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  1. Armour in Magic World is rated by a die value. So if a blow lands (and is not a sufficiently exceptional success to by-pass armour entirely) after the weapon damage has been rolled, the defender rolls their armour dice and subtracts the result from the weapon damage. The remainder is the damage actually inflicted, and if it exceeds half the characters total hit point it is a Major Wound, which can immediately take the character out of combat and or have long term consequences (ranging from a major scar to permanent characteristic changes etc). So, Mail with a coif provides 1D8+1 protectio
  2. AS Ben has pointed out - the original plan as far as he was aware was to produce a low cost entry game, comprehensive and concisely laid out (channelling the games fore-bear Elric!, rather than the loose, flabby Stormbringer 5th edition) to hit an appealing price point, and then follow up reasonably rapidly with support to diversify its appeal and support actual play. The then Chaosium management changed that plan at the 11th hour, insisting on a layout that pushed up the page count (thus "justifying" a higher price point) but skimped on production resources (Famously not paying enough at
  3. Er, no... In ancient Rome it was ~1.5 Roman miles IIRC and in common English usage it is(was) 3 miles (so ~4.8km): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/League_(unit)
  4. In issue two of Uncounted Worlds I published an article by one Jason Durall (who he? ) entitled Tombs & Tentacles, Sword-and-Sorcery using the Cthulhu Mythos. It was aimed at CoC 6e but might be of interest. Alas, the planned epic Sword & Sorcery setting for Magic World by Kevin A Ross, Xyserdon was still born thanks to the MW line being moth-balled back in 2015.
  5. I have long maintained that a flaw in "modern" (post circa-1990) game design is this weird obsession with fitting all resolution on to a single schema or mechanism at any cost... it presupposes that every question one might ask the rules of an RPG to answer impartially for us in play should have the same texture and feel in the answer. So whether a character can out fight a demon, seduce the Comte de Lacy, build a better mousetrap or win a land war in Asia should (nay, must according to some rhetoric) be treated as mechanically interchangeable... ... absolutely one wouldn't want to return
  6. Depends on how crunchy / specific I’m dialling the rules (which in turn is a function of genre / feel I am trying to evoke). I think an early version is up at basicroleplaying.net... This is how I ran in in the late 1990’s, early ‘00’s with Elric!/CoC 5e: ”Self-loading weapons (those that reload themselves after discharging, so all automatic weapons and revolvers) are capable of Area Fire. This has little to do with the firer’s skill per se as it involves simply filling a volume of space with shots, rather than aiming at specific targets. The intent is keep opponents behind cover an
  7. My house rule is some variation of "volume of fire in to interdicted space" vs POW of each individual in the interdicted volume: if the suppression fire wins, the individual MUST duck / remain behind available cover until the shooters next action. Depending on genre / setting / style may be different details, but that's the core principle. Any weapon capable of multiple (3+ shots) per round can be used.
  8. That system also got made "generic" and is included in Advanced Sorcery, assuming your are referring to the Runes from Bronze Grimoire? The old "Ruins of Rathdor" from Demon Magic (the Second Stormbringer Companion from way back) have never to my knowledge been republished.
  9. You do know there’s a version of skill categories in Magic World, right? 😉
  10. Try it in play. The “switch values” mechanic on d100 goes back to at least WFRP 1e and has its fans, so I wouldn’t be overly influenced by one nay sayer on the internet! 😉 I got into DP9s Silhouette system very late (like, last decade or so, bearing in mind DP9 stoped actively supporting RPGs in the early to mid 00’s...), and one of the features I liked was how that handled specialisations in its skill system. I spent a decade (1990’s) steel weapon re-enacting the Wars of the Roses, and one of my oldest gaming buddies has a lot of HEMA & LARP combat experience and a common com
  11. I like specialisations, I loath dice manipulation tricks (too many players over too many years getting stressed by them)... but leaving aside that personal aversion to a mechanical detail, I have a similar house rule where skills are general and specialisations have a variety of effects: some specialisations are requirements (without the specific specialisation you do NOT get to roll), with some not having them makes the roll more difficult and with some having it makes the roll easier. So if the character does NOT have any languages in the same group, they can't even attempt a languages
  12. As kross says, Magic World introduced a very compact short hand that I now use all the time:
  13. I have used pretty much exactly that system in the past, and IIRC advocated for it during the BRP BGB "play test" / "manuscript review" way back when Jason was pulling the BGB together... but even then I hope I acknowledged (and certainly do so now) that its a bit fiddly for some groups. But I really like the "smart people can _read_ a fight better, but they may not have the reactions to exploit that... and some folk may have lightning fast reactions, but aren't mentally agile enough to properly read what others are doing"...
  14. Splendid! I for one think you should post more often under the influence of “something something”... assuming that’s not detrimental to your health and well being! 🙃
  15. I always meant to do something with it, but never got round to it, and it is a long time since i read it... but it is by Richard Le Duc, who was one of the monograph era contributors I rated highly: he wrote some very good stuff for Magic World, only some of which (the Fishsinger's Daughter in the MW quickstart for example) saw the light of day alas, and I recall being rather impressed by R&R. My recollection is that it is at the RQIII end of the "crunch" range of options in the BRP BGB (hit locations, fixed armour, cultures and skill categories etc) and its setting is within a gener
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