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  1. Awesome, thanks for the detailed discussion! Sounds to me like the general consensus is it's mostly personal preference/house rules and situation based. I'll work from there and just logistics it out as I go!
  2. Sorry, should have specified, I'm using CoC 7e.
  3. Hi all! I am relatively new to the RPG scene and am hosting a CoC game as keeper with some friends soon. I'm sure this has been addressed before, but I just couldn't find a solid answer anywhere. For armor, I understand that it reduces the damage dealt by however many hit points the armor is. But does the armor become ineffective after that? Can armor be whittled down slowly over numerous attacks? Example 1: enemy has armor worth 1 armor point. He is attacked and receives 5 damage; but because of armor he only receives 4 damage. On the next attack, is his armor still intact; reducing damage by 1 for the entire battle and after?? To me, I would think that the armor is now broken, and any subsequent attacks would deal full damage. Example 2: enemy has 40 armor points (Ex: Gla'aki has 40-point integument listed under armor). He is attacked for 5 damage. Is the enemies armor now 35 armor points? And so on until his armor is 0 and he receives actual damage to his HP after this? Or are all attacks to this enemy fruitless unless attacked for 41 or more damage with a single attack? In which case, 41 damage would only deal 1 damage of HP. Thanks to all who clarify!
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