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  1. No, my post is correct on this - it is p.195, not 196. Yes, agreed. The object of the post was to list things for consideration, it's not intended to be an exhaustive list. Cool, thanks both. That was the main thing on here that I wanted clarification on.
  2. There's not much evidence for this in RQG, but I'm sure I remember it from previous RQ editions, and it is implied by p.219, Shield Attacks, which says 'It is possible to attack with a shield, giving up the chance of parrying that round'. Similarly, it would make sense that one can parry with a weapon if you give up an attack that round. This is something I'd appreciate some thoughts on, as it's something I have in my head, but can't find precise evidence for it.
  3. The total weapon SR in parenthesis on each character's description at the beginning includes SIZ and weapon strike ranks. But as most of the first few rounds are missile and spell casting, there's lots of stuff happening on DEX SRs. It's not until Chadestra uses her spear that we get a melee attack that includes SIZ SR. There's lots of stuff I didn't include in this combat example (e.g. augments, spirit combat, dodging, etc) so maybe I'll do another example in future with more melee.
  4. I've now uploaded v3.0.0. of the combat example. Hopefully all should be okay now.
  5. Following the example combat write-up and feedback received, I’ve drawn up a summary of things to consider when running, or participating in, RQG combat. Some of these are directly from RAW (but mainly sprinkled throughout the Combat chapter), others are interpretations, so critiques are welcome. Thanks to everyone who’s chipped in so far. Generally, there are quite a lot of specific rules governing strike ranks, hence the number of points below (although it’s far from exhaustive), but I’ve tried to arrange them in a logical order and cite rules location where applicable. 1.
  6. Yeah, maybe if you pushed them with it rather than swung it.
  7. I'd say that a knockback is essentially just attacking with the flat of the weapon, although that's not entirely accurate (e.g. crushing weapons perhaps use the haft). Therefore it should be possible to parry or dodge a knockback, and the weapon should be potentially subject to damage.
  8. I am planning to post a summary of the learnings from the combat example write-up this evening.
  9. For drawing a sword and attacking, I'd say you start drawing on your DEX SR, and complete the draw 5 SRs later, so can attack straight away then. I'm thinking that DEX SRs only get applied a second time in the event of a second success roll happening during a round (e.g. in the case of two missile weapon attacks: fire on DEX SR, reload for 5 SRs, then fire again after DEX SR). I'd say DEX SR only affects 'SR actions'. As parries and dodges take up no SRs they would be unaffected, so can happen at any time in the round. But equally, this would be the same for dropping a weapon (0 SRs) I
  10. Estavos could have attacked Angtyr with his spear on SR 11, since he hadn't attacked that round.
  11. Also the mutt's nuts, or just 'The bollocks'
  12. That's a good point, I'll amend that also so she just drops her sling and picks up her spear - she missed anyway, and it won't make any difference to her subsequent SR timings. I'm not sure someone can take a physical action, even if it's just dropping a weapon, before their DEX SR, as this represents how quickly they can act. So for me - unless you're using Rune magic, which is divine and happens on SR 1 - a character's melee round actions begin on their DEX SR, at a minimum. In Estavos' case, his DEX SR is 2, +0 to drop his bow, and +5 to pick up his spear, taking him to SR 7. He the
  13. Thanks for your feedback, @lordabdul No, they wouldn't have, but their SoI was pretty vague anyway. Their SoI just said they were waiting to assist Greydogs (so this could have included themselves!) As RQG doesn't penalise SoI changes, I decided not to sweat it too much. RQG actually only gives an ambush SR bonus if you're within 9m of your enemy, so strictly speaking I shouldn't apply anything by RAW, but I figured that missile fire deserved something. This is prime house ruling territory, I reckon. What I could have done is granted the attackers a +40% to hit bonus as t
  14. Okay, I've just updated the file with the amendments below. I've added a little bit of explanatory detail around SR calculations just to make things obvious. I've also changed two of Bodran's actions and one of Angtyr's: Round 1, SR 4 - I've amended Bodran's strike rank actions so he now drops his sword and changes to spell casting, and I've added a note about there being no apparent penalties for changing Statement of Intent in RQG. Round 2, SR 3 - Bodran's second spell attempt corrected to include his DEX SR, which has a consequence (see below) Round 2, SR 4 - After
  15. P.194, 'Magical Attacks and Strike Ranks' - "If more than one magic point is used to boost a Rune magic spell or otherwise increase its effects, 1 strike rank is added for each additional magic point after the first". I need to amend the example though as I've currently got the spell going off on SR 7 but it should be SR 6.
  16. Interesting. The problem I can see with this would be Sorcery spells. A character might take two rounds to cast a spell and then at the end they fail the casting roll, so they've then wasted two rounds. I'd find that incredibly frustrating as a player, and Sorcery is frustrating enough already. Whereas if they make the roll on the SR they start the spell, and fail, then they can always try again later in the round, move or do something else. From an action management viewpoint it seems more useful to make the success roll up front. it also feels as if committing the strike ranks shou
  17. Okay, here's a question I'd like people's opinions on. If someone casts a passive spell, say Protection 3, and they succeed in the casting roll (i.e. POWx5), but then take damage between the SR they begin casting (e.g. SR 3) and the one it takes effect on (SR 5), what happens? An INT roll of some kind, but what if that fails? They would lose the spell because even though it's passive the caster still needs to concentrate upon it until it takes effect. But would they also lose the magic points since they have succeeded in the original casting roll and committed the MPs?
  18. Yes, agreed, and I'll be rewording the example to reflect this shortly.
  19. Back on topic though, a single item with all of your spell foci engraved on it would be the Gloranthan equivalent of an iPhone. Everyone would want one. They just wouldn't spend all day staring at it.
  20. You don't have to tell me. Even the policemen look like teenagers these days. Yeah, but do any of them remember when Star Wars movies were actually something to look forward to? I'll wear my fogey status like a badge of honour, safe in the knowledge that everything was so much better in the 'good old days'. Probably.
  21. I've always felt it was unrealistic when I'd see RQ character descriptions where they had a focus for one spell carved on a tablet around their neck, another on a bracelet, another in a tattoo etc. Who would remember which one was where? From a practical perspective it makes perfect sense to put all of your foci in one place, so you can see them at a glance. The inside of a shield is an ideal place, as is the back of your hand. Nobody wears fob watches anymore, we all wear them on our wrists. Equally, Gloranthans would put their foci somewhere sensible.
  22. This is definitely one for house ruling upon. The RQG rules are very clear that a free hand is required - although it does say this is not the case for weapon buffs like Bladesharp etc. Some GMs will decide that is far too finicky, with characters having to put weapons down or sheathe them every time they cast magic, and lots of time being wasted on axe juggling. Others may decide that it's a tactical constraint that forces characters to think more about when they cast spells and whether it's sensible to walk around with drawn weapons all the time. Personally, I'm undecided at prese
  23. Right, so in summary, looking at the RQG rulebook this is what becomes clear: Statement of Intent only appears on one page (192), there is no entry for it in the Index, and there is no mention of any penalty for changing SoI. There is also no penalty for it listed in the table on p193. Effectively, SoI no longer has a bearing upon SRs in RQ (or at least RQG RAW). What we do have is being able to do multiple activities when not engaged (p.195) with a 5 SR modifier for readying a new weapon or spell. Or of doing multiple activities when engaged in melee, either attacking and pa
  24. This goes back to the SoI question that @g33k has raised - namely that there no longer seems to be a penalty for changing Statement of Intent, only for changing between melee and magic. The question is, if Bodran is injured before his (adjusted) DEX SR, then what stops him from casting a healing spell straight away? The +5 SR penalty listed on p.193 and 194 seems to account for switching between melee weapon use and spell casting, so it's clearly not readiness. He acts on his DEX SR plus 5 SRs. The only other impediment was having a hand free to cast the spell, and I'm assuming that
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