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  1. Larry Lovecraft

    Not sure how I feel...

    Ahhhh right that math doesn't quite work, does it? Perhaps making them just younger tribe members (or just non-Sartars) is a better move.
  2. Larry Lovecraft

    Not sure how I feel...

    Exactly my rationale. I would make them run their characters children or descendants at that point, probably, but I think you may be right.
  3. Larry Lovecraft

    Not sure how I feel...

    I could probably look this up on my own, so forgive me, but what time period is Borderlands/Griffin Mountain?
  4. Larry Lovecraft

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    "Some people like their cucumbers pickled"
  5. Larry Lovecraft

    Not sure how I feel...

    I agree wholeheartedly, however my players are not entirely unfamiliar system wise as we play Cthulhu and BRP on the reg, and they will have all played thru the Quickstart and the Gamemaster's Pack scenarios prior to us starting this. I'm a weirdo and begin planning games super early, so games I start prepping now won't be played until late Spring probably. Seeing as how 11L is a "prequel" to the RQG years, I thought going back and playing the years leading up to the 1625 start point would be cool for the group. Would you suggest this 'prequel move', or maybe just adapting the Gamemaster's Pack scenarios to the timeline prior to Eleven Lights? Thanks for the input and suggestions!
  6. Larry Lovecraft

    Not sure how I feel...

    Ahhh I see so The Coming Storm is more like Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes in that it is mostly "setting info", and the Eleven Lights is the actual adventure/scenario/module?
  7. Larry Lovecraft

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

    Those character sheets on the right are absolutely gorgeous!
  8. Larry Lovecraft

    Not sure how I feel...

    Man, I am having this conundrum myself. It was recommended by a few others that I start with The Coming Storm --> The Eleven Lights. Do you think TCS is necessary to run before Eleven Lights?
  9. Larry Lovecraft

    The Printed RQ GM Screen Pack

  10. Larry Lovecraft

    Engizi Question

    That is perfect...exactly what I was looking for! I had a little trouble reconciling the two, but now its clear...thanks! I ended up rolling the High Holy Day of Engizi as his birthday, and he is 75 in Water and Movement Runes and a 16 in DEX, INT and CHA...I think that combo should prove interesting to say the least!
  11. Larry Lovecraft

    Engizi Question

    I was almost leaning Eurmal, but then I rolled background and ended up with a pretty high Honor, so I couldn't quite wrap my head around that...I'll look into Engizi as much as possible to find out more.
  12. Larry Lovecraft

    Engizi Question

    I am new to Glorantha lore and I am attempting to make a "river rat" thief-ish smuggler character, and in lieu of Eurmal (a little too disruptive) I was thinking Engizi. I am from the baseline homeland (Sartar/Colymar/Narri) and it says the tribe has minor temples to Engizi. My question is, is there anything lore wise that would prevent a smuggler from being in the river cult? Seems like a good fit to me, but again I am new to Glorantha. I did roll the "awakened animal" trinket and made it a rat, so that is pretty awesome. Thanks y'all!
  13. Larry Lovecraft

    New to RuneQuest-Glorantha

    Been loving this thread...I am about as fluent in Glorantha as you Scout, and this has been great to follow...I had a few of the same questions.
  14. Larry Lovecraft

    Some Glorantha/RQ Newbie Questions...Forgive Me!

    Ha! Yeah I got a little excited...although in my defense, the first time I asked a question in the 5E forums it went...poorly...to say the least. I'm just excited to find a new game world that isn't a cult of personality that worships Critical Role. Again, all the feedback has been great!
  15. Larry Lovecraft

    Some Glorantha/RQ Newbie Questions...Forgive Me!

    Guys, this has all been fantastic advice! The slipcase shall be mine! I plan on running the Quickstart with my players and will 100% report back! What a great experience this has been...my fondest "discovery" of a new system since DCC! Finally a forum that doesn't make me lose hope in humanity. Very refreshing!