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  1. Sure, I'll drop you a PM later. And don't worry, you don't sound defensive - in fact, I'm the one who might be nitpicky, but more eyes never hurt.
  2. I started plowing through the document finally. Since I didn't find a dedicated topic for errors, I'll post the first batch I found. pg. 2. "Dwarfen captain" should be "dwarven captain" for the sake of consistency. pg. 4. "Not only does this remove the number of fiddly additions and subtractions, players have to do, but it means that when modifiers are meaningful and have a significant effect on play." There is no need for comma after "subtractions", and the second part of the sentence doesn't need that "when". pg. 5. I would add to the "A Set of Polyhedral Dice" section a mention of
  3. That's not the only typo or mistake in the preview, but I will wait with proof-reading until the draft is made available at the end of the campaign.
  4. So basically shipping won't cost me an arm and leg. That's good news! Thanks for the answers.
  5. Hello! I'd have a few questions which I couldn't find answers for on the blog or in this topic. Will we get an option for working from single pool of skill points at character creation, or it's still by categories? Will skills based on a single characteristic still start at 10 + characteristic value, or will they get something else (eg. 2 x characteristic)? Where will be the new eidition printed? Will it have a normal print run, or print on demand, or both? And finally: will the magenta/pink titles and boxes remain?
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