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  1. Found a transcription from “the Web of Chaos” chapter in Rogue Mistress in my files:
  2. There are some brief SB rules for fire arms in Rogue Mistress which iirc cover both black powered and Maria’s six guns. Iirc there’s some stuff in the introduction and in one of the specific adventures (the “Albyon” one I think?)
  3. Um, you are aware that Magic World is just Elric! with a couple of ideas and some creature stats from prior editions of Stormbringer and RQ3 and without the Moorcock IP, right?
  4. You could pick up either of these: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/128323/Magic-World?cPath=74_5621 https://www.chaosium.com/basic-creatures-pdf/ They contain a bunch of monster / creature stats including stuff like more WFRP Elves and Dwarves. Magic World is also basically Elric! with a few tweaks, so highly compatible with the rule set you are using. And the PDF is $3 currently. Basic Creatures is closer to RQ (it is a reworking of the RQ3 Creatures Book), so a bit less useful, and IIRC pretty much everything from it is in Magic World - but it is ALSO just a creature
  5. I do both: broad assessment of challenge is a multiplier (Trivial / Easy / Routine / Hard / Improbable map to x5, x2, x1, x0.5 and x0.05); Impairments / Benefits are minor adjustments as a result of specific circumstances independent of broad difficulty that penalise or add to final target: minor / moderate / major (10 / 20 / 40). A Sniper attempts a shot: overall, it’s hard ( skill x 0.5) but player decides to spend 15 DEX ranks Careful Aim spot rule: so gets a +40 benefit. (I’ve largely collapsed all the small adds / maluses into three step impairments / benefits. No, before anyone
  6. Yup, page 108 mentions both. Given the list of gods mentioned, Gods of Dorastor is just another name for Lords of Terror I think.
  7. Kinda related: was Risklands: Further adventures in Dorastor every anything more than a title?
  8. Sea King's of the Purple Towns; Perils of the Young Kingdoms; Unknown East. That’s what I picked instinctively as the three to recommend, but as Marcus says, pretty much everything published for 4th edition onward is really good.
  9. Given your use of the word “legally”: consult a lawyer, or other suitably qualified legal professional. Do not rely on opinions on internet fora.
  10. One could adapt this: https://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/340976/Through-Sunken-Lands-and-Other-Adventures to Mythras?
  11. Yeah: there’s a natural weapon attack & parry fumble table in the BGB (Big Gold Book) whic derives originally from RQ3 I think, but Elric! / SB5 just threw that phrase out there and assumed GMs would improvise suitable details I think.
  12. The ONE thing I think was a mistake in Elric! was that weird change in terminology / definitions - In SB1-4 the only critical successes were 1/10th of skill... In Call of Cthulu 1-5 "impales" were 1/5th of skill... Having a specific special effect for impaling weapons has long been a thing in BRP / RQ derived games, but can be handled by rules exceptions for that category of weapon, rather than revising success category calculations and or naming conventions that at least some of the player base will know from other games... AIR I lobbied Ben quite hard to revise those in MW to be in line
  13. Don't see a problem with that and as you noted, lines up with how I interpret things. In the Arete rules I wrote for Advanced Sorcery, masters of Brawl / Wrestle (skills of 101 or more) can effectively have "hit points" for their parries, so even if they DON'T get a whole degree success over their opponent, their successful unarmed defence can block some damage.
  14. OK, what follows are my readings of the rules. 1)If the opponent chooses to parry the wrestling attempt, for example with his sword, how would you handle damage to the wrestler, if the parry succeeds? The opponent is on the defensive: they can thus attempt to parry with Brawl, Wrestle OR a hand held weapon - per the combat results table, any result where the difference in degrees of success would result in damage to "Attacking weapon" I'd say the parrying weapon can roll damage against the character attempting the Wrestle manoeuvre. 2) With which weapon are you allowed to counte
  15. OK, the full rules text of the Knock-Back spot rule is: So CASE 1: Make a Wrestle attack roll, IF successful, make a STR vs SIZ test on Resistance table IF successful, push target back by (Attackers STR-opponents SIZ) in meters. Bregdan wins, so pushes his opponent back 2m. I would allow bonuses to the attackers effective STR for degrees of success on the Wrestle roll (say x 1.5 for a special and x 2 for a critical): so a relatively weak wrestler (STR 8 ) who is very skilful can have a chance to knock back even a mountain of an opponent (SIZ18). CASE 2: Make an attack roll wi
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