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  1. My guess: Cambrian War, Savage Mountains. Although I agree, if the Gomeret Knights were waiting for mercenaries to help to take the Castle, it should not matter that they are from Logres.
  2. Heresy. There is just one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rings_of_Saturn#/media/File:PIA17172_Saturn_eclipse_mosaic_bright_crop.jpg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Allatius#In_popular_culture
  3. Since Passion modifies the Skill itself, you add it before you divide the Skill. However, since reflexive modifiers depend on the opponent, too, I always apply those after dividing. So let's say we have Knight A with Sword 18, impassioned +10 to 28, on a horse and fighting against two other knights (B and C, Sword 15 each) on foot. Knight A can divide his 28 any which way he wants, but let's be boring and say it is 14 and 14. Now, because he is mounted and B and C are not, +5/-5 modifier applies against each of them, resulting in 19 vs. 10 match-up. Yes, this is great as long as you are on a horse, but if we flip the situation and A is on foot and B and C are mounted, the match-up becomes 9 vs. 20.
  4. That would lead to way too many captives. Not to mention, the PKs themselves are not captured when they lose a round, so why would the NPKs be? My rule of thumb is that if you crit your weapon roll during the battle round, you also get a captive, IF the round is a success for your team, too. I.e. more wins than losses. In BoB2, taking a prisoner opportunity opens up if you have knocked the enemy unconscious (usually via Major Wound). But it is its own little procedure that you need to go through, it is not automatic.
  5. Why not just ask the player for the name? Or if you wish to be sneaky about it, ask for a recognize roll (with hefty bonuses) and then start describing the event... Better than even odds that the player will supply the name himself.
  6. I stuck it south of Cameliard, in the Arden Forest between Avon and Severn, so yeah, pretty close to Galvoie. (Sure, there is Worcester near-by, but that is hardly an issue.) I also made it a bit smaller. The adventure implies roughly 1 day of travel between encounters (IIRC). I was making it more like a few hours in between, meaning that it was possible to ride all the way to the capital in a couple of days. Not only will this speed up the adventure some, but it makes it easier to fit the kingdom on the map (unless you wish to claim that it is all in Faerie). Perhaps a bit, but on the other hand, the players seem to enjoy it as an easy source of glory. Also, I have reused it from time to time as a backdrop for other adventures, such as turning the magical protections off after Grail Quest and allowing the monsters to start attacking again, requiring the PKs to help in fighting them back.
  7. I admit that I am partial to the idea (for KAP purposes) that the dike/dyke was built in Pre-Roman times, after the Belgic invasion, to help guard against inter-tribal aggression. And then refurbished in the chaotic times of 5th century, from the early chaos of Romans leaving to Pictish invasions to Saxon raids. In this case, Renn could be either one of the original Belgic Kings ordering it to be built, or someone who refurbishes it in early 400s. That being said, I could easily see some of the early battles of the March of Aurelius happening near or even on the Dike, and that would give rise to the secondary attribution of the Dike to Aurelius Ambrosius in later chronicles.
  8. BoK&L, p. 117: "Clothing that is worn all the time always loses one half its value each year. Although part of the annual upkeep of a knight and his family of any rank includes repairs, etc., to maintain clothes appropriate to their rank, it does not cover the cost for repairing fancier clothing." So it gets rid of this rule (KAP 5.2, p. 130): "For all grades of maintenance, reduce the character’s best suit of clothing to half its previous value." IF the best suit is appropriate to his rank. (My rule of thumb is that Poor = £0.5 clothing, Ordinary = £1 clothing, Rich = £2 clothing, Superlative = £4 clothing. Barons and such might have even higher than this.)
  9. I got around that by having a 'GM's diary' where I write up the years, adventures, names and places. Then I can just do a 'Find' in the text document and quickly enough find what the context was. Another thing that helps is to keep the NPCs in their separate documents as well, with a master list in excel, including a space for quick notes: "Dueled Sir Cynwal in Pentecost 523 over insult to a lady; lost."
  10. If you want to streamline, just use the (successful) attack roll instead: odd roll = breaks, even = stays intact.
  11. My understanding is that as long as you win the opposed roll, it counts as a (personal) victory for Glory purposes. See BoB2 p.70.
  12. Oh, you mean the Expanded Manorial Luck doesn't have a dragon raid but the BotM calamity table does? It is not mine, but yeah, I am not too bothered about not having a 2.5% annual chance per manor of a Dragon attack in early phases. If anything, dragons should get more common in Romance and Tournament, IMHO! But even so, the Dragons should be rare and important enough that they wouldn't just appear, cause minor damage and then vanish again randomly. If a Dragon arrives to Salisbury, it is a major quest time!
  13. I have often regretted that I didn't push harder to include at least Table D.2 from BotW to BotE. I think it is most succinct and clear representation on how the different incomes (and expenses) combine. Appendix D in general is the blueprint document, which I was able to write from the ground up (with some limits from Greg as to including Assized Rent, Court Income and Customary Revenue all as separate values). That being said, I think BotE p. 33 spells Customary Revenue out quite well: sidebar "Customary Revenue = Assized Rent + Additional Income." It also spells out Free Income: "New Investments built by the current holder can provide extra spending money, called Free Income. The holder does not owe servitium debitum for Free Income." However, I would admit that we probably should have had an example of this, to show how Free Income adds to Discretionary Funds. One thing that was discussed was that the trade bonus (BotE, p. 58) would go up after Badon Hill, as trade would pick up without the Saxon piracy & raiding. This would naturally increase the income in manors that benefit from trade. There was also talk of allowing the Assized Rent itself to increase a bit, too. All of which would add more money into the landholding system and hence make the landed knights richer and more able to knight their sons and maintain structures. Another thing to keep in mind is that some of the structures are not meant for a mere landed knight to be able to maintain. Such as hospitals and such should require at least an Estate Holder, if not a Baron.
  14. Fate comes from Book of the Manor where is basically makes the weather worse (and hence higher chance of a poor harvest) IIRC. If you click on my harvest house rule link in "IV.2.) Economic Circumstances: Income", you'll see how it works in our house rules. Using Book of the Estate, the Fate would not matter: poor harvest is a problem for the peasants, not the Lord.
  15. Oh, we used one of those free family tree trackers online for some of the families, but mainly, I just put the names into an excel sheet with the birthyear and current age calculated from the current year. Then date of death when that happened.
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