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  1. If you go through the checkout process I think it looks at your shipping address and calculates shipping accordingly. At least that's how it seems to me in the UK. Obvioulsy you can check this before confirming the purchase and cancelling it it the shipping is too high. Note that depending upon where you live customs may add taxes (Germany has VAT on books whereas the UK doesn't for example)
  2. Note the most of the material Chaosium publish is also available from warehouse facilities in the UK and Australia obviating the excessive postage cost (unless you're in Canada where the USPS & Canada Post seem to conspire to not only have excessive postage charges but add insult to injury to adding on taxes and a handling charge).
  3. I'm about to run a game of Diadochi Warlords using Mythras and am slightly confused by one section of the setting specific rules. Under the Non-Magical Potions section of the setting it states: "Poultices and Healing Balms Used for healing, 1 MP per magnitude will heal normal ills, 2 MP per magnitude for wounds or for poison or diseases = to its potency" Now potions of a non-magical type are made using the Task system with Lore (Herbs) as the skill and 15 minutes as the time increment. So far so good. However I'm confused by the mention of magnitude and the reference to MP. Magn
  4. I've found that printing to another pdf sometimes helps by flattening the file making it faster to load. If you have access to Acrobat full version you might be able to do more.
  5. Once again I prove that Irony doesn't work on the Internet. No doubt when Mike Mason has something to release he will do so until then speculation is all you've got and that doesn't bear any relation to what might actually happen i.e. the facts.
  6. Based on current books I'd say it will be on good quality paper, hardback and run to about 200 pages with full colour illustrations. No idea of when though.
  7. There are any number of D100 based Fantasy games. many of them are slightly more crunchy than CoC, but work exactly the same. Basic Role Playing from Chaosium is the grand-daddy but as a toolbox ruleset lacks a specific setting although the 'In search of the Trollslayer' scenario is fun, there is a free setting called The Green available from BRP Central, and Chaosium's Blood Tides covers Pirates in the Golden Age and that includes magic and Voudou. D101 games provides several options in the way of systems and settings. Revolution D100 is another newish ruleset with a Merrie England Robin H
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I suspect that no-one bothered to post as the subject doesn't have an official answer. If you are going to put a skill cap in place then it's down to the players and GM to agree on the cap and what it means.
  10. Err you don't get to shoot in melee/H-t-H combat in 7e, it's clubbing with the gun not shooting. There are no rules in 7e for shooting in H-t-H combat. The reasoning is that if two of you are struggling and a gun is involved either party can get shot. If you insist on using a gun have both sides make a Luck roll and the loser get's shot is my suggestion.
  11. Monsters get as many H-t-H attacks as they have listed (2 claws and bite for example. PC (and other humans) get one melee/H-t-H attack per round. You can dodge or fight back once per attack you have and count as outnumbered after that. This makes something with 3 attacks have not only three attacks but three fight backs or dodges. Moving generally doesn't count towards attacks - if you are coming from a more crunchy combat (D&D) forget everything you thought you knew.
  12. From UKRoleplayers.com 's Spaghetti Conjunction forum: Saturday October 21st 2017. Hosted at Geek Retreat, Priory Queensway, Birmingham.
  13. Dragondaze sounds like one of those cons (like Wyntercon over in Eastbourne) that cater to families and boardgamers with a mix of anime, cosplay, boardgames. These congoers tend to go for 1 hour taster style sessions and often people do not understand that they have to stay for the whole slot. Wyntercon had this issue for at least Its first two runs before they worked out that short taster sessions was all that most people would go for as there was so much to do and generally GMs don't want to act as a child sitting service while the rest of the family does other stuff (and presumably the oth
  14. Mine arrived this morning in southern Hampshire UK.
  15. Possibly by all those folks that didn't confirm their shipping address. If they have to spend time sending emails to folks who failed to respond the first time (due to holidays or getting the email sent to spam) then the y aren't packing boxes to send out. I doubt they have a huge number of people at Kixto even if the wages are depressed in Devon and Cornwall.
  16. I haven't, but if they are sending them out in backer order then as Backer #410 I'd expect to get mine fairly soon. After all the ship didn't get in to Southampton until the last week of August, add on customs clearance, shipping the container to Exeter and then checking it in and sorting out who gets what before actually sending things out. I expect the box this week but if it comes next week I won't be worried.
  17. It slowed down and is currently sitting off the Isle of Wight at 0.6kn according to Vesselfinder.com and it is scheduled to be in to Southampton by 9 AM this morning. I'm not going down to see it as while the last two trips have been fun it's getting a bit samey - watch a huge container ship move slowly up the channel while I am being bombed by seagulls. Still it shouldn't make any difference to the boxes shipping first week of September.
  18. The Al Muraykh is currently sailing off Brittany and due into the port of Southampton on the high tide at 14:00 23/8/17 so we can expect the game to arrive in our post probably around the first week of September in the UK, and a week later for the rest of Europe, after customs clearance etc.
  19. I suspect that the level of whining has taken it's toll and you got the short stick.
  20. Support YSDC by being a Patron or otherwise donating to the running costs like I do.
  21. Are you advocating anarchy where the rule of contracts does not apply because you didn't get what you want?
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  23. You may like to rave but honestly Chaosium/Moon Design needed a hefty influx of cash to keep Chaosium going and apart from getting costs under control they had to generate revenue to play for CoC 7e and the ongoing revitalisation of the company. Getting the HotOE and 7E Kickstarters was highest on the agenda and funding those as well as the development of RQ4 needed a lot of cash and the Classic RQ KS (much in demand from grognards) was the way to satisfy a need and get some of that cash. I believe that the new Chaosium team put in about 1/4 million dollars to get the company out of it's immed
  24. Are you going to have these at Dragonmeet on Dec 3rd MOB? If so I'll pick them up there.
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