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  1. Sorry to be so late to this discussion. Starfarer 2250 is the roleplaying part of the Starguard universe set of rules. The space part is covered in Starwar 2250 and the ground part involving large forces is covered in Starguard. Both these rules sets use miniatures and are available from Reviresco http://tin-soldier.com/ (look under the 'Science Fiction' tab at the top). Starfarer 2250 was written to fill a need in these rules for a roleplaying aspect that had been mentioned back in the mid-1970's. The reason for much of the content being the way it is (races being samey in their stats, repair skill levels missing, etc.) is to keep them true to the original rule sets. As is stated many times in the booklet, these are the basics for use with the included Quick-start rules - which in and of themselves don't use much of the detailed rules covered in the 'Big Gold Book'. However, the BRP Core Rulebook is recommended several times in the rules for GMs to flesh out more details as they see fit. The Core Rulebook is available directly from Chaosium https://www.chaosium.com/basic-roleplaying/ Starfarer 2250 is simply a framework to provide a roleplaying environment for a set of games that are nearly 40 years old - and still going strong! The Starguard/Starwar 2250 rules were some of the first sci-fi rules produced in the gaming industry - and their artwork, style, etc. reflect that - although by today's standards they are a bit rough - lol. So if you interested in a set of rules that harkens back to the early days of gaming, check them out. Hard copy (at Amazon) - https://www.amazon.com/dp/0999868799 PDF copy (DriveThruRPG) - https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/236697/Starfarer-2250
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