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  1. How about a ship name that we can track MOB. I'll let the forum know when I see it sailing up the Solent to dock at Southampton so they can prep their credit cards.
  2. CoC doesn't have the various Characteristic mods like BRP and is more cut down and streamlined. There's a bigger number of skills in BRP compared to Call. 7e Coc is changed to simplify the combat in line with the stress on investigation rather than combat.
  3. People playing BRP games mostly use v4. People playing Call use anything from 4 through 5.6 to 7. Although the base mechanisms are the same (using D100 dice) the actual rules are fairly different although mostly interchangeable. Probably the wrong question to ask as BRP and CoC offer different options for playing different genres. Call tends to only be used to run horror scenarios whereas BRP is used to run a huge variety of genres from Bronze Age via Dark Ages, Medieval, Renaissance and Modern to Far Future space games.
  4. The OP is probably not used to a stick shift so trains is probably safer.
  5. I read the OP and fell about laughing. He's trying to go everywhere by train, train I tell you, train. Has he not heard of the horrors of South Western Trains nor the eldritch terrors of Great Western. The man's mad if he thinks to plan any sort of travel using trains in this day and age. Back in the Twenties, Thirties or even as late as the Fifties Miss Marple could rely on the railways to get her to murders and mysteries any where in Southern England and late the previous century Holmes and Watson had reliable railway companies to take them the length and breadth of the country. In the 21st century the railway has become a battleground of labour vs. corporate money grubbing and that leaves the fare paying passenger squeezed in the middle, over-paying for fares for trains that often fail to run (Hello South Western, Virgin and others). Good luck with your planning, I expect you to be found crying on a branchline platform as the last train pulls in to the buffers and the guard (if indeed there is one) calling out " All change this service ends here"
  6. I picked the pdf up last year I think. It is available for purchase.
  7. 1800BC - early Hammurabi according to one of the authors.
  8. Get one of the reproduction Sears Roebuck catalogues off eBay or Amazon. They usually have just about anything you'd need.
  9. Mythras has all references to Glorantha and runes removed , a few typos cleared up and clarifications made plus a rewrite of the Animisim section to make it more understandable. There's also some extra Special Effects but that's about it. Some folks here have been playing games in Glorantha using Mythras/RQ6 without any issues for several years and will probably chip in with specific advice.
  10. The author had health issues and is no longer writing/updating the app.
  11. But it's not a thumb. How could I know that the stupid software decided to use something other than a thumb for a Thumbs up response. Nigel
  12. Where's the thumbs up button, Great News Loz. Looking forward to this very much.
  13. If they aren't then they should sign up. It's free and they only have to provide an email link to download the pdf's as the publishers upload everything to the B&M site. The map widget isn't actually broken it just thinks it is. The drop down list only shows US stores and, strangely, one in Northern Ireland. Zooming out on the map shows loads in Europe as well as the UK. I used ctrl and scroll with my mouse to zoom in to the UK and found 2 shops in Scotland. 1 in Wales and 22 in England and 1 in Northern Ireland. Clicking on the location flags shows the name and address of each store.
  14. Err it's not restricted, plenty of stores in the UK (and I think Europe as well) have Bits and Mortar links - Leisure Games in London for one.
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