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  1. OK, the full rules text of the Knock-Back spot rule is: So CASE 1: Make a Wrestle attack roll, IF successful, make a STR vs SIZ test on Resistance table IF successful, push target back by (Attackers STR-opponents SIZ) in meters. Bregdan wins, so pushes his opponent back 2m. I would allow bonuses to the attackers effective STR for degrees of success on the Wrestle roll (say x 1.5 for a special and x 2 for a critical): so a relatively weak wrestler (STR 8 ) who is very skilful can have a chance to knock back even a mountain of an opponent (SIZ18). CASE 2: Make an attack roll wi
  2. I bought a spare hard copy form Chaosium last year, and thus got an official copy of the latest PDF direct from Chaosium, which has the same created time stamp (17/07/2015, 17:48:35). I think, but have not actually done a careful sweep, that there are some further typos and minor omissions that have come to light in the subsequent 6 years. Big Jack Brass collated / saved for posterity Ben's original errata listing, plus some additional items IIRC, and I think most were included in the revised PDF. One genuinely constructive thing those of us with access to the latest PDF (mine
  3. And let’s be honest peeps, excellent though tooley1chris’s work was and is, the flagrant, blatant mis-use of copyright material throughout was a sword of Damocles that was inevitably going to cause a problem. Frankly, I am surprised that it’s taken this long, especially since these forums have been the “official” Chaosium forums for 5+ years.
  4. Kinda surprised there isn't something close in the downloads section, to be honest - there's a load of character sheets in there, in various formats.
  5. Which was he trying to achieve? I generally allow masters of skills to "pick" one improvement to the outcome (better quality, reduced production time, more economic of resources etc), where as "journeyman" (50-100 skill) have to roll a special success or better to get such a thing, and novices (skill < 50 ) don't get this option - it is a "companion" approach to some of the stuff I put in the Arete rules in Advanced Sorcery for Magic World, spun out of house rules I've been using with Elric! since the mid 1990's, which in turn evolved from stuff in the 2nd Keepers Companion (?) I think for
  6. Looks like some sort of mistake when the revised cover for the quick start was created - there are differences to both 2020 (the softback BGB) AND 2026 (the hard back BGB).
  7. I have a comp copy as a contributor, and it looks like that - iirc they did sell print copies at one point, for those who wanted hard copy.
  8. It wasn't when I was just looking, honest! 😄 But it is now, so I assume some caching snafu or such at my end. MW and AS in PDF for a smidge under $6 is a very good deal...
  9. Is the current PDF price of Magic World ($2.99 marked down from $24.42) as a result of a particular sale? I don't recall it being so heavily discounted previously, and it seems oddly out of kilter with Advanced Sorcery still being $13.17 (with no discount)?
  10. How do you want it to work? Note that the description of Physik suggests it’s not hugely helpful against diseases (mundane or otherwise) “This skill little influences the course of diseases and ailments where Hit Points are lost over time. Physik has slight effect on many poisons; see poisons in the spot rules.” I’d allow successful Physik rolls to “assist” the patients own Stamina / stat rolls versus disease effects. The major wound table makes it clear that exercise / training / exertion is the only way that characteristic loss from major wounds are
  11. I am hugely fond of Elric! - it is pretty much my favourite incarnation of BRP, and it is mostly focused on the era of of the Elric saga (original early 1960's novellas up to circa 1980) that I actually enjoy; I'm not a fan of the 1990's and more recent additions to the saga. But, even in its re-packaged form of Stormbringer 5th edition in the early 2000's, it wasn't hugely accurate even to that portion of the saga... ...leaving aside the philosophical conundrum of "canon" for a series by an author who's fundamental approach is antithetical to the the sort of codification and coherence the not
  12. ...I mean, there was that Italian (?) company back in the early 00's that did miniaturised print editions of the classic AD&D core books... ...https://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B000WLTSMS/ref=nosim/waynesworldof-20
  13. https://www.bloomsbury.com/uk/jackals-9781472837400/ is SPECTACULARLY unhelpful in getting to buy the EPUB / PDF file... ...but I eventually got to this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=9781472837431&i=digital-text&ref=nb_sb_noss OpenQuest is based on the "MRQ" fork, rather than the "Chaosium" fork of BRP... So no resistance table or Stat x 5 rolls, skill base scores are based on stats, skills are only divided in to broad categories (Resistances, Combat, Knowledge, Practical) not RQIII / SB1 / Magic World style categories which is an option in the BGB version of BRP), only c
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