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  1. https://westofarkham.blogspot.com/2021/10/session-2-dead-in-water.html
  2. Might be some good ideas there, but I haven't read it. True, I'm no novice. Just rusty. Next game is a week from Sunday (we had to postpone our September game). So we'll see how Round 2 goes. Everyone's still interested and enthusiastic though. That's a good sign!
  3. Don't get me started on the Bushes, Alex 😉
  4. Re Point # 3 - my thought is to not trap characters in situations where they would have no hope of survival. Perhaps they may witness a major Mythos beastie devouring a group of cultists, rather than get caught in the frenzy themselves. Maybe some helpful police, etc, show up in time to help or get them out of harm's way during a major shootout with baddies. But also, I would factor in player choices. One GM I learned from when I was a young `un used to put it this way: "I won't go out of my way to kill you, but if you go storming a castle single-handed, naked and armed with only a butterknife, well....."
  5. As a hypnotherapist who ran his own hypnotherapy biz for awhile, I find this pretty interesting. There are doubtless Ericksonian and NLP techniques that would work well in GMing. I'll have to think on this a bit myself. One thing I did at my most recent (first in a long time) session, was to have each player make a 10-30 second "elevator speech" about their character. Tell us something, anything - who are you? Naturally some struggled a bit and some spun a tale easily, but in the end everyone came up with something(s) and it seemed to help a lot in engaging them. You mention body language - definitely. Players leaning in to the table instead of reclining, excited, engaged demeanor, etc. All good thoughts
  6. https://westofarkham.blogspot.com/2021/08/session-1-haunting-aka-corbitt-house.html
  7. Well hey all ... it finally happened... 11 years since I joined this forum (as Aycorn) ... I finally ran a game last night. The last time I played in, or ran, an RPG - Bush was president. And I don't mean George W. Call of Cthulhu, using BGB rules (with a few house tweaks) (yep, you heard me, not 7th ed) Scenario: "The Haunting" aka "The Corbitt House", which I ran pretty much in its original form, with a few additions from later editions and personal touches here and there. Two very good, old friends who have are both avid gamers, and a friend they brought along - a very nice guy who I liked very much. And the game? A complete success. The hoary old CoC scenario still packs a punch, no problems with rules, everything went smoothly. A good game, some good food, a little good booze, a good time had by all. And yep - we meet again next month!
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