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  1. Ravian

    Manor Houses

    I found a miniature of a timber manor house. Not sure how accurate it is but it seems simple enough for your average vassal knight. Seems like the general layout is simple enough, kind of a castle's great hall in minature. Big room around a hearth with tables that can double as beds for guests, children and some servants. The knight and his family would either live in a separated room, or with some twine screens to provide privacy. Add some ladders for the upper floors to use as much space as you can and you're good to go.
  2. Ravian

    Lady Knights and Romance

    Well Book of Uther seems to suggest that he has a regular string of Paramours before he marries Ygraine, so I wouldn't be surprised if Madoc and Arthur had some other (if unacknowledged) siblings. I fully suspect Morgan and Ygraine to get involved, especially since I also heavily suspect that the PLK (Player Lady Knight) will be inflicting her vengeance upon Gorlois after he kills Madoc. That's going to land her and any of her children on Morgan's sh*t list for sure, and Ygraine isn't likely to take kindly to her either.
  3. Ravian

    Lady Knights and Romance

    Well it's been a bit but things have progressed rather quickly by and large. So unfortunately the lady knight very nearly died in the ambush by Sir Blains's men (took a nasty crit and a subsequent attack that reduced her to the negatives which she only just survived from.) During the Marriage of Count Roderick adventure, and not only missed out on the drama between Madoc and Lady Rhianeth, her gender was also revealed to the Count's court at large during Chiurgery (kind of Mulan style.) Madoc, rather surprised by this turn of events, went to visit her during her recovery, at which point she confessed her feelings for him. He was shocked, but she rolled well enough that he was moved by her love, and so decided to make a proper attempt at proving himself worthy of her love by attempting to slay the Saxon king invading Malahaut. She meanwhile was granted an opportunity by the Count to prove herself worthy of knighthood (thanks to another player knight requesting it as a boon during Roderick's wedding feast.) and so he gave her a longshot quest to go and locate Merlin's current whereabouts. This led the players on a bit of a whirlwind magical adventure, eventually returning him from some fantastic island where he had intentionally gotten himself into some trouble to test the virtues of the local princess. (Behind the scenes this is basically Merlin, having predicted the trouble that Ygrainne will create for Uther, has been out testing the waters and seeing whether it would be possible for the promised king of Britain to result from a different, less troublesome woman. Unfortunately he's come to conclusion that the conflict with Gorlois over Ygrainne will be inevitable for the good of Britain.) The party returns with Merlin who leads them to where he is needed to revive the army at Mount Daman after the disastrous battle of Euburacum, wherein Prince Madoc has been captured by the Saxons. The Lady knight, in response to her love being threatened, impassions herself and basically carves a red streak through the Saxons' camp and rescuing her prince. In recognition for her deeds, not only is she re-knighted by Count Roderick, but Uther also grants her a manor (she was previously just a household knight so this officially makes her landed) (the manor was actually one of Madoc's which he urged his father to give to her as a reward, now they have a private place to meet for their affair.) So long story short, the two are engaging in an affair, and she's already produced a child, a daughter, all before 485. Of course the next, and likely most difficult step is going to be actually getting married to Madoc. Even as a knight having done impressive deeds, she's not a great pick of a wife for the Crown prince given she only has one manor to her name (that technically was originally the Princes' to begin with.) Worse yet, Uther's a remarkably suspicious person and he likely will be able to figure out about the affair sooner rather than later. He's unlikely to discourage it (He's not going to be a hypocrite given how many bastards he has.) but marriage is going to take some convincing. And I'm planning to set her towards some conflict with Lady Rhianeth, since given the public nature of her rescue of Madoc she's going to look like a competitor even without knowing they're already in a relationship. She's basically won the romance game, and has proven herself a capable knight, but being out as a female knight means she'll have to start learning more of the games that ladies play. The child caused a huge stir with the player knights, and right now the only thing that's convinced them that they haven't broken Arthurian canon is the fact that they've only had a girl at this point. I'm sort of glad that she managed to get a daughter out of the relationship, because now I won't feel as bad if I have to turn any Male children she produces into eagles. I imagine she'll be fine continuing to play a female knight once her daughter comes of age, especially one with as backstory as interesting as "Arthur's niece", and having a child of Uther's blood will make the Anarchy period fun. (Everyone who wants to be king is going to try to get that girl once they know who she is, and I fully expect that they won't be able to hold themselves back in declaring that they have Madoc's child as soon as they can.)
  4. Ravian

    Traits at 20+

    Teachers can be used on Traits? That seems weird to me, like how do you teach someone to be more Valorous? Like sure a child is fine, that's just good moral education, but an adult just paying someone to teach them how to be virtuous (or sinful) feels weird.
  5. Ravian

    Feast Question

    I'm pretty sure that's in Book of Feasts, you gain glory equal to your geniality at the end of the feast, multiplied by 10 if you have the most out of the other players, and an additional 100 if you ended up at the high table by the end.
  6. Ravian

    Lady Knights and Romance

    It probably depends a lot about how it goes. If no one knows about their relationship when she kills Gorlois, then she's just a a nameless knight doing her duty to Uther. If it becomes clear that there's vendetta involved for the death of Madoc, then she becomes central to everyone's attentions as the killer of Gorlois, which can certainly have positive effects for glory, but also makes her more of a target for continuing Vendetta from Gorlois' family. Also just thought I'd share some of the PK's progress in courting Madoc. Thus far she hasn't revealed her identity yet to him, but she's managed to get a little closer to him. While traveling to Uther's coronation she managed to look impressive while riding near him, and during the feast a lucky draw on the feast deck got her invited up to the high table (which I ran with him inviting her up to talk more about horses.) I kind of just ran with it and had Madoc take the place of the NPC in the Adventure of the White Horse and have him invite them out to the Horse Blessing. She's still very much in the pinning from afar stage of the romance. But with luck these next few years should present some more opportunities for her to be near him. (Will be interesting to see what happens during the Prince's Passion adventure that'll happen in the next couple years though.
  7. Ravian

    Lady Knights and Romance

    I'm sure it may be, but I'm kind of worried about the GPC crumbling from a clear contender to Arthur's reign. (Who arguably has a much more legitimate claim to the Throne before Arthur's parentage is revealed.) Again, all of this is purely speculative, since right now she's literally just met Madoc, and it'll be a difficult process towards wooing him before his inevitable demise. A lot of it will also probably depend on the gender of any child that resulted from the romance. A boy I would be more tempted to kill or turn into an Eagle to avoid these sorts of issues, but a daughter could potentially be kept around for some claim fighting. (Since in that situation the PK will have to fight more against her daughter turning into a prize for some Warlord's claim to the Throne, similar to Arthur's Mother and Half-sisters.)
  8. Ravian

    Lady Knights and Romance

    Right, fortunately one of my players is a big notetaker, so that should be fine. (Though I am worrying that I may be overwhelming him with the sheer number of characters that Pendragon tends to introduce.) As for kids, if it gets to that point I may end up combining the Changeling scenario with the Eliodd bit. Have the kid kidnapped by faeries and transformed into an eagle.
  9. Ravian

    Lady Knights and Romance

    Oh I'm definitely of the opinion that this is probably not going to result in marriage and may not even end up requited, (she has something of a time limit on it after all), but neither of these strike me as reasons to discourage her from trying, hopeless as it may be. (After all she'll hardly be the first knight to have a romance end tragically unfulfilled.) I'm mostly just trying to find a proper structure to present for it. Definitely am getting some ideas from this though.
  10. Ravian


    I definitely think that a Robin Hood game could work well with Pendragon, forming a gang of noble outlaws fighting against the Tyranny of Prince (and later King) John. Primary issue would be figuring out to incorporate less armor into the game to allow for a more Acrobatic Erol Flynn type of play. (I've considered having Dexterity act like a shield while less armored, thus allowing them not die the instant their opponent rolled slightly better than them, while also encouraging them to use bows and guerilla tactics when they could, since a bad roll could still end nasty.)
  11. So I've started a Pendragon rpg with a couple of Female Knights (disguised as men), and one of them has set her sights on Prince Madoc already. (And I'm sure her love has absolutely nothing to do with the lucrative opportunities that might come from getting with the Crown Prince of Logres. But she rolled well for her starting Amor, so I can't completely call it cynical.) Now of course the issue with this is that there's not really much set out for how one should pursue the subject of Amor from the lady's side. I'm not totally clear on her plan on wooing Madoc yet (I assume her options are either going to involve revealing her secret to him and hoping it goes well, or else doing some double life stuff where she woos him dressed as a woman while still being a knight as a man.) But regardless of the plans there still exists the issue of role-playing the pursuit of Amor from the female side. The main issue I see with the double life approach is that Amor is a rather passive experience for a lady, in most circumstances she is basically supposed to wait for the object of her affection begins to pursue her, while setting tasks to prove his dedication. She could potentially take this route, but it doesn't seem as fun to roleplay as going on quests and such, and most of it feels unnecessary since she already loves him and is already used to trying to break these kinds of formalities like rejecting a guy and forcing him through hoops. I'm thinking that it might be a better to try and take inspiration from some of the stories like Bradamante and Britomart, two female knights in Medieval (well technically Tudor for Britomart) literature that both pursue their own Amors while going on the same quests that their male counterparts do. I'm pretty sure this might be the more enjoyable approach, but it lacks the same structure of the classic Amor story. The best I can figure is a female knight needs to win her Amor's heart by rescuing him from some sort of peril. (As seems to be what Bradamante and Britomart do before they get their guy) but it also seems like I kind of one-step process, since there's not nearly as much progression. Just rescue the guy, reveal your true identity and begin the romance. But should it be that easy? Or should there be some task that either of them would have to do to prove themselves worthy of the other? Or am I just overthinking all of this since it's still the Uther period and no one is going to care about all the ettiquette of Amor anyway for at least a few more decades?