accessible to my players.
  6. I'm glad to see the other fans of this setting sounding off - If my conversations with Sarah are any indication, she's got plenty of content to put out there for the Venerable Autocracy of Sakara and the rest of the Springtide Civilizations.
  7. Sweet! This should be a good collected source of material.
  8. At least it's at the printer... (Now, impatiently vibrating.) I can't imagine using anything but BRP for historical fantasy. How many levels of which classes would the world's leaders and personalities have? It's much, much easier to stat things up in BRP...
  9. Fair enough. However, it sprang to mind due to the elemental-ties that characters had and the multiple-element effects they could create. Reminded me quite a bit of the M:tA mechanics of blending dots of various Spheres for advanced effects. Still, I hope you find the rules you like to get your enlightened visionaries game off the ground. Sorry for running the thread so OT!
  10. Closest thing I could think of that could match this among the previously-published material out there would be Nephilim. That sounds like fun! Maybe getting a Nephilim-style setting going using only Enlightened Magic... Either way, it sounds like BRP is getting some interesting support for the future. Thanks for the heads-up, zomben.
  11. Any hints or clues as to type of content on these other supplements? More magic systems? Setting sandboxes? A bestiary or similar compendium? How many more questions could one ask in a row? I won't tell anyone...
  12. GerallKahla


    Absolutely insidious! I love it...
  13. I was really excited to hear that they had chosen to do the Magic World reboot, and now there will be supplements?!? Vicious! Kind of reassures me that Magic World will make it to print. Huzzah! Thanks for the info--
  14. Well, I just became an unwilling member of Nysalor...
  15. Excellent point, deleriad! Cantrip-level spells should be a rich source of amusement for the group, and trouble for low-wattage monsters... Heck, in one RQ3 game I played (a con game, admittedly), the GM had mooks which would wither particularly nicely under the effects of a 1 or 2 Intensity sorcery... As players' percentages increase, the humor melts away and opponents begin worrying about the PCs. I've got Summon Zeitgeist at 98%, but I'm still only 21% at Bind...
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