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  1. I think Prometheus878 meant that if he is doing a solitaire play (i.e. using a GM emulator, with himself as the solo player), would it be better for him to run a party or just a single PK. I have to admit that I don't find solitaire play that interesting. I need someone to bounce off from and share the fun, so my energies would be diverted more to finding someone to play with, even online, and taking turns to GM or running a GM-PC as a sidekick (either another knight, snarky Dinadan-type to Tristram, or an actual career squire like Prince Valiant, Lancelot & Tristram have). If I
  2. Archery is something that the commoners compete in... See Robin Hood. He doesn't shoot against knights or pretend to be a knight himself. That being said, if you want to keep it simple, you can run it as a simplified tournament: roll Bow and if you crit, you win. Glory should be low, like a neighborhood tournament. See the rules for tournaments in GPC. If you want to make it more complex, you can do it with opposed skill rolls, the higher success wins and earns like 1-2 glory. Opponent skill 10+2 per extra round. If you win 7 rounds, you win the archery event and get extra champion a
  3. Very good answers already. I don't have anything to add.
  4. See Chapter 15. It is similar to how GPC is divided into Periods, telescoping the technological advancement into Arthur's/Charlemagne's reign, with the knights potentially going from chainmail hauberks to full plate during their lifetimes. From what I understand, they start as squires, and are knighted* once they have been aged and trained to qualify for the knighthood. Unlike in Pendragon, the manors in Paladin are not automatically inherited, and indeed, are usually given only for the life of the knight so honored. So even if the father would be landed or even a lord, it may not be a
  5. Well, KAP 5.2 says: "This Madness may occur at once, or once the relevant action is over (at the Gamemaster’s discretion)." Melancholy also results only after the action is over. So you have some leeway as the GM on how to do it. One thing though... Madness isn't 'flying into rage'. Only if the Maddened or the Melancholic character is the target of 'Snap Out of It' is the rage a possibility, and this would be the case if he is hassled by the Saxons too. It is all in how you play it. Let's say that the player is trying to use Hate Saxons and fumbles. The PK tried to pull on the memori
  6. I would say yes. Trait rolls can be a bit tricky, though, since they are actually two-sided. Passions, Attributes and Skills are easier to modify. So with Traits, I would probably modify EACH side by -5, when it is rolled, making it less likely to succeed in either side of the trait-pair. The alternative would be to modify both traits towards 10, i.e. -5 to whichever trait is higher. But it is a bit of a mess, so I might just ignore it for Traits. But I would apply it to new Passion rolls, yes. If you are already depressed, it is harder to get fired up again.
  7. One thing I often do, especially if I don't want to bother with the logistics of the ransom, is to have the PKs give their ransomable captives to their liege. The liege pays a 50% "captor's fee", and then arranges for the ransom, keeping the other 50% himself. The PKs get the money almost right away, but it is just 50%, which helps to 'buffer' the impact that the ransoms can have, especially at a higher than vassal knight level.
  8. Always possible. 🙂 Reminds me how in our Middle-earth campaign, one PK rolled critical Flirting and Dancing with King Anarion's daughter. I decided that meant that sparks were flying between them, and even though the PK was just lower nobility (still, about banneret-level), Anarion begrudgingly gave his permission for the two to start courting. I think it took about 30 years of courtship before they finally were allowed to marry (but these were Numenorean-born Numenoreans, living 200+ years, so it wasn't as big of a deal).
  9. Saxons! says: "Unlike good Christian knights, Saxons neither pay nor ask ransoms for captured foes." and "A Saxon whose cynnsman is improperly detained by foreigners will simply seek his healthy return, plus bot for the kidnapping." (Bot = compensation) So that would indicate 'no'. KAP 5.2: "Saxon Warriors: These foes try to kill the knight. If captured, they can be sold into serfdom (£1 each). " So no ransom there either. However, Book of Battles 2, p. 83, does have ransoms for higher ranking Saxons (Heorthgeneat and higher). That's probably what you were after?
  10. Since shield armor is gained only on a partial success*, and the missile attack is unopposed, the defender doesn't roll and hence cannot get a partial success to get the shield armor value. * The exception is against an Uncontrolled Attack, which explicitly says that the defender does always get the shield bonus (Paladin p. 128). This matches how it is handled in KAP 5.2, too, although KAP 4 did not have this additional note. (We have houseruled it so that if the defender fails in their own attack roll first, then they do not get the shield armor bonus themselves. It seldom comes up, thou
  11. This one I was aware of, but thanks for the reminder anyway. 🙂 Ah, no wonder it missed it, since I was scanning the Places and Hexhamshire is just mentioned in the Hexham -entry, with Hexhamshire missing its own entry.
  12. On a quick look, Sir Quintus of Camboglanna might be the closest hit in Perilous Forest? Could be that I missed him in a cursory look, though.
  13. Of course. With a family and a small farm inside the walls of the fort or something. I probably could even fudge it so that any contradicting information in Beyond the Wall or Perilous Forest would be simply reflecting the situation a couple of generations later, if I were to run this kind of a thing in 485.
  14. Yes. Also if memory serves, Julian is guarding the wall against the Picts. In KAP he would be guarding against Gorre, mainly. But maybe it is doable. After all, Valiant's Picts are not KAP Picts. I am actually less bothered about the chronology. It is easy enough to add a generation or two without really changing the character. Even better, actually, making him even more 'immortal' when he has been around for almost a century... You know, now I am wanting to run an adventure of a Roman Ghost Knight of Vindalonda or something like that. 🙂
  15. Oh yes, I am aware. We were part of Russia for over a century, after all. 😛 Our most revered* general, Mannerheim, was fluent in French before really starting to study Finnish after the Independence. (* Imagine if Washington was the ONLY Founding Father, and you get the idea. Keeping the Russians from overrunning Finland during the WWII does that to you. And he became the President after the war, too.)
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