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    I’m very new to RPGs. I used to play back in high school twenty years ago but I really haven’t played much since then.
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    I received RuneQuest Glorantha from my wife for Christmas
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    Milwaukee, WI
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    I’m a 36 year old father and I want to start playing RPGs.

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  1. It’s not just you. My copy also feels like that.
  2. I’m new to RuneQuest and RQG is my entry point. I haven’t really played RPGs since in the mid 90’s. I talked my friends into playing by highlighting a few different things and considering the length of the topic my two cents may not be that helpful. I recommended they play King of Dragon Pass. That is what got me interested in RuneQuest and Glorantha. I think the video game does a great job of easing new players into the world and giving everyone a shared mono context of what game world we will be playing in. A couple of my other friends play RPGs and have played a lot of D&D. I sold them with the game by talking about the stuff I didn’t really ever understand about AD&D back in the day and D&D today. So for them I talked about the skill system and combat systems. You mentioned one of your friends is a storyteller. I think talking about the passion system, homeland, family history, and the Cults woulda get here interested. If you are looking for recommended reading, I think the setting material in the book and the Rune Cults chapter do a very good job of giving information about the world. I wish they had some novels or something to read but I think D&D is the only game with those things. My group played through the RuneQuest starter adventure ‘The Broken Tower’ and we only used the QuickStart rules because I’m still very new at this and that made it simpler for everybody. I’d recommend the GM pack because that had a lot of great content that you can use right away. The maps and the calendars are all very cool. If you have players interested in that sort of things I think you’ll find value just in those few things. We have played through ‘Defending Apple Lane’ and ‘Cattle Raid’ and we are currently playing through ‘The Dragon of Thunder Hills’ and I think all three adventures we have played and the fourth we are playing have given us a little bit more each time we play on the world. But I think selling the game on the fact that players are adventuring for something and somebody. The players are not just there to kill monsters, to get more powerful so they can have better loot, so they can kill bigger and badder monsters so they can get more powerful, etc. Just by having the community be apart of character creation gives the players a stronger sense of community and that helped me, as a new player, get everyone in the “headspace” of the game...if you get me. I didn’t bring up the Bronze Age aspect because I’m a stupid accountant and I don’t really know what that means. I love the old movies like Clash of the Titans and Jason and the Argonauts but I didn’t study the classics in school or read about Bronze Age culture, or if I did, I don’t remember. So if anybody has suggestions on some good books to read up to learn more about Bronze Age cultures, I’d love the suggestions. Hopefully my post is helpful.
  3. I'm new to RuneQuest but the combat in RQG is deadly that even as newer characters it isn't like they are very vulnerable and I have a feeling that as characters gain experience combat will remain deadly. To me the zero to hero means that players don't start out as too invincible and they don't in RQG. I'm not sure if I answered your question.
  4. Gannd

    New player

    Hi all, I am following a long from the New GM Month activity. I downloaded the quick start rules and I was told on FB that this forum is a good place to post. I had a couple questions if that's okay to ask: Are there any Glorantha novels? I love the iPad games and those are what got me interested in playing the table top game. The QS rules don't really have a lot of history to them. My other question is when playing the game how long does the adventure take? I'm trying to book my friends and I want to let them know how long we should be playing for Thank you!
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