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  1. Yeah, probably should have mentioned the time and place... I'm PST (GMT - 8), Los Angeles. We've played at 6 pm my time, but this is all up for discussion if enough people are interested. I'm planning bi-weekly, but this also could change. I just want to set up a group of interested, potentially available players. There won't be the same commitment as other campaigns, although characters can carry over from session to session, and I'll create a coherent story thread. Discord: deathsavegames#9643
  2. Right now we're playing published. But I enjoy homebrew and would consider it with enough people interested. I usually play 3 to 4 hours. My Discord is deathsavegames#9643
  3. We've been playing Wednesday nights, but my schedule is also up in the air, so we can work with you. This would be a little more informal. Playing every week wouldn't be a requirement.
  4. The title says it. Looking for a group to play 7e. online using the Fantasy Grounds client. Discord and Fantasy Grounds required. No experience required. Hit me up. Discord: deathsavegames#9643 paperpixelgames@gmail.com
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