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  1. Bear in mind that the never published revision of RuneQuest planned in the mid 1990’s is known to many as RQ4 and had a DB sequence that went as Baron Wulfraed suggests. One could expand it easily to: 1d2, 1d3, 1d4, 1d4, 1d5, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12 …
  2. As soon as the Savage North is back in print, buy it people! The original was enormous fun to run and it’s a glorious homage to both the best of Conan and the “British S&S” feel of early Fighting Fantasy, WD & Slaine etc.
  3. So, a year and a bit on - would anyone be willing to look over a revised set of Weapon Classes and tables I have put together? I've gone back to the Elric! source(s) (original book and GM's Pack) to try and correct some of the OCR / transcription errors that snuck in, as well as revising the weapon groups a little to make them more logical / coherent - I make no particular claim to the latter changes being "more accurate"! It also includes a few nips and tucks regarding e.g. strangler's cord, burning torch. Since a chunk of the text describing the weapon's classes is verbatim from Magic World I won't be posting it publicly until its finalised and I've run it past Chaosium but would welcome some other sets of eyes to look over it. Let me know and I'll put a copy up somewhere private and message people a link.
  4. Xyserdon was indeed what I was thinking of. From what Ben was kind enough to let me see, it is a fantastic setting with huge potential. It is a crying shame it has not seen the light of day. If I remotely had the skills and resources to help get it published I would offer to do so. As is, if any publisher with those skills and resources is thinking of PMing Kevin, I will say I will throw ridiculous cash at any kickstarter or conventional publishing approach and will be VERY vocal in encouraging others to do so.
  5. *sigh* there was a fantastic, original setting planned (and largely written) for Magic World that never saw the light of day, alas. https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/110168/Legend-The-Spider-Gods-Bride The above is the only other thing that springs to mind. It’s for Legend, so easily adaptable to most other flavours of BRP / D100.
  6. Smiorgan can obviously speak for themselves, but the three things I’ve emphasised from their post are the most common criticisms of Magic World, and all have substance. The published layout is poor; not terrible, but compared to the compact elegance of the original Elric! it’s disappointingly flabby, unnecessarily inflating the page count at the least. It re-uses a lot of art from previous publications, and whilst much of it is perfectly fine b&w work, there’s no real coherence to the art direction, nor does it really align with the broader tone of the text. The Southern Reaches setting in Magic World was always intended as a sample, an example of what could be done with the game: some (perhaps many) prefer to have a specific setting for a game. *shrug*
  7. What you have is a raw, entirely untrained 15-16 year old. If you look at pages 25, 34 and others (in the Classic edition) you can see how starting characters can get credit with various bodies for training: It’s a tad fiddly, and scattered through various chapters, but you can get a chunk of training to lift starting skills (and some initial magic): but it leaves you with significant debts to various guilds… …which gives a solid reason for characters to be taking risky but rewarding jobs to try to pay off those debts! As far as I can recall, we always used the Appendix H rules and had starting characters who were early twenties, rather than kids fresh off the farm.
  8. Up to 5th edition, certain weapon attacks could impale on 1/5th rolls, and 5th introduced an OPTIONAL "Critical" on a roll of 01-05 (5.6 page 124) for combat skills. (having skimmed my 2nd, 4th and 45.6 hard copies). Don't think non-combat skills got enhanced degrees of success in core rules until at least 6th edition, and I don't have a copy of the 1st or 6th editions.
  9. Magic World is incorrect - *sigh* a glitch that made it in to the print but was corrected in the revised PDF (printed page 48, pdf page 50): I am a grumpy old grognard - I loathe "dice trick" systems that involve analysing let alone manipulating the actual dice outcomes as other than reading them as a number, and I like the clarity and directness of "roll under, roll low"; and I have a real fondness for the asymmetry of the classic five classification of results as critical / special / success / fail / fumble. I think it is an important, impactful feature that things we care about enough to test with actual die rolls are a step more granular on the success side than the failure side; but I am also someone who dislikes the simplistic "a fumble is automatically the most ridiculously debilitating thing that could happen to a PC". I'll happily play other schemes (I am currently playing a home brew Conan D100 game with a distinctly OpenQuest 3 success schema in fact); but I'd never run one out of choice.
  10. Given that they had announced new editions of both the One Ring and Lone Wolf and then suddenly weren’t doing them anymore I think “trimmed” is generous: for whatever reasons, those licenses unexpectedly ceased to be viable and the relationships were dissolved. Combined with the long silence over the Laundry and whilst C7 retain two very high profile licenses in Who and Warhammer, they are not the force they once were. And Modiphius in contrast seem to be on a real roll… …as a d100 fan and a fan of C7s Laundry as well as the novels, I’d rather Stross found another partner: either with a license to re do the game as CoC variant or one for one of the other d100 family of games. As for the lines Chaosium have acquired, it will be great to see some of the material receive a new lease of life. Cthulhu Brittanica started a little shaky IMO (I was not that impressed by the Avalon book for example) but massively improved over time; and what I saw of the World War Cthulhu series was very good.
  11. Yeah, from what is posted there they are actively pursuing a wider release or Mournblade in additional languages, but no formal announcement or dates as yet. I imagine the performance of the boardgame will also have some influence, in helping them gauge wider interest in the IP.
  12. Not yet. Elric the Rise of the Young Kingdoms is a board game: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?threads/elric-rise-of-the-young-kingdoms-announced.884590/post-23983768
  13. Fate version was kickstarted a couple years back, Sarah had a huge crisis in her personal life (partner of many years was diagnosed with a terminal illness and passed away) which obviously hugely impacted the project, but it is progressing again: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/328469751/the-chronicles-of-future-earth-roleplaying-game
  14. Err, SAN is 5 x POW, so pretty high chance to make make for PCs with decent POW. IIRC there’s a version in the BGB. As a simple alternative, set a a “fear factor” on scale similar to stats (ie core 3-18) and have PCs match stat of choice (INT for rational defence; POW for will power etc) against it on resistance table. Calibrate as feels appropriate.
  15. Found a transcription from “the Web of Chaos” chapter in Rogue Mistress in my files:
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