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  1. Is there a suplement that deals with cybernetic augmentation? I'd like to add it into a game, but none of my books deal with the subject. Any help would be appreciated, even if its just conversion notes.
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows if BRP would continue to have sourcebooks put out for it? Or are they going to come out a new version more in line with the CoC 7e ruleset?
  3. I have several players comming off of White Wolf and were asking if there was a system of merits and flaws to round out characters in BRP. If not how hard would it be to make one, Rubble and Ruin has something similar, just super tailored for the setting.
  4. I own 6th edition, and was wondering if someone could give me a brief rundown on the differences between it and 7th.
  5. 314 downloads

    An improved armor system for RuneQuest and Legend. It allows more customization and layering.
  6. This is a system my group has worked out and it plays well. But I'd like some more feedback from other groups. ARMOR(1).pdf - 4shared.com - document sharing - download
  7. Hey I am a newbie any tips

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