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  1. Let's say some of those Tusk riders from the Apple Lane scenario are caught alive, or some other nasty murderhobos. As I imagine there is some kind of will to keep things under control, and maybe make them an example for other scoundrels.
  2. I have an question that is somewhat related to this topic: how do Sartarites deal with the prisoners like Tusk riders and such, who will not be able to pay any ransom or wergild for the crimes they have done. I assume they'll be executed, but who does it and how? Will the local thane (like if there was one in Apple Lane) make the decision or does it need to be someone higher, like clan chief or tribal king? Will it be hanging, burning, what?
  3. Thank you very much! Great info! I should have used the search, though.
  4. Is there some kind of "white flag" of parley or truce – or surrender – for Praxian nomads? Or for Lunars and Sartarites? Or something that is universal for Glorantha / Genertela?
  5. If a rider with a horse or such is being shot by a missile, how should you determine if the missile will hit either the rider or the beast? Is it 50 / 50 change when scoring a successful hit or something else? I presume the attacker would like to hit a specific target.
  6. Does anyone have descriptions about what happens during the Great Hunt? It lasts two weeks, so they might be some action for a player.
  7. Does Foundchild have any other holy days that the two week of Great Hunt at the end of Storm Season? It’s bit harsh for a player with a Foundchild initiate character not being able to replenish the rune points.
  8. I am bit unsure how to count the missile strike ranks. If PC's DEX SR is 2, do I count it like: 2 (shoot) + 5 (loading a new missile) + 2 (shoot), which would give strike ranks 2 / 9 (third shot not allowed) or 2 (shoot) + 5 (loading a new missile + shoot) + 5 (loading a new missile + shoot), which would give strike ranks 2 / 7 / 12
  9. Has anyone made a simple excel sheet or similar for less important NPC's or enemies for RQG he / she would like to share? Those in the guide book & bestiary are too detailed for single-use cannon fodder. My excel skill is 05%... There are a couple nice generators online, but those are for Mytthras or RQ3 (the latter is more easy to convert to RQG, but with very limited types of enemies). What I like in generators is the possibility to get some random spells to throw at the PC's.
  10. If an adventuring assistant shaman wants to learn new spirit magic spells, what is the procedure? How it could be played? There is no shaman around to do it for them. Can the said assistant shaman then teach the spell to others?
  11. How about other serious wounds, like poked eyes, sliced ears, broken tooth that don't kill but can be troublesome for characters?.
  12. Is Honor important passion for all cultures or does it vary? ie does a Sable rider start with the same % as an Orlanthi? How about professions or cults?
  13. So one can assume the nights are very very dark, especially during the Black Moon phase? Only stars shining. It’s easy to hide but painful to move silently (unless you are a troll).
  14. Is there an another moon besides the Red Moon? If not, was it totally dark at nights before the Red Moon rose? Anyway, everything must have reddish tint during the night.
  15. A few questions: Is using Discorporate rune spell the only way how an assistant shaman can get in to the Spirit World before becoming a shaman? Also: What I understood from what was talked above, the distances are relative in the Spirit World, so you can travel far from your physical location. But it says in the description of the Discorporate spell that: How is the physical world related to the Spirit Worlds geographically? Distances do matter? Is it not possible to visit, let's say, from Prax to Sartar traveling in the Spirit world? Also, if I understand correctly, different locations have different spirits. If my Praxian shaman starts his trip in the Snake Pipe Hollow, it is most likely full of evil spirits, but are those spirits already waiting in the Waha's Camp where I start?
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