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  1. I have released a warts and all open Beta for foundry VTT for renaissance The manifest for installing is as follows https://raw.githubusercontent.com/chekmx/renaissance_foundry_vtt/master/system.json I still need to complete the compendiums though I have imported all skills and all close combat weapons I still need to complete the bestiary, gun, ranged and artillery items and spells If any one wishes to submit bugs/feature request please raise a ticket here https://github.com/chekmx/renaissance_foundry_vtt/issues
  2. Armour points halved and rounded down https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/103994/Renaissance-Deluxe?src=hottest_filtered Page 50 of the free SRD here.
  3. All the cool kids have got one. Discord channel. https://discord.gg/4vpfavV6
  4. Looks like they are back. http://cakebreadandwalton.co.uk/.
  5. Thanks for the feedback both great ideas. These are npc sheets from https://foundryvtt.com/ using the rather excellent Toolkit13 13th age system implementation. The PC sheets are even snazzier and about to get even better.
  6. Here is my attempt at an Iron Dwarf. Thought I might try and add some kind of trait to reflect there iron armour but I haven't come up with anything other than "Iron hide: resist weapons 11+" yet. And this for there commander
  7. I updated it a bit. Please note that this is based on the rules as published in the quest world git repo https://github.com/ChaosiumInc/QuestWorlds. Also there is one issue which I will fix but have not yet which is that the 4th degree of success for hinderance and benefit is 25 rather than 2M(40). The exported json file for the macro is here https://github.com/chekmx/QWMacro/blob/main/README.md
  8. I wrote a small macro for foundry VTT that allows you to input a target number using 15M, 15M2, 45. It then rolls a d20 and spits out the number of success as well as the actual roll and a standardized description of the target with and stretch and situational modifiers added. Is there anything in the Quest world SRD license that would prevent me from make this accessible publicly?
  9. One of my players want to play a Praxian Spirit Talker, we will have to work out how he has attached himself to the Orlmarth clan but I am sure it will all make sense in the end.
  10. Thanks. I am going to run the Colymar campaign and intended to use 13g for combat and quest worlds rules for backgrounds so both the new classes & the Questworld stuff should be of interest to me. I shall look forward to its release.
  11. Also. Looking forward to seeing/purchasing some new 13g community content. Do you have any more tidbits you could mention to wet our appetites?
  12. If I ask how forth coming will I get a Chaosium style answer? Just asking because I am probably going to start my campaign at the end of the month but I can probably delay it a little bit.
  13. I have a player that want to play a Praxian Spirit Talker. So I am thinking about how to offer a Assistant shaman of Waha I think my take would be to bolt on the bound spirit of the Hell Mother as another talent. I was thinking for initiate you get the basic class feature and an adept then gets the Spirit Binder class Talent. Then I think most combinations other than Shifter and to perhaps limit Summon spells to Earth could be workable. Any thoughts?
  14. Looks like a possibility for some interesting new content for 13G. https://escalationfanzine.blogspot.com/2020/11/seeking-volunteer-editors-for-13th-age.html
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