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  1. Thanks for the input! One of the things I was thinking is that, when they enter the dreamscape their OWN subconscious would recreate them into an "avatar" of sorts. So a person who in the real world had a thing for elves, would actually materialize as an elf. Given that, I agree about never having a dream where you didnt know how to do what you were trying. Thats part of whats awesome in a dream. SO its either similar skills, or create an alternate persona...same attribute but with fantasy skills. But how to get them to do it without giving it away is the question!
  2. So I have a group that loves 7th ed. I like to run games in the scifi and and medieval genres though. Products like Cthulhu Rising are not 7th ed so it makes it difficult for new Keepers. So I have a scenario I want to run, where the investigators are allowed to enter the mind of an abuse victim and mental patient. The patient has crafted a fantasy style world in their subconscious where they retreat for safety. As the investigators arrive, they have to use medieval style weapons and what not as conduct their inquiries within a fantastical "world". How does one figure skills and such for such a place? Just use BRP?
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