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  1. Character Creation - Figuring Skill Caps

    I suspect that no-one bothered to post as the subject doesn't have an official answer. If you are going to put a skill cap in place then it's down to the players and GM to agree on the cap and what it means.
  2. Err you don't get to shoot in melee/H-t-H combat in 7e, it's clubbing with the gun not shooting. There are no rules in 7e for shooting in H-t-H combat. The reasoning is that if two of you are struggling and a gun is involved either party can get shot. If you insist on using a gun have both sides make a Luck roll and the loser get's shot is my suggestion.
  3. Monsters get as many H-t-H attacks as they have listed (2 claws and bite for example. PC (and other humans) get one melee/H-t-H attack per round. You can dodge or fight back once per attack you have and count as outnumbered after that. This makes something with 3 attacks have not only three attacks but three fight backs or dodges. Moving generally doesn't count towards attacks - if you are coming from a more crunchy combat (D&D) forget everything you thought you knew.
  4. From UKRoleplayers.com 's Spaghetti Conjunction forum: Saturday October 21st 2017. Hosted at Geek Retreat, Priory Queensway, Birmingham.
  5. Dragondaze sounds like one of those cons (like Wyntercon over in Eastbourne) that cater to families and boardgamers with a mix of anime, cosplay, boardgames. These congoers tend to go for 1 hour taster style sessions and often people do not understand that they have to stay for the whole slot. Wyntercon had this issue for at least Its first two runs before they worked out that short taster sessions was all that most people would go for as there was so much to do and generally GMs don't want to act as a child sitting service while the rest of the family does other stuff (and presumably the other family member doesn't wish to be left out either). If you are lucky the best way if to rustle up your own group and just use the con as a host for table space which is how our Southampton group approached Stabcon South this past weekend.
  6. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Mine arrived this morning in southern Hampshire UK.
  7. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    Possibly by all those folks that didn't confirm their shipping address. If they have to spend time sending emails to folks who failed to respond the first time (due to holidays or getting the email sent to spam) then the y aren't packing boxes to send out. I doubt they have a huge number of people at Kixto even if the wages are depressed in Devon and Cornwall.
  8. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    I haven't, but if they are sending them out in backer order then as Backer #410 I'd expect to get mine fairly soon. After all the ship didn't get in to Southampton until the last week of August, add on customs clearance, shipping the container to Exeter and then checking it in and sorting out who gets what before actually sending things out. I expect the box this week but if it comes next week I won't be worried.
  9. Space Suit Extravaganza

    The fairly abstract space combat in GUMSHOE's Ashen Stars worked for me as there is no manoeuvering as such, purely narrative of what actions you take to attack or defend. The description of structural failure of a damaged ship outside of a gravity well was what got me upset. Aligning main thrusters along a spine has no impact on the orientation of the ship relative to the direction of travel unless you are constantly accelerating or decelerating. If you have reached maximum velocity it doesn't matter which way the ship is oriented as there is no force acting on it. Outside of launch from a planet's gravity well a ship (and the crew) doesn't need to be subjected to high levels of g. If you are in orbit already then you have considerable velocity by virtue of being in orbit and it's merely a case of exerting enough thrust to change the orbit to a transit path to the target and less than one gee is plenty to get that started even if the transit time is dependent upon final velocity at the turn over point.. Unguided projectile weaponry from a railgun-like weapon is unlikely to be that effective as a slight change in velocity of the target will cause the projectile to miss at the kind of ranges we are talking about for space combat. Semi-autonomous projectiles that lock on to a ship's signature, radar cross-section or wake would most likely be the most effective weapon. The fuel load required to constantly accelerate to provide gravity means that this not really a feasible solution. Spinning the ship or part of it to provide gravity will likely be the way forward until we can upload consciousness into a body not affected by loss of muscle mass (and other issues) in zero gravity.
  10. Space Suit Extravaganza

    Every game designer who opts to put space combat into their game should know Newtons' Laws of Motion, after all they've only been around since the late 17th century (350 years) and it's only High School levels of science-y understanding. Of particular note is that the ship should continue along it's original path regardless of the orientation of the ship until a force is applied to change the direction so that it matters little if you have a spinal weapon as the ship doesn't have a pointy end except in 1940's and 50's scifi. Best option is for a globular ship design unless you need to land the ship and even then a shuttle craft is a better bet as it needs much less fuel to descend and re-ascend to orbit than the whole ship and can be made aerodynamic to boot.
  11. Space Suit Extravaganza

    This is one thing I have a problem with in sci-fi games (currently N.E.W from Russ at EN World, but a few weeks back GUMSHOE'S Ashen Stars). The GM (and the writer) usually has little knowledge of actual physics let alone zero gravity effects and Newton's Third Law so it results in totally unbelieveable effects (from my point of view). Having dealt with orbital mechanics while writing tracking software for NASA's radar tracking systems I understand how things should work and thrown my hands up in horror when presented with the level of science found in most sci-fi games. I did like the combat system in ICE@s Silent Death and another game that I forget the name of that had post WW2 Allied and NAZI planes/spacecraft ala Iron Sky.
  12. Masks of Nyarlathotep 2018

    Chaosium said no more Kickstarters - they learned a lesson. PDf in late 2017, print in 2018 easy.
  13. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    It slowed down and is currently sitting off the Isle of Wight at 0.6kn according to Vesselfinder.com and it is scheduled to be in to Southampton by 9 AM this morning. I'm not going down to see it as while the last two trips have been fun it's getting a bit samey - watch a huge container ship move slowly up the channel while I am being bombed by seagulls. Still it shouldn't make any difference to the boxes shipping first week of September.
  14. Any idea when Khan of Khans gets delivered?

    The Al Muraykh is currently sailing off Brittany and due into the port of Southampton on the high tide at 14:00 23/8/17 so we can expect the game to arrive in our post probably around the first week of September in the UK, and a week later for the rest of Europe, after customs clearance etc.
  15. Dhole's House - Pulp Character Generator

    The security certificate didn't get auto-renewed by the hosting company so they are sorting it out, but are being a bit slow to do so. Check back tomorrow is the best bet.