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  1. I'm closing this topic....its been discussed thoroughly earlier in thread, and later replies are really not getting how skills work in OpenQuest at all
  2. Hearts in Glorantha Vol 1 Issues 1-6, is now Deal of the Day at DriveThruRPG. It contains 280 pages of articles and scenarios for both RuneQuest and HeroQuest. It is currently 50% off, until 4pm GMT today. Hearts in Glorantha at DriveThruRPG.com
  3. Newt

    Dungeons & HeroQuest

    To be clear if a book is still available from DriveThru, but not sold via the Web Store (because I can only hold a limited stock at D101 HQ), I do list it on the store it with a clear link it is out of stock with me to the product page on DriveThru. So it is always worth checking on the D101 Webstore for stuff. You never know what you might find there
  4. Newt

    Dungeons & HeroQuest

    Yup Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Fantasy (Dungeoneering + Monsters combined) as my very quick take on a HeroQuest D&D conversion. It was partly an experiment to see how well generic HeroQuest products would sell, and partly a bit of an experiment in doing a pdf product at a time when DriveThru seemed to be awash with small pdf only products for Savage Worlds, Fate and of course D20 type games. It did ok and I achieved what I set out what I to do with it, but I always felt that I could do more with it If I spent more time and effort on it. That's why I pulled if from sale...I have plans for a larger version of it (with a more sensible name ) at some point.
  5. Which is exactly why it's going to be a free pdf release I'm getting to run the Mandate of Heaven, aka the Mega Monkey, today for amy home group. This a big ambitious Monkey adventure, spanning Heaven, Earth and Hell. Two of the players are going to be co-Gming it with me in a couple of weeks time, when we fun the full three table version for three groups simultaneously, at Furnace in Sheffield Back to an OQ focus, I still intend to do a Far Eastern OQ setting, alot of the setup for martial arts is already in place in Battle Magic, but it's a long way down the roadmap at the moment
  6. Errr cough cough...have you considered this little thing that I'm working on? Monkey the Roleplaying Game Full game by the end of the year, Quickstart by the end of the month
  7. Good, then this thread can move into the Basic Roleplaying forum
  8. Cheers it's just a few folk have said its OQ based and I'd like it confirmed one way or another.
  9. Just to confirm is there an OGL with OQ mentioned? Or is it based purely off the MRQ SRD?
  10. Note I'm not a backer, there were too many factors that made it a 'nope' for me, but from a quick look at the preview if they have used the OpenQuest SRD they've built a much more complex game on top of it. Look at the character sheet for evidence of this. There's a split between Common and Special skills, there's Action Points, Special Abilities, and Hit Locations are back in. The character gen chapter is a whopping 44 pages (OQ is currently 17), most of which seems to be because they've gone back to full page professions. OQ is free form character generation, and the nearest equivalent to BRP style occupations is ready made concepts of which there is one page devoted to in OQ. In my opinion, they've added so much in, that there's probably very little of OQ left in the text.
  11. I've been very impressed by the improvements in DriveThru's colour offering recently and their black and white print is nice and crisp too. Lulu too is much better than when I first started using them almost ten years ago!
  12. Hi Just a quick note to say that OpenQuest Basics is back in print over at DriveThruRpg.com and D101games.com/store. This is the latest full-colour version. http://www.drivethrurpg.com/product/127007/OpenQuest-Basic-Edition
  13. Softcover and Hardcover v.1.1 now available in print at both DriveThruRpg.com and D101games.com/store. Also, print version of OpenQuest Basics (with errata applied) available to buy
  14. It's more a bug fix + small update to the Combat chapter (to bring it in line with the work I did on OQ).
  15. Hearts in Glorantha issue 6 is going to have a bit of a Rq2 celebratory theme, seeing as it's now available again as RuneQuest Classic.People have fond memories of the game and I plan to have a page or two of them in HiG 2.So either drop me a line at newt@d101games.com or post you favourite Rq2 moment here As for HiG #6 eta, I'm busy putting articles into layout and commissioning art so I'm looking for a December release at present.
  16. I'm sorry you've got caught as I'm transitioned between print editions. I've sent you a pm to see if I can sort things out for you.
  17. Hi Stephan The DriveThru PODs are the only versions available since it doesn't make sense for me to do them any other way. I have dreams of doing an OpenQuest 10th Anniversary Special Edition which would be in hard back with a very limited print run, that would fund via Kickstarter and only be available to backers, but that's what they are for the moment River of Heaven is getting updated as we speak, so I'd hold off getting a print version until that's done. If you get the pdf now, it will be updated to the new version when it comes out.
  18. Hi Skarl No, you've not gone mad. I've just updated the version to 1.1, and as well as applying the hand full of fixes to the pdf version I've added them to print version. Which means they become unavailable on DriveThruRPG for a week or so. I'll be sending you the up to date version, so be aware that there will be a delay of about a week while I get new copies in.
  19. OpenQuest has been updated to print 1.1. The full errata sheet can be downloaded from D101 Games' website in the download section. OpenQuest print 1.1. pdf As well as the changes themselves it gives details of how the errata is implemented in the pdf and print versions of the game. Please note 1.1. has been applied to both the pdf and the print version. Customers who bought the pdf from either DriveThruRPG.com or D101games.com, will need to redownload the pdf to get the updated version. The errata has also been applied to both OpenQuest and OpenQuest Basics. Here is the summary of changes. Print 1.1. September 5th, 2017 Page 17 Relationship skill mentioned in Skill Table. The Relationship skill was removed in OpenQuest Refreshed, and this entry was left in error. Deleted. Page 91 Call Spirit Missing text at the end of the description: “or possesses the caster if it is a Disease or Passion spirit.” Page 92 Counter Defence and Counter Attack Both these spells should have the spell trait Instant. Page 95 Fist of the Wind Spell updated to remove the confusion of when the spell is cast and when its effects take place. Fist of the Wind Instant Each point of Magnitude allows the caster to make one extra unarmed attack. These attacks happen in a blur of motion as soon as the spell fires, at the same INT rank that the spell is cast on instead of the normal DEX rank that the character's attacks happen on.
  20. Getting quite excited. Really looking forward to playing this with my kids
  21. LULU doesn't do pdf/print bundles by default. They want me to offer the pdf as a separate 'ebook' product But I'm quite happy to provide a complimentary pdf to anyone who buys the print book from there, just send me your proof of purchase from lulu to newt@d101games.com and I'll sort you out. To be clear on what is going on here. The book was set up on Lulu before DriveThruRPG.com had a POD service. When DriveThruRPG.com did start its POD service I was busy with other things. DriveThruRPG.com's POD is much more demanding and less forgiving than LULU's taking on average two weeks to get a proof through, and then its back to the start if you have issues with the proof. So it's a significant chunk of my time to put a POD book up on DriveThruRPG.com. So fast forward a couple of months and then the author drops out of the hobby with very little warning, which was a quite a shock. So that put a spanner in the works for me as far as putting any more effort into the game. I have the permission from the author to use the text, but it I was really counting on his help in going forward with it. Six months on and the sales have dwindled to almost nought so I decided to call it a day. I told folk here and there was quite an outcry of support so I decided that keeping the book available in the formats that it was already available cost me nothing. So as I said it's kinda in limbo Ironically since I left it in this limbo sales have perked up slightly. Maybe it deserves a refreshed version, fixing some of the issues that have raised their ugly head since its initial release (it's based on OpenQuest 1st edition - so there are a few kinks in the rules that need sorting out as well as another proofing pass ). I'd love to do a 2nd Editon, but I'm a bit daunted by the work involved (some serious research would have to be done on my part).
  22. OK first off, I will eventually see things that are posted here but the best way to get my attention is to send me a friendly email at newt@d101games.com. For example, I've spent the last two weeks+ away from the pc in an internet poor area armed only with my smart phone Also OpenQuest, as much as I love it, is sometimes my not my focus and it a while for me to get my head in gear to answer questions. I'm currently working on Monkey which is as far as you can get from D100, being a card based narrative game, so it took me a couple of days to get my head into the much less hand wavy OQ. Right down to business. Call Spirit - Yup missing some text, sloppy cut and paste on my part. Add the following text "or possesses the caster if it is a Disease or Passion spirit." Relationship skill was cut in OpenQuest Refreshed, but I forgot to delete it from the table of skills on page 17. Another item for errata. Instant Spell Trait - The spell still takes the time to cast (one combat round as declared on page 89 and taking place on the INT of the caster) but the effect takes place instantly (as declared on page 87). If the spell has been pre-cast the effect of the spell happens instantly when it is triggered. The difference between Avoidance and Counter Defence. Avoidance only applies to Dodges, while Counter Defence is any sort of defensive reaction (such as parry). But you are right that both Counter Defence and Counter Attack should have the Instant spell trait. It's implied in the text but it should be there. Another Errata point Flying Kick - by the fact that it's a spell means it's a magical attack, which sees the recipient being able to fly through the air (15m in one go) and then make a normal kick attack. You could be mean and add the Instant spell trait, meaning that its one use or you can leave it as it is to allow those Kung Fu Wuxia heroes that I had in mind when I wrote the spell Fist of the Wind - You are right to point out that this is confusing, so I would change the description to read: Another point for errata.
  23. I am open to corrections, just send me them in a commented pdf or word document and I will make the changes My email is newt@d101games.com.
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