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  1. Larry Lovecraft

    Guide to Glorantha Group Read Week 2

    Just wanted to say that this thread is still very beneficial for Glorantha (and RQ) newbies like myself! I had no idea this world existed, and I have been playing COC forever...very refreshing!
  2. Larry Lovecraft

    Summoning RuneQuest Gamemasters

    The Session Zero Principle: There is nothing worse, especially in today's online gaming sphere, than spending hours and hours planning a campaign that you think is moody and atmospheric, rich in lore and dripping with tone and an R-Rating...only to find one or more of your players envisioned their characters as Anime-style, and mistook the tone. If you are picturing a Game Of Thrones atmosphere but one player wants to be Sailor Moon, well...worlds will collide. I find it best to have a Session Zero that establishes everyone's intent off the bat, and I often include "inspiration" a la Appendix N, where I can refer my players to media of similar tone and intent. If you play online, INTERVIEW POTENTIAL PLAYERS FIRST! I cannot stress this enough.
  3. Larry Lovecraft

    Before I buy 7th edition

    For real! I had no idea what RuneQuest was a week ago, and now I am a huge fan. I played Rolemaster back in the day, and RQ:RP in Glorantha is a wonderful harkening to those days for me. This current iteration at Chaosium is just what I needed...my 5E fatigue hit already and I need a non-Disney type fantasy game.
  4. Larry Lovecraft

    Before I buy 7th edition

    The production value alone made it worth it for me. Gorgeous books! I won't rehash all the points others have already made, but for fans of great looking books that really "tie the shelf together", you can't go wrong.
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