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    I’m very new to RPGs. I used to play back in high school twenty years ago but I really haven’t played much since then.
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    I received RuneQuest Glorantha from my wife for Christmas
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    Milwaukee, WI
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    I’m a 36 year old father and I want to start playing RPGs.

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    Hi all, I am following a long from the New GM Month activity. I downloaded the quick start rules and I was told on FB that this forum is a good place to post. I had a couple questions if that's okay to ask: Are there any Glorantha novels? I love the iPad games and those are what got me interested in playing the table top game. The QS rules don't really have a lot of history to them. My other question is when playing the game how long does the adventure take? I'm trying to book my friends and I want to let them know how long we should be playing for Thank you!