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  1. Right, so in summary, looking at the RQG rulebook this is what becomes clear: Statement of Intent only appears on one page (192), there is no entry for it in the Index, and there is no mention of any penalty for changing SoI. There is also no penalty for it listed in the table on p193. Effectively, SoI no longer has a bearing upon SRs in RQ (or at least RQG RAW). What we do have is being able to do multiple activities when not engaged (p.195) with a 5 SR modifier for readying a new weapon or spell. Or of doing multiple activities when engaged in melee, either attacking and parrying/dodging OR casting spells and parrying/dodging (also p.195). A free hand is required to cast Spirit Magic or Sorcery, but not Rune Magic (p. 194), so juggling weapons becomes a crucial part of combat, unless you house rule otherwise.
  2. This goes back to the SoI question that @g33k has raised - namely that there no longer seems to be a penalty for changing Statement of Intent, only for changing between melee and magic. The question is, if Bodran is injured before his (adjusted) DEX SR, then what stops him from casting a healing spell straight away? The +5 SR penalty listed on p.193 and 194 seems to account for switching between melee weapon use and spell casting, so it's clearly not readiness. He acts on his DEX SR plus 5 SRs. The only other impediment was having a hand free to cast the spell, and I'm assuming that dropping a sword (as opposed to sheathing one) takes no time. The downside of that is that someone else can potentially pick it up in combat.
  3. I'll put up an edited version in the next 48 hours. There's a few things I've noticed (or been pointed out to me) that need a tweak.
  4. This is the impression I'm getting too. Given that less importance seems to be placed upon SoI in RQG (to the point that either Jeff or Jason said they didn't much bother with it in their own games), it looks like they've put in the +5 SR modifier as a way of speeding things up. If that is the case, then fair enough. I don't have a problem with it.
  5. Looking at the list of modifiers on p.193, I'd agree that that is a SRM (whether it is a DEX SRM is unclear) - "Prepare a new weapon, reload a missile weapon, spell or ready a missile" - these are given +5 SRs. Nonetheless it seems to do a similar job to the old DEX SRM. There is a reverse example of what we're discussing on p.195 'Multiple Activities Outside of Melee' where Vasana casts a Demoralise spell first, taking 5 SRs, then combines movement of 9m and notching an arrow for an additional 5 SRs, taking her to SR 10. She cannot then attack because she runs out of SRs. So she has cast a spell and made a preparatory action in one round, like Bodran does, but in a different order. To me, this suggests that Bodran should be able to get the spell off inside the round.
  6. Thanks @Bill the barbarian. That section isn't clear on whether it includes change of intention. If not, then yes Bodran possibly couldn't cast that round, although the Greydogs' statement of intent for round 1 was pretty vague anyway... The other thing that occurred to me is that the Orlmarth should perhaps have had +40% added to their attack chances in the first round since the Greydogs were unaware of them. It wouldn't have made any difference to the outcome of round 1 though.
  7. As per 'Magical Attacks and Strike Ranks' on p.194: "5 additional strike ranks must be added to an adventurer's normal strike rank for a spell if they are switching from a weapon to the use of a spell in that melee round, so long as one hand remains free" This seems to cover change of intention, as per my fourth post in this thread above. My original mistake was in having him sheathe the sword (another 5 SRs) instead of just dropping it.
  8. You start casting on your DEX SR though, so it's already there for Bodran, DEX SR 3. Would you need to add it a second time if you haven't actually taken action after your first DEX SR?
  9. Thanks @Psullie, I saw it as them just trying to scare the Greydogs off, not wanting to waste magic, but then the Humakti taking exception and deciding he would engage with them. The use of magic ramps up from reactive healing magic to full blown Rune Magic by the end.
  10. So in order to make that work, I'd need to have Bodran start acting on SR 4 as above, but then change his statement of intent (+5 SRs) to casting Heal 3 and then just drop the sword and cast the spell. That should still be okay to go off on SR 11.
  11. Regarding point 1/, I figured it as follows: Bodran's Dex SR is 3, +1 for surprise means he can in theory start taking action on SR 4. He can't cast without putting his sword away though, so this adds another 5 SRs to casting time. Then 2 more SRs for the 3 point spell. @PhilHibbs This was what I'd envisaged, although arguably as Bodran was injured on SR 3 you could say that SR 4 is too quick a response time to start the process. Point 2/ you can normally combine movement and actions, but in the case of Angtyr when he is evading missile fire, the rules for that (p.214) say that an evading target can do nothing else but move half their movement and evade in that round.
  12. Good point. I may have made that mistake elsewhere too. Page 194 notes that 5 SRs is an abstract convention for arming or disarming a weapon, so I've assumed the same for picking one up.
  13. I've uploaded a write-up of 5 rounds of RQG combat, although the early rounds are missile and spell casting. Title of document is Multiple Combatants Example. Feedback appreciated.
  14. Version 2.0.0


    This is a write-up of five rounds of combat between Orlmarth and Greydogs, with the first few rounds being mainly missile and spell casting. I've tried to cover a number of different rules, so it may look quite dense. I've included rules page references where I thought this might be useful and also character DEX SRs and main weapon SRs. Feedback appreciated.
  15. This is Chaosium's opportunity to give clear guidance on this. A practical example of combat, including missile, melee, spell casting, use of bound spirits etc would resolve a lot of debates around the combat system, give reassurance to new (and returning) players, and act as a great advertisement for the game. Win-win.
  16. If anyone is going to make any sense of the SRs in this example, I feel it would be helpful to have the DEX SR listed for both combatants, plus their total weapon SR. Also, is it too late in the day to say that providing a complete illustration of RQG combat from beginning to end should have been done by Chaosium, and not left to the RQ Community? Seriously, how long would it take someone to knock one up, proof read it and post it on here? It would resolve a lot of issues.
  17. There is a village called Greebrass in Ernaldori territory. See thread below and maps.
  18. Sumath


    Ancestor worship? You ought to be blaming them for the state of your face. By the looks of you, your mother and father were siblings. Begone, foul spawn of chaos... oh, sorry, it's just Korvan... those eyes and nostrils always look so similar. Grey Dogs! If only you were half as smart as a mongrel then we could put you to work, pissing on the crops. Are you part troll? Because it looks as if the kin curse has affected your family. I'd heard you Sartarites worshipped the wind - I just didn't realise you had it blowing between your ears as well. I'm not sure which Lunars are ugliest - you lot, or the ones that dragon is still picking out of its teeth. *Nodding towards herd/flock*: I didn't know you were bringing your family with you. How do, you put up with the smell of that awful beast? No, no, I was talking to the bison. You call this wine? It tastes like your mother's bathwater. Gah! Your breath is worse than the Crimson Bat's! Say, that's a big spear - over-compensating for something, are you? Raise a spirit? Your husband says you haven't made anything rise in years! Rumour has it that you're hung like a trollkin. Hah! Just look at those tattoos! Perhaps you should ask a grown-up to help you with those next time... Your reputation precedes you, how wonderful to finally meet this sycophant everyone keeps referring to. Well, they said we would have to face their best fighters, but it looks like they've sent a carnival to entertain us instead.
  19. I've been posting on here less than a year. One of the things I really value about BRP is the light touch moderation and I'm heartened by Rick and Jeff's statements above. I feel it would be wrong to alter the nature of the forums just because of (rare) bad behaviour by a few individuals. That would be punishing everyone else who has used the forums respectfully for the transgressions of others.
  20. @TrifletraxorFor what it's worth, I don't think censorship is really an answer to opinions we disagree with, and I appreciate the sensible level of moderation on these boards. @Cultist of Sooty I would just like to say that the vast majority of people I've engaged with on these forums are wholly welcoming, reasonable and chilled, and are just interested in making their games better and talking about those games, rather than pushing any kind of agenda. So please do not feel that this is not a place for you - it absolutely is.
  21. Good, don't let me trouble you then. But equally, don't imagine that your Never Never Land in which HPL was some beleaguered innocent is ever going to be accepted as the real world. Or... you could give up: - pretending you're a victim; - the idea that literary history and matters of record should be whitewashed in order for you to feel better about your favourite author; - trying to stifle other people's freedom of speech; - generally behaving like such a ludicrous fanboy.
  22. Oh, come on. Read back what you've written. If this is what you're expecting for HPL then you're basically asking for a safe space for yourself, in which nobody denigrates your literary hero. And you're objecting to Chaosium telling the truth about HPL's thoughts about other people. You're essentially asking for a cover-up. There is no need to bring all that ugliness up? So you think it's best that people remain blissfully unaware that HPL was a racist, and considered other people to be subhuman? Why should anyone who held those views have their image pampered? Why is that more important than knowing the truth about what he believed and what he wrote?
  23. You're in luck! There are plenty of them still about. And just to be clear, I do not consider myself to be politically correct, and indeed I have argued against political correctness on many occasions in the past. This is not a matter of following a fashionable etiquette or trying to show how 'woke' I am. It is a case of recognising really quite blatant bigotry in a body of historical fiction and being honest enough to say "yeah, that's what that is" and then moving on from that. In the same way that Heart of Darkness is a great novella, and inspired a great film, but is also a fundamentally racist and misanthropic book. Recognising the deficiencies of an artist and their work, as well as their merits, is a sign of honest and credible critique. Total denial of an artist's deficiencies should be left to fanboys.
  24. 1) Nowadays people are more likely to associate VW with the emissions scandal than Adolf Hitler (that's Trivial Pursuit-level association, not brand identity). 2) The world changes. Businesses attempt to change with it. Those that don't, tend to disappear. And really, you're criticising a business for acknowledging that some of their previous products could have been better? If you looked back at a product you once released and were now cringing at bits of it because, you know, the world has moved on and so have you, why wouldn't you be honest about that? It's also what capitalism is implicitly made out of ("New and Improved!")
  25. 1) Ford aren't selling model T's either, and Ford is a brand in its own right and not reliant upon Henry Ford - indeed he forms no part of their modern brand whatsoever. That is never the case with an author and their works which will always be associated with one another. So again, it's a poor analogy. 2) And yet Chaosium are selling thousands of CoC RPG books. 3) I have no idea who ST Joshi is, so I have no idea what bearing that has upon the human capacity to admire something produced by someone you profoundly disagree with.
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