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  1. Prime Evil

    HeroQuest SRD and OGL, genre packs

    How about "Multiverse"?
  2. Prime Evil

    A Couple quick questions about Pirates & DRagons

    I only just read this thread, but would also like to add my voice to those wishing Ken a full recovery.
  3. Prime Evil

    State of BRP

    I don't mind the existence of multiple games derived from BRP that interpret the system in different ways. The fact that so many different interpretations are possible shows how rich the core game engine is. It also indicates why it has survived so long. It is nice to have the Big Gold Book as the "Rosetta Stone" to allow seamless translation between d100 variants. But people don't play 'BRP' itself - they play in game settings built upon the system. Chaosium has chosen - for sound financial and artistic reasons - to focus their efforts on giving us solid interpretations of the system customised for specific settings. The advantage of this approach is that they can really polish the system to make it shine. The disadvantage of this approach is that it leaves folks who want to use the system as a toolkit to build their own homebrew settings. But that's OK - we now have plenty of third-party variants focusing on this gap. This is where systems such as Mythras, Legend, OpenQuest, Revolution d100, or Rennaisance come into the picture. I don't see this as fragmentation so much as an elaboration of the common heritage. None of the other systems is likely to give us a fantasy setting as detailed as Glorantha, but then RQG can't easily be divorced from that setting either. I'd argue that at the moment, we have the best of both worlds - Chaosium producing their strongest material in two decades and a range of third-party d100 variants are covering the homebrew market. Why shouldn't everyone be happy with this outcome? And here's the real secret - BRP has always been a rules-light system. The core mechanics can be summarised in less than twenty pages. You don't actually need massive rulebooks. And if you really want, it is trivial to use things from one d100 game with another anyway. But don't tell anyone I told you that...
  4. Prime Evil

    State of BRP

    We need this on a t-shirt!
  5. Prime Evil

    River of Heaven Companion?

    It's been quiet on the OpenQuest front for a while, so this is great news. And RoH is a fantastic SF setting!
  6. Prime Evil

    Announcement: Lyonesse

    This is amazing news. I'm glad to see that the Design Mechanism has landed this license!
  7. Prime Evil

    quick overwiev of supplements for Legend

    I tend to encourage use the Concert Casting rules from Blood Magic for the creation of undead. I also introduced an Exorcism ritual that can be used to de-animate undead and drive off extraplanar threats. The problem is that the participants are effectively helpless while performing the banishing ritual...
  8. Prime Evil

    More Adult Adventures?

    Nobody ever expects the Spanish Inquisition! But seriously, has anybody considered forking the Legend system now that Mongoose seems to have abandoned it? I know we've got Mythras as the natural successor to MRQII, but the Legend ruleset has the advantage of being something we can freely tinker with as a community.
  9. Prime Evil


    Intriguing. I like the idea of having a d100 variant for pick-up games. And it can serve as a gateway for new players! A couple of questions: Given that the revamped system will be optimized for short campaigns, how will you handle character advancement? Will this be faster than in a typical d100 game? You've indicated that you are simplifying the skill system. Do you plan to do the same for characteristics and derived attributes? What is the timeline for this product? Will we expect this around the middle of 2018 or further out? Will you crowdsource the book?
  10. Prime Evil

    Hardcover crowdfunding, NOW LIVE

    Congrats! Looking forward to receiving it!
  11. Prime Evil


    Is this conversion still being worked on? If so, how are things going?
  12. Prime Evil

    Apple Lane Reprint

    There are still a couple of additional works coming in the Runequest Classic line, aren't there? Do we have any idea of the timeline for these?
  13. Prime Evil


    Instead of individual spells it may also be possible to break magic down into broad effect types such Necromancy, Demonology, Enchantment, Elementalism, or Divination. Learning one of these allows the caster to evoke a range of related spells unified by a common theme.
  14. Prime Evil


    I like the direction that you are heading in here! As an aside, I agree that there is room in the market for a simplified D100 game. I also suspect that there may be room for an intermediate game somewhere in between OQ and Mythras in complexity. Maybe the forthcoming RQ G will fill that role since RQ2 was positioned around that area of the crunchiness scale. But it's hard to say until we see the final product.