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  1. Thanks! I hadn’t heard of this. I may be placing an order tonight. Those miniatures look great!
  2. I’d love to see Grimm and all the Wesen statted out. I always thought a Grimm rpg would’ve been great. My other dream rpg was Big Trouble in Little China.
  3. bustapc

    Elric vs Magic World

    Hi all! New to the boards and BRP in general. My first question is, if I have Magic World, is it worth picking up Elric! or can I pretty much do it all with MW? thanks!
  4. bustapc

    Elric vs Magic World

    That’s good to know, though, as I don’t have Advanced Sorcery.
  5. bustapc

    Elric vs Magic World

    I managed to get a decent copy (in pics, anyway) for cover price plus shipping! Hmmm......
  6. bustapc

    Elric vs Magic World

    If I sell a kidney, maybe... unfortunately some of those books are out of my price range, but it looks like between MW and Elric! I can cobble enough together to get a good game going!
  7. bustapc

    Elric vs Magic World

    I mainly asked because the Elric/Stormbringer books are generally pretty pricey. That said, I did manage to order Elric! last night for a very reasonable price, so... 🤣