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  1. Characters Now the groundwork has been laid, we are ready to create characters… Read Survival Tips MW32 before making a character Other than having a ransom, which is beyond the means of starting characters, this short section contains good advice. Most character’s will not begin with a weapon skill of 101 or higher either, but one weapon skill as high as you can get it is recommended. Not every encounter will end in a deadly fight, but battles will happen, and you should create a PC prepared to survive one way or another. The world is a pragmatic place and even the most scholarl
  2. I’m a huge fan of Tindale and other fan supplements that keep us in new material but what I really want is a cleaned-up, de-bugged, errata free version of the core rules in PDF and maybe POD. But I know I’ll never get it.
  3. More guidance for creating your character concept... Species The world has only a small number of species of intelligent peoples. Of these you may be from any intelligent species that dwells on land. There are also whales in the sea and in some very maritime campaigns the chronicler might allow you to play a dolphin. Humans are the most numerous and widespread species in the Broken Isles. However, humans do not dominate the Isles and perhaps make up only 30% of the population of the Isles. Many islands have almost no humans present. The distant continent of Elfland has a pop
  4. You know I say I’m stingy then I make Veteran the standard for starting characters in my campaign.
  5. Not being familiar with Elric! I'd probably use fewer skills, maybe 6, and then 'steal' those points back by reducing the free choice allocations after occupation by the same number of skill points. Then again maybe I'm stingy. I agree +10% is the sweet spot for the size of the bonus.
  6. Just a couple of thoughts as much for others reading along as for you. The achievements of the PCs to date are quite impressive. People have mentioned consequences for actions. The other side of that is effort for consequences. You want to ride a polar bear fine, you better be ready to travel to somewhere where one is *likely* to be found and either use magic or capture a young one and then protect and raise it through years of game time. Want to start an elite military unit, cool, what is your plan so I can prepare numerous sessions where carry out that plan and perhaps fail. Seco
  7. Optional Rules There are a number of optional rules in the core book. Whether or not they are used in this world is summarised here: • Heroic Hit points MW15 NO • Experienced Adventurers MW22 YES Veterans • Custom Adventurers MW23 NO • Experience rolls using relevant skill category characteristic p51. YES • The effect of armour on all non-combat skills (-25%) p76 NO • Spell casting requirement options p97. NO • Train to maintain MW220. YES Furthermore, the Advanced Sorcery supplement for Magic World provides
  8. No its in there just separated from the rest of character generation. Page 103
  9. I’m not particularly interested in the Southern Reaches. However, the implied setting within a game is something I’m on the look out for as I read a new game. Then to really learn a new game I make some characters and a world. When creating the world I lean heavily on tone and content best suited the rules given. I get the impression the The Southern Reaches which was created after the rules was the product of a similar approach. I’ve started putting up material for my world using this approach, The Broken Isles, in a topic here.
  10. Thank you. It is major useful contributions like this that will keep Magic World on peoples tables and being played. To my mind while that is happening a game is alive regardless of the commercial realities that cause publishers to stop printing a game.
  11. The three page summary is intended as the minimum information needed by players. Casual players could be given the 3-pager and a regenerated character and be ready to start learning the game through play. What follows is the first part of the Player's intended to provide further information to player and chroniclers so that players can gain a better appreciation of the setting and make characters that belong to this world. As with the 3-pager this is a draft text for discussion. A Player’s Guide to The Broken Isles Style A gritty low fantasy. Creatures that look obviously u
  12. This thread is where I’ll post early draft text from my fan setting for Magic World. The intention is to get feedback or at least provide material for others to raid for their home games. I’ll start with the 3 A4 pages intended as a player handout. 3 Page Summary of the Broken Isles Morg yanked the warhammer from the strangled legionnaire’s hands. The ceremonial hammer had a pleasing heft in the slave’s hands. Morg smiled grimly in the light of the burning tents. If enough giant and troll slaves rebelled, then the indigenous dwarves might find the courage to slaughter the w
  13. @davecake Corum remains my favourite eternal Champion. An interesting take to flip and talk about the non-essential. Certainly food for thought and I agree with everything above. However, in practice I tend to ask “what does this game do well?” And build from there. For Magic World though say sea travel and non-human people are not essential I would certainly jump to include them to make the best use of the tools in the book. Sure you could do a non-magical purely historical ancient Roman campaign but would seem like under-utilising the game. On the other hand, once your group knows
  14. I generally limit the intelligent species to those available as PCs plus a few specials. I'm not a fan of D&D style kitchen sinks of every imaginable fantasy species of people. I tend to include the western Europe classics elves, giants,, dragons, bogies, talking beasts because I'm a fan of British folklore (Briggs, Jacobs, the Celtic myths etc). AND The biologist in me is a fan of trying to portray non-human intelligence so ravens, parrots, cetaceans. That last obviously only works with a largely maritime campaign (even with Elf-shape spells). Magic World though does offer
  15. Customs and Quirks: What do they eat? Do they farm above ground like everyone else or do they live on roots, fungus, weta, and blind cave fish Yay! as a 1/4 Scot and (ex?)working class I'm tired of the stereotypes. Cruach: so the dwarves are not Scots but the dragons are? Does Sean Connery do their voices? Walk through walls?: Do they have a low cultural value on privacy? Not a Wrym? well there is the old celt tradition of the red dragon of the celts fighting the white dragon of the invaders (Angels, Jutes and Saxons). Traditionally British dragons breath poisonous gas not
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