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    I’ve been roleplaying on and off since the 70’s. My first exposure was AD&D and then Traveller and I started running my own Traveller games soon after (for about 5 years).

    I continually eyed off the original Runequest in the game shop but (stupidly) never bought it. My first real Chaosium rpg was Pendragon, which I absolutely adore and always will. I started running the Boy King Pendragon campaign in the mid 90s but that eventually petered out. I would still love to run a Pendragon campaign but chivalry seems to have died.

    I dabbled with Stormbringer but the asymmetry in the races and magic always kind of stopped me from running an adventure.

    I was (am?) an Initiate in the Gloranthan Trading Association and that started my love affair with Glorantha. I’ve most of the published books and many fanzines but, too my shame, have never actually run a Gloranthan game. But I’m close! I swear!
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    HeroQuest, D&D 5e.
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    Canberra, Australia
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    Gloranthaphile. Traveller tragic. Pendragon piner.
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