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    Spell Matrix

    If I pick up a spell matrix, but I don't fulfil its conditions of use, will I even know that it is a spell matrix?
  2. There's only a few of those that resonate with me, and some of them are bizarre - the Gandalf-like figure for Lhankor Mhy just looks very non-Gloranthan.
  3. Nochet ba-doom-tish...
  4. If you need a trap, narratively, I wouldn't worry too much about compliance with RQG enchantment rules. But if you want to, you could say that a guardian temple spirit (as per RQG Bestiary) that belongs to the god of the ancient site activates the spell and provides the renewable MP for it.
  5. @Jason Durall Personally, I'm always going to print stat blocks out separately anyway, as during the game they're easier to handle and I'll scribble over them as HP, RP & MP change - I wouldn't do that in the scenario hardcopy. The size of stat blocks in RQ is huge compared to other games (one individual and their mount takes up more than a page), so page flipping is going to happen anyway in something like Defending Apple Lane where you have stats for eight riders and mounts - unless you print them out as separate sheets from the PDF.
  6. A trap could be just an alarm that brings guards running or wakes up the dogs. Or a coating on a wall that makes climbers lose their grip half way up. It could also be something that destroys the contents of a chest if set off (e.g. sensitive documents). Most traps found within a building ought to be non-lethal, or as @jajagappa notes highly selective in who they affect, and therefore magical in nature.
  7. Sure, but with Spirit Magic and Rune Magic you have competent casual users (e.g. starting adventurers) and then you have specialists/experts, in the shape of Shamans and Rune Priests/Lords who wield tremendous power because of their commitment to their path. With Sorcery you have incompetent casual users, who cannot be trusted to light kindling with their ability, and then Sorcerers who wield tremendous power etc. There seems to be a glaring hole where the competent casual Sorcery users should be. And to me - and this is just my personal opinion - Sorcery just doesn't feel fun. It feels like work, because it's unnecessarily crunchy. Accordingly, I've made sure none of the adventurers in my campaign are Sorcery users.
  8. My campaign start was delayed, so we're kicking it off in the new year, but usually map detail is determined by whether, narratively, you want to 'play the journey' or just get the party to a destination promptly. I've written three scenarios in the past six months, two of which I've created no maps for, and one of which I've created a large map (made up of three smaller maps) for, and may need to create another map of a village for. Where I've made no maps, that's been because there are existing maps I can use (as in a 'whodunnit' scenario set in Clearwine), or because the terrain is very simple and can be pictured mentally (as in a simple Broo hole in the hills). In my experience, unless the map ends up being a hand-out, half of the detail a GM puts into a map is usually for their own satisfaction rather than a necessity for player understanding. Nothing wrong with that either - just saying.
  9. But it would still be useful to have e.g. in the event of the GM having to decide which of two adventurers advances she takes up (using her Charm defensively rather than actively in this case). It also seems an odd omission from a character that is repeatedly referred to as effervescent, graceful etc.
  10. Sumath

    Latest version

    Go to the Chaosium website, log in with your account details and download the pdf again. Whatever is on the Chaosium website is the latest version.
  11. Page 42 "Treya is beautiful, funny, and charismatic, so adventurers may become smitten with her" Correspondingly, she ought to have a Charm skill % listed, but there isn't one provided in her stats.
  12. Oh, the other suggestion I was going to make is to have all stat blocks at the end of a scenario, rather than at the point of the story in which they appear. This is because it breaks the text up and makes the scenario harder to read through. Runequest stat blocks take up pages and pages so this is quite an interruption to the flow of the document, especially when it happens several times over the course of the scenario. I appreciate that this is a personal preference though, so would be interested to hear other people's thoughts.
  13. Just a general point about Runequest scenario formatting - and maybe this deserves a thread all of its own - is that The Smoking Ruin still suffers from walls of text in some areas. It's certainly an improvement on some other Runequest scenarios, with better use of white space, headers and bullet points to break things up. But, for example, the section called 'The Performance' on pages 52-55 contains an awful lot of description of Treya's actions, and if/then statements and skill checks, which would have been better set out as bullets, or in a table, for ease of GM use (this is a suggestion for future scenarios, I'm not suggesting you rewrite this whole section). As a GM I'm already thinking I'll probably need to break down the descriptions into sections in order to run this part of the scenario at the table. I know there are people on the internet who make a very big deal about published scenarios being ready to run straight out of the box, so to speak - I'm not a purist about this, but I do think that it's an area that Chaosium could make improvements in. This is a minor grumble though - it's a great-looking supplement.
  14. As a maxim, the wording "violence is always an option" is, I feel, pithier and invites interpretation - the unspoken parts of it being either "to be taken" or "and not a necessity". Whilst "violence is always an alternative" could also be ambiguous, it's clunkier and doesn't scan very well.
  15. Page 41 "Ultimately, her goals are become an expert in History of the Dawning" Insert 'to' and 'the' respectively, after words in bold Page 47 "While this could true, the real reason he was eavesdropping" Insert 'be' after word in bold Page 53 "Thus, it not out of the question that Treya might flirt" Replace word in bold with 'it's' "The gamemaster’s goal is make sure the adventurers" Insert 'to' after the word in bold Page 54 "her grandmother’s many encounters encounter with Tuskers" Word repeated erroneously
  16. Page 38 "Their decisions are the key to how that that performance plays out." Word repeated erroneously
  17. Also Page 36 "such as new initiates, minstrels and storytellers to spread the world" Word in bold should be 'word'
  18. Page 36 "The adventurers should figure out how sneak into the ruins, fight off any guardians, and escape with the evidence" Insert 'to' after word in bold
  19. Three items on Page 81: "The troll spirits’ movement is only be choreographed if One-Eye is nearby, directing their dance." Remove word in bold "The gamemaster should determine which by considering the way the adventurers gained entrance, whether they encountered One-Eye, and whether is she escorting the adventurers into the Ruin" Words in bold in wrong order "In any settlement area (with the grey background on the map) it perpetually gloomy, humid and smoke filled" Insert 'is' after word in bold
  20. Page 63 Seven Foals Vale is referred to as "Seven Fouls Valley"
  21. Page 38 boxed text "Originally small, the settlement eventually it became a center for Ernaldan and Orlanthi worship" Remove word in bold
  22. Page 12 Description of Duck Point: "Round reed-roofed huts are piled practically on top of each other, wooden walkways stretch over marshland and water, and big nets hang up everyone" What does this mean? Re-word to make this clearer?
  23. I'm suddenly feeling very festive indeed!
  24. I'd go with 2. There are bound to be unique geases that certain Humakti have. Plus, YGWV. As long as new geases are of a similar level of inconvenience as the existing ones, and not just 'cannot lick fingers on Godsday' or something.
  25. This is interesting - especially as it brings Passions into play and the opportunity for augmentation (and Passion skill checks). You could really f*** with your players' heads too. A Lunar spirit accompanying its assault on an Orlanthi with claims that that they have already unwittingly betrayed their clan, or that they will never live to rescue their loved ones... Not forgetting that fighting POW or INT-affecting disease spirits would involve the adventurer's spirit being affected by mental or magical sicknesses, and that's where things could become super trippy. You could actually build an entire session around the fever dreams arising from spirit combat. They could also act as rehearsals for confrontations that the character fears/knows are imminent in the middle world. Yep, it'd effectively be a tug-of-war, with the loser being drawn further into the opponent's perspective each round.
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