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  1. Somewhat disagreed. The Wasteland part is in GPC, but that is just 12 pages out of 128, so around 10%. Some of the Malahaut info is in GPC, but not the Perilous Forest & the Wall, as far as I can remember. The Adventure of the Perilous Forest is a nice long adventure, 27 pages, and there is another 19 pages of 16 short adventures, some of which will work nicely as the main adventure of the summer when you plump them up a bit. In short, I stand by my decision to recommend Perilous Forest over the Tales of Chivalry and Romance and Tales of Magic and Miracles. Although I admit that if al
  2. One thing I would likely do in a situation such like the above is to check with the players as well. For instance, if they like having a large party with limited time in the spotlight but sharing in all the adventures together, no problem with a larger group. However, if they want to be in the spotlight more, one option with a group of six would be to split them into two groups of three and run two campaigns in parallel. Granted, while GPC + published adventures give you a nice skeleton, if you want to focus more on the individual families and such, you still have to do some prep work. On
  3. I find four to be just about right too. It easily splits into two pairs as well. With three, there is more of a risk of 'third-wheel' when it comes to intra-PK interaction. I used to have six players and it was a bit of a chore. I currently have five. The problem is that with more players each of them gets less screen time. So it also depends what kinds of players you have. If some of them are more passive and happy with it being so, then six might work. But if all of them want plenty of screen time and personalized adventures and such, then six is going to be tough. Also, what is the reliabil
  4. I'd say most of them have at least SOME fantasy elements, usually monsters or fae. Some are easy to modify away, some are integral to the adventure. Like you can run through the Heart Blade (my favorite) as an almost totally non-magical adventure, simply by downtuning the magical elements, the magical glade becoming just an ordinary glade, etc. However, you do lose some of the charm. The White Horse climax has a lot of magic in it, but if you don't like it, it is very easy to turn it into a vague 'blessing of Epona' which you either believe or not, with only the GM knowing if it actually
  5. As for the adventure/regional books from 3e and 4e, they are still very usable in 5e (and presumably in the future 6e). Here are some of my thoughts on them: Blood & Lust (Anglia) is my fav, with Savage Mountains a close second. I prefer Perilous Forest to Beyond the Wall, which I am more lukewarm about thanks to its focus is on Picts. Mind you, a lot of the grail stuff was originally in Perilous Forest before basically copied over to GPC. So that diminishes the value of Perilous Forest a bit, but it still has good stuff in it. So my order would probably go... Blood&Lust, Sav
  6. Check this out: https://basicroleplaying.org/topic/11000-helpful-suggestionsadvice-for-new-playersgms-what-books-etc/ Also, the adventure/regional books are great. I will have to see if I can find what I wrote on those.
  7. Do you have the Book of the Estate? It does spell out how much free space you have in your manor and what investments take spaces (p. 76). Also, page 90 limits how many investments of each particular type you can build in your lands, even if they do not take space. When it comes to enhancements, most of them are small, like statues, and most of the buildings. Build away. Fortifications are also likely more limited by your purse and time, as well as your liege lord's trust in you that you don't use that castle as a robber knight base to raid your neighbors.
  8. Depends a bit how difficult I want to make it for the PKs. I sometimes do as you do in the above, and the first to knock their opponent out / off the horse gets to engage the primary target. Other times I might go for parity of numbers and the PKs can try to sort out amongst themselves who gets to engage the boss and who fight the bodyguards. In the case of the personal enemy, I would do the latter: the PK who has the enemy fight against the enemy, while the other PKs engage the other members of the enemy's unit. He wouldn't be riding around the battlefield by his lonesome, after all.
  9. This is what 4e says about Grail Christianity: "Grail Christianity is a henotheistic earth religion which acknowledges the Creator and his incarnate Son, Jesus Christ, but also acknowledges the divinely feminine in religion and life. Sometimes the feminine is characterized as Mother Church; Sophia, or Divine Wisdom; as the Virgin Mother Mary; as a man’s wife; or even as a pagan divinity, recognized as a mythic archetype." I am sure I saw a write-up of Merlin as a Grail Christian... Yep. In The Boy King, both Merlin and Vivienne are Grail Christians, which combines BOTH Pagan and Christi
  10. Well it remains part of Gentian county, as long as you are talking about county courts etc. BoU: "White Horse, Gentian: Uffington White Horse, Wiltshire" As for whose fief it is, possibly the Baron of Sparrowhawk/Marlborough.
  11. Conjure with my name and I shall appear. In the 4th edition, Earl Robert married the heiress of Uffington (AKA White Horse Vale), Lady Katherine, so the White Horse is within her lands and via the marriage, within Salisbury's lands. Also, since it was the long-form adventure example (in addition to the bear hunt), it made sense to have it mentioned in the Salisbury write-up. "Salisbury county consists of all the holdings of the Earl of Salisbury. This fief consists primarily of a large land area on Salisbury Plain, and secondarily of the lands around Uffington, known as the White Hor
  12. The topic came up in the Discord, and below are some of my thoughts on it. I figured it would be interesting enough a topic to cover here on the Forum, too. My two denariii... Given the Honor hit that a noble lady would risk having such a fling, I would GM it slightly differently. The easiest option is to make her into a pretty serving wench instead. Maybe she has some hopes of improving her station, especially if the PK in question is unmarried and might be interested in a concubine. Or at least she would potentially ensure that one of her kids is a bastard of a nobleman and he
  13. My rough rule of thumb: Unarmored but with a weapon and shield**: no encumbrance, no penalties to DEX, +2 Move Non-metallic* armor with weapon and shield**: light load, -5 DEX (and +1 Move, house-ruled) Metallic* armor with weapon and shield**: heavy load, -10 DEX, normal for knights * These are obviously a bit game-fied statements, as a non-metallic armor can be comparable in weight to a metallic one. Especially if a thick gambeson gets waterlogged. But it is close enough for game purposes. Although I would posit an idea that a 8-point chainmail byrnie (tunic) should be in
  14. KAP doesn't do the accounting of every piece of equipment you carry, but simplifies it mainly to the armor you have on. But yeah, I admit that the rules could be clearer here. One reason is that there used to be more rules for being unarmored than just the +2 Movement rate, so there are some legacy text issues. Anyway, if you are wearing a Chainmail, the DEX penalty is -10 and that is it. This is confirmed by the host of published adventures that quote this rule, and I am pretty sure I can find a Greg quote if I try, too. You have to be doing something else in addition to qualify for more
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