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  1. Adventure of the Circle of Gold has that rule (Tales of Mystic Tournaments). You have to have a skill for each weapon, and then you need to have a Two-Weapon Fighting skill. You use the lowest skill of the set, and obviously you don't get to use a shield. If you win, you get two damage rolls, one for each weapon, but they are two separate hits as far as the target is concerned: armor and shield protect against each in turn, and they are not summed up for Knockdown nor Major Wound purposes.
  2. It is not just you. That being said, a hippogriff-riding knight does appear in Orlando Furioso, so at least in Paladin, those things are around... Anyway, another thing to keep in mind is that griffons definitely and probably also hippogriffs are meat-eaters. Feeding them will cost literal TONS of meat per year. An adult male lion eats about 16 pounds of meat per day. I'd imagine these things would eat even more: flying takes a lot of calories! So if we double that, it is 32 pounds per day, times 365 days, is almost 12000 pounds of meat per year. And that is assuming that doubling the me
  3. Where is the PK manor located? River Avon goes through Dorset, and its mouth is probably a better location for a Saxon base than Hantonne, which is a quite busy port, so secrecy is much harder to guarantee, as well as the access for the Saxons. The Royal Admiral would pretty much have to be involved. So I think that your earlier idea of using Dorset is better. Dorset itself does have harbors and ports, I was merely commenting on Dorchester itself being inland rather than a busy port like Hantonne.
  4. Dorchester is not a port town. It is not even on the coast. Only if they hold their land as a baron, per baroniam. A vassal knight of the King is still just a knight. The dividing line is a bit blurry between a banneret and a minor baron, more a matter of a title, but in the neighborhood of £100. There is overlap.
  5. In that case, ignore the two barons and just have the Praetor ruling Dorset, as in 4e and implied in GPC. Praetor Jonathel is mentioned in Year 500 of GPC, and "Praetor Dorset" is mentioned as one member of the Supreme Collegium in 485 (BoU changed the Logres Supreme Collegium members into churchmen, so this position went to the Bishop of Dorchester instead). Given that Praetor is a Roman title and Dorchester is a Roman civitas/city, it is easier to take this as survival of the Roman titles and customs rather than something resurrected a century after the Roman Empire left.
  6. The issue is that GPC had 'county nobles', each noble in charge of their own county. Dorset is ruled by a Praetor (not an earl) in 4e, which is also where Jonathel comes from. In my own headcanon, Jonathel takes over Dorchester and then unifies whole of Dorset under his rule to ride out the Anarchy, similarly to what happens in Salisbury. I don't know why, but I have this name, Robustus or something like that, in my mind... In Uther, Sir Gyddno is named as the Sheriff of Dorsette, with the county castle at Durnovaria (Dorchester). And of course there is also Mesalla, the Bishop of Durnova
  7. Just because a certain construction style existed in the real Middle Ages, does not mean that the people living in KAP Britain would constantly demolish their buildings to build something in the 'current style'. Just look at how many Romanesque churches still exist! (And Pantheon was built/commissioned by Hadrian, a thousand years prior to the Gothic Cathedrals.) While many castles would see upgrades to make them more defensible (mainly from wooden construction to stone), The White Tower is still a rectangular keep. It was never rebuilt, because there was no need to. Likewise, I wouldn't
  8. No, you have to flip it around a bit. The Cymri, especially after Badon, are the Normans. It is not an exact fit (outside the reconquered Saxon settlements, the peasants are Cymri as well), but the point is that the knightly, Norman architecture is Cymric architecture in this world. You wouldn't build a Saxon Meadhall with horsehead gables, but you would build a great hall in the Norman style.
  9. As Atgxtg already said... Since KAP is basically borrowing its aesthetics (knights in armor, castles) from the Middle Ages, explicitly so when it comes to clothing fashion in GPC, I'd just steal the Norman architecture whole hog. Bring in those fancy Gothic Cathedrals!
  10. Dunno, adrenaline is pretty powerful stuff. Also, some of the hit point damage can be construed to be shock and later blood loss (hence why you get hit points back quickly with First Aid). Also, people have been known to continue fighting even when mortally wounded, until finally their mortality catches up with them. It would be interesting to hear from people who have used this rule from Paladin, how it has worked in their games. Personally, I am worried that: 1. It would cause a 'death spiral': whichever combatant is hit first will get the penalty and hence will more likely to get
  11. Probably the way I would GM it, as well. Paladin has also some rules about 'wagering' Honor: Taking an oath to do something (or not do something) and gaining Honor thereby if you fulfill your oath.
  12. Actually, an even easier fix would be to drop the whole Chaste/Lustful roll. This way, (Roman) Christians get the advantage of Temperate, Pagans get the Energetic, and minmax British Christians get both. Also, if it is not just enough to fail in Temperate and Energetic, but you have to succeed in Indulgent and Lazy as well, then even traits at 10/10, the probability of negotiating these challenges successfully would change from 1/4 ( 1/2*1/2 ) to more than 1/2 ( 3/4*3/4 = 9/16 ). Even better, rather than making the Failure = Out of Story, make it into a delay: It counts as one extra
  13. Not quite, it is just the Lustful that is causing issues. Energetic is actually helpful. It is just that Christians get both Chaste and Temperate, which are beneficial. One easy fix: Allow the Pagan to switch Lustful to Spiritual, as he wants to be part of the Pagan blessing of Epona. That would make it less biased against Pagans.
  14. If you already have Pendragon and not Paladin, then I would go with Pendragon. As you say, the core system works well enough. Paladin does offer some neat things, and it is much more faithfully Christian in its outlook, which makes it more suitable for more historical Middle Ages, including patron saints and all that. On the other hand, as you said already, it is also somewhat tied to Charlemagne. Which is great if you are playing Charlemagne, somewhat less if you are not. In short, I think it is probably as easy to hack Pendragon to your liking, and since you already have it, might just
  15. I was going to mention the Castle of Tears, but I think it is a bit too hard a fight for starting knights. Better if they get seasoned a bit at first, get their skills up. The titular adventure of The Spectre King itself is way too hard for two new knights. Heck, the Spectre King is liable to hack his way through even a larger group of veteran knights. He is a very deadly foe. The other adventures in The Spectre King are very nice, too, I agree.
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