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    Years of playing Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest, but also Hero Wars, HeroQuest, Rolemaster, MERP, GURPS, and others. Generally gamemastering.
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    RuneQuest: Glorantha, in two campaigns.
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    I'm a novelist. Check out WITCHY EYE to see the beginning of my epic fantasy series from Baen, and THE KIDNAP PLOT is book one of my middle reader steampunk series from Knopf. I'm also a corporate trainer and a former lawyer.

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  1. Hi, Folks I'm attaching a write-up I did for my 1618 RQ:G Colymar Campaign of the Kolating tradition. I wanted an option for our clan shamans that was consistent with the excellent HeroQuest description of Kolatings and also didn't leave Kolating shamans disadvantaged vis-a-vis Daka Fal or Waha or other rune cult shamans. My solution was to give Kolatings the unique shamanic ability Exhale Seza. KOLATING TRADITION.docx
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