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    Started with Call of Cthulhu 5 and 6e and medieval BRP with Val-du-Loup, moved into D&D and Numenera, then some White Wolf stuff for a while. My expertise is CoC/BRP, Vampire and OSR D&D, though I have run or played many more systems.
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    Call of Cthulhu - Dreamlands, looking into Classic Fantasy to port over my OSR D&D stuff to BRP.

    Currently looking to use BRP exclusively.
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    Târgu-Mureș/Brașov, Transylvania, Romania
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    Probably the only dude running primarily this system in Transylvania.
  1. Hey, everyone! So, I've found myself with a severe hankering for Venetian blinds and bourbon, and the question of ”are there any noir themed games or supplements for my favorite system out there?” immediately popped into mind. Does anyone have any recommendations? Noir is pretty much the only setting I feel I'm lacking in my BRP games, and I'd much like to remedy that. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Does anyone still have the app? It's not on Google Play 😢
  3. 'fraid not, chief. Most days I can't even get on RPG.net because it appears to hate my Romanian ISP for some unfathomable reason. I'll probably end up buying it though, and running more BRP. Lord knows my country needs it. 😂
  4. So, okay, I just need the extra sorcery content that MW has, then. Is there a magic-only resource (by which I mean book, website, whatever have you) to update my BRP to the MW standard or do I need to buy the whole thing? 😁 Thanks!
  5. Hello, everyone! Bit of a newbie question regarding MW: I have recently had the occasion to have a look at the book (since I had bought Advanced Sorcery and saw that it references MW), and noticed that there are more sorcery spells in MW than in the core BRP book. Seeing as how I'm planning to host a fantasy campaign with sorcery as the only form of magic, and noticing the differences, this has led me to wonder if there are any other fundamental differences between MW and the BGB. Having the BGB, should I also invest in MW? What would I be getting? If I have the core rules, could I
  6. Does Mythras have setting-specific elements imbedded in the rules?
  7. Damn. Well, if it's any consolation, the DIY neccesity in this circumstance is pretty much as classic as you can get. 😂😂 Thanks a bunch anyway. I'll look into Mythras, see what it adds to the CF books. Have a good one!
  8. Hello, everyone! So, for a while now I was thinking about moving all my OSR D&D stuff to BRP, since it's the RPG system I started with, and it's really versatile. I grabbed the Classic Fantasy book (which is really nice, actually), and throughout it, there are all these references to Vol. II: Gamemastery. For the life of me, I can't seem to find the book anywhere. Isn't it out yet? I'm sorry if this question was asked before, but I really am curious, since, being on holiday, I have his rare opportunity to read through everything I need to before actually starting to run something. Pleas
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