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  1. I completely agree! I've run The Derelict three times as a one-shot scenario and it ran smoothly every time. Hotel Hell is great as well, but I would go for The Derelict first!
  2. I think Crimson Letters is a perfect choice and encourage you to stick with it! 😃 It's a great scenario, you probably already own it and it's focused on investigation!
  3. I like how concise these scenarios are! Some might argue that they're too short for the price. But I'm cool with paying for an easy to use product! Please keep this topic updated when new ones are released!
  4. Awesome movie, I really liked it! It was closer to the original Lovecraft story than I expected. And it has Alpacas, which obviously are a great addition to any movie! If you´re expecting a super serious movie, you´ll be disappointed. But if you´re in for a great modern B-movie-style Lovecraft movie, go see this!
  5. The fillable sheets have been added to the files at DriveThruRPG. Thanks, guys. I'm looking forward to running The Derelict tomorrow! 😊
  6. Thanks for trying, anyway! So maybe it would make sense to place them somewhere that's easier to find!
  7. Hey cultists, the introduction chapter of Petersen's Abominations states the following. Where exactly can I find these on the website? Apparently I'm either too stupid or too blind to find them for myself. So I'd be very grateful for the link! Thanks in advance! So far I only read the scenario The Derelict from this book and I love it. The others look like they might be interesting as well. Good work, Chaosium!
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