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  1. There's some good material in the Guide on this.

    Tosti Runfriend's account (p732) says that "While [in the Sky realm], Kallyr and her companions befriended the Star Dragon so that she could defeat the Empire and free her people. This was all in preparation for a far more dangerous magical ritual Kallyr had planned." IIRC, Gathering Thunder's story line has this occur as well, though off-stage from the PCs, and after they leave the Sky realm. Later the same account says that "even Orlaront Dragonfriend did not know [the dragon]. So he was new, brought there for that moment by the magic of Orlanth."

    Interestingly, the sidebar (not Tosti) says: "The green beam was the manifestation of the Dragon’s Head. It was more than the conjunction of stars, for the Orlanthi had plotted for years to cause this moment. They had sailed on the maiden voyage of the new Boat Planet and negotiated with the Star Dragon so that it would manifest at that moment in five places: in the sky, where Stella Draconis took a bite out of Shargash; in the Middle Air, where the green star of the Ring appeared; in the earth, which devoured the nascent temple and people; in the deepest seas, where a coupling occurred; and in the Otherworld, where a monster was formed."

    If Kallyr was unaware of this then perhaps there was some deeper and more mysterious plot and purpose. Awesome stuff either way!!!


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