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  1. For my Masks slipcase, I took out all the handouts and put them in a laminated binder and I slide my COC7E rulebook in the empty slot, GM screen is proudly displayed above my desk as to strike fear in the heart of all my other projects, work, and assignments.
  2. The new Masks is leaps and bounds above the older ones, production value wise, for sure. I love the slipcase. I t looks wonderful on the shelf and plays even better!
  3. Great stuff! Your research and attention to detail is commendable!
  4. Sick! I also watched Bone Tomahawk to get the juices flowing...also check out The Proposition and Ravenous.
  5. YESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! I am running a Pulp Darker Trails game right now that is a Frankenstein of a campaign cobbled together from BRPG stuff, stuff I wrote, and the DDT book. It is heavily influenced by The Dark Tower novels, Joe Lansdale's "Dead in The West" books, and Hammer horror films. Brief plot as follows: The players are all associates of one Marshall Preston, and are told to meet him in the town of Devil's Gulch (from the BRPG set) , yet when they get there, he is comatose...the players must contend with the locals and figure out who is on their side and who isn't
  6. Too true! How about stats for King Kong as a Pulp Cthulhu "endboss"? Pt 1 of the scenario could be the classic story of "group goes to island to bring back evidence of a mysterious legendary beast, beast much too large and not having that shit". Pt 2, if the players succeed, is the big ol' ape loose in 1920's Manhattan. In fact, Pulp Cthulhu scenarios based on old 1920s-1950s monster movies would be a great idea.
  7. "Trickster" is a loaded term that conjures up different images for different folks. I think it should be more of a spectrum...there are certainly trickster, Picar-esque characters that aren't disruptive in nature and more benevolent, but still through a off-kilter lens. "Trickster" doesn't always mean "chaotic" either. There are as many variations to the Trickster motif as there are to a "Priest" or "Warrior" one. I mean the most famous one today (for better or worse) would be Deadpool. Violent and slightly absurd, but still somewhat aligned with a sense of altruism, however twisted.
  8. I am prepping the same (how friggin good is Eleven Lights, amirite?!) Just curious what did you do for Family History? I am currently crunching out some new personal tables that take into account some of the prior events mentioned in The Coming Storm (like the raid in 1615), and adjusting the tables in the Core book to reflect a strict Sartarite slant. I'm interested in how other approached tihs.
  9. Ahhhh right that math doesn't quite work, does it? Perhaps making them just younger tribe members (or just non-Sartars) is a better move.
  10. Exactly my rationale. I would make them run their characters children or descendants at that point, probably, but I think you may be right.
  11. I could probably look this up on my own, so forgive me, but what time period is Borderlands/Griffin Mountain?
  12. "Some people like their cucumbers pickled"
  13. I agree wholeheartedly, however my players are not entirely unfamiliar system wise as we play Cthulhu and BRP on the reg, and they will have all played thru the Quickstart and the Gamemaster's Pack scenarios prior to us starting this. I'm a weirdo and begin planning games super early, so games I start prepping now won't be played until late Spring probably. Seeing as how 11L is a "prequel" to the RQG years, I thought going back and playing the years leading up to the 1625 start point would be cool for the group. Would you suggest this 'prequel move', or maybe just adapting the Ga
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