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  1. The Brown Knight of the Wilds: GPC, p. 162 The White Knight: GPC, p. 176 The People directory at the end of GPC (p. 437) is also a good place to check the names and pages.
  2. Le Morte, Book 1, chapter 2: Now make you ready, said Merlin, this night ye shall lie with Igraine in the castle of Tintagil; and ye shall be like the duke her husband, Ulfius shall be like Sir Brastias, a knight of the duke's, and I will be like a knight that hight Sir Jordanus, a knight of the duke's.
  3. Even less than, since they would probably know one another quite well. But with enough luck and high enough Deceitful... (Personally, I think a better ruse, believability-wise, would have been to just have the equal number of riders if possible, but with the lady (or a disguised squire, since crossdressing as a ruse of war or tournament is apparently allowed; even Lancelot did it!) in tow. Then it would look like just a routine 'caught her' rather than 'and who the heck are those prisoners?'. But it is hard to argue with success...)
  4. Although there might be a difference between a small utility/eating knife and a foot-long fighting dagger. I don't think KAP 5.x makes that distinction, though, so both qualify as daggers.
  5. Hear hear. Didn't Leodegrance's gift include like hundred of Cameliard knights as well already enrolled or something like that? "And so Leodegrance delivered his daughter Guenever unto Merlin, and the Table Round with the hundred knights, " (Merlin having come to ask Guenever's hand for Arthur) Sounds to me someone overinvested into household knights during the Anarchy & Unification!
  6. Armor of course would not be worn in social occasions. We have examples in Le Morte, in particular Balin's case, where the knight goes to get his horse and armor as he is leaving court. As for the sword, I would let that be a function of the situation and the Lord's suspicious. Arthur would likely allow people to wear their swords, but a more suspicious Lord might insist on his guests disarming at the door. Eating knives would always be OK, and perhaps even fighting daggers to show some status. For feasts, I would imagine that the swords would be left off, since they would get in the way of sitting and dancing (and tripping servants or knocking against other people). But if you are standing at a court occasion as the lord is interviewing people or holding court, maybe you'd wear your sword them to show your status as a nobleman. But see above re: suspicious lords.
  7. The thing is... a robber knight ought to not have any. Not if he is a true villain rather than an antihero. And his men are likely likewise. If the PKs are shouting insults at the castle, but don't have the strength to take it, why would the bandits turn against their leader? Better to sit tight and watch the PKs and their army starve and weaken. And then boys, we will kill every last one of them and loot the bodies! Good days will be here again! How much riskier to hope that you can just sneak away without being caught? And even if you manage to flee, will you get to have as sweet a gig as this one was, until those dang heroes stuck their nose into it? EDIT: And if the PKs have a large enough an army to make an assault possible, then they probably have enough men that sneaking away is risky, too. Cornered rats and all that.
  8. I have seen lists of adventures by book, as well as a suggested year-by-year list. Can't remember what thread it was, though.
  9. It is also possible that the Robber Knight is raiding the neighbors and hence able to field a larger army than his 'own' lands would allow. Also, they might be squeezing their own peasants more than normal nobles would. So it really depends how difficult you want to make it for the PKs.
  10. You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din. I agree, but that is particularly why I like the White Horse, as it gives a lot of chances for the trait rolls and such, but the stakes are relatively low. The PKs have license to screw up without feeling like they are total failures. That is what makes it a good intro adventure for me, as it does also expose a more mythical, magical side of Pendragon. The Bear Hunt is pretty mundane, every day thing, that shows how combat, hunting and such work. The White Horse expands on that and shows that not all is mundane in the world, and has more of a focus on the choices the PKs make and what their traits are. Throw in the Marriage of Sir Roderick, and you get a hint of politics and court activities. Together, I think they make for a nice introduction. Whereas, in particular Grey Knight throws the players into the deep end. If you think the players can handle it, great, but I prefer to build up to it a bit. That being said, I could also see an argument of dropping experienced non-KAP players into it as a one-shot, just to showcase what the Arthurian questing might be all about. The downside is that it is quite hard to scale up from Grey Knight, and if you go back to Uther Period to start a campaign, things might seem pretty dull by comparison.
  11. You mean mixed in with the text? Since I sure can't find a GM advice nor recaps of the rules as their own section. Even less than the rules, it is the mind-set. Sure, if the players have a background in chivalric characters and Arthuriana, it is easy enough. But if they are coming in cold from a generic hack-and-slash murder-hobo campaign, it gets a bit more iffy. And I did say: "straight off the bat". As in the very first introduction they get to KAP. No intro adventures, no White Horse, no TMoSR. That is a pretty big ask for a GM who has never GMed KAP before. I know I wouldn't want to try those as my first adventure as a GM.
  12. I agree that they are good adventures, but I wouldn't recommend them to a group of new players & a new GM straight off the bat.
  13. Relax and have fun. The introductory scenario (Imber Bear Hunt) in the rulebook is intended to help introduce various aspects of the game. However, one of my big personal favorites is the (long-form) Adventure of the White Horse that was published in 4th edition rulebook. If you have it, I would strongly suggest starting with the Intro adventure and follow it up with the White Horse, once the squires have been knighted. Of the Chivalry & Romance adventures, I would suggest the Golden Rose. It is probably the most straightforward of them. The New Made Knight is better for experienced players who know how chivalry works, and the Mysterious Manor is more of a murder mystery than a chivalric quest, IMHO. In this case, I would still start with the introductory adventure. Also note that Golden Rose is clearly more for late Tournament period, what with the existence of full plate armor. The PKs would be in a serious disadvantage trying to fight with just chainmail. The Adventure of the Kingdom of Circle of Gold (Mystic Tournaments) is also pretty good for a new group, as it doesn't have super high stakes. The only downside is that the players might feel frustrated, as they most likely won't be able to 'win' the adventure, at least not in their first go. (Again, the adventure is set more in Boy King if not Conquest period, so you might have to adjust the armors accordingly.)
  14. Closer to 18 in GPC. Born sometime spring/summer 492, knighted Pentecost 510, before being crowned.
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