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  1. Thanks everyone! M-Space seems like a good system to use as a base and I can add stuff on top of it as needed.
  2. Thanks for the advice! I would very much like to see your take on the additional combat styles. Even if I didn't use them as is, I can use them as guidelines when designing my own.
  3. EDIT: I pasted this from VS Code, I have no idea how I managed to get the background color like this. TL;DR I need a system for science fiction campaign and I have trouble deciding. I'm putting together a science fiction campaign and I'm trying to figure out what system to use. The previous campaign I ran was traditional fantasy with D&D 5E and this time I want to try something different. The campaign takes place in my own homebrew science fiction setting. The characters are shipwrecked with a military vessel in an unknown planet with hostile elements. The main idea is that characters are trying to get out, but how they do it will be mostly up to them. The campaign will have sandbox elements with numerous adventure seeds dropped in. If the campaign is succesful, I'd like there to be an option to continue with the same group but with different focus (from the shipwreck scenario to becoming bounty hunters or space traders with their own ship). My main candidates are Mythras/M-Space, GURPS and Savage Worlds. I own and I've read through most of the core books and some supplements of these, but haven't run or played them. My group doesn't have experience in the systems either, if we don't count original Runequest way back. The main reason I'm asking is that I'm having a huge analysis paralysis and I'd like to get to writing the actual campaign material. Of these three I leaning towards Mythras/M-Space. I'd rather not have to buy any more books, but I'm open to suggestions. Any help and comments would be greatly appreciated. My wishlist for the system is: * Not integrated into some particular setting * Preferably no classes or levels. Loose careers or templates are fine. * Flat power curve. Characters should increase in power, but not in contemporary D&D superhero style. * Ability to handle tactical combat with modern/futuristic weapons. * Combat resolves quickly. I have six players and D&D 5E fights in higher level could easily take hours. * Nonviolent problem and conflict resolution is viable, noncombat characters are fun to play. Here's my breakdown so far: Mythras pros: * Unrestrictive career system * Cool and deadly combat system * Organic character growth * Decades worth of combatible material from d100 world Mythras cons: * No special abilities like powers, feats or edges. Could this be modeled with Gifts? * Too deadly? * Might be difficult to model scifi concepts like droids and AI GURPS pros: * Can model anything * Vast supplement catalog GURPS cons: * Putting together campaign and chargen takes forever * The combat system has a reputation of being very slow * Support isn't very good nowadays Savage Worlds pros: * Can model anything action-oriented * Resolves combat quickly * Very well supported * Low prep time Savage Worlds cons: * Pulpy, might not support more serious tones * The game is designed around combat and action * My players may dislike cards and bennies as metagamey and quirky
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