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    Began playing MERP IN 1987. Left off playing in 1997. Picked it back up in 2013. I’m usually the GM, but I do get to play. I’m one of the GMs for my FLGS, which helps fund my hobby.
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    Currently running DnD B/X, DCC, AiME. Currently playing Masks of Nylarhotep, DnD 5e, and WFRP 4e.
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    Husband, Father (4 children), and Presbyterian minister from Mississippi.

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  1. I don’t know, maybe the honesty about the material advantages would alleviate a doubt about sincerity? Maybe.
  2. I’m not personally familiar with them, but I hear good things about chained simple contests, from Mythic Russia, I think. @soltakss, I believe, is the one that can help here.
  3. Pelgrane no longer hosts forums (I’m not sure why, perhaps the same reason C7 does not).
  4. I’m having the same problem. There’s some discussion on MeWe, but little of it 13G (and I only got 13A for 13G, but it looks like a fun system). We did character creation together and, man, that was a slog. I began questioning whether RQ or HQ wouldn’t have been easier (systems I’m more familiar with, but the group balks at). I wish they had put all the class info in the book at least. Passing all those books around was a bummer.
  5. Well, the art direction clearly implies warmth from somewhere.
  6. Great, I hoped it was license issues and not an abandonment of the system. And the adventures should be easy enough to translate anyway.
  7. I get this is the RQ subforum, but the announcement also mentions HQ (which has its own subforum) so I figured it was ageneric upcoming announcement of all things Glorantha. I’m also very glad HQ got a call out as that’s the line with the “oldest” new product.
  8. I wonder why no mention of 13th Age Glorantha. I know there’s two companies to worry about, but 13th Age does have a SRD and an OGL, would that not make it easier to work out? But I’m very happy to hear about RQ and HQ, that’s where I hope my group eventually ends up.
  9. Glorantha would become Hârn—a better Hârn, but Hârn in presentation.
  10. Well, I haven’t adapted it yet, but this is a good observation and, if nothing else, gives me a good feel for how to introduce the concept to new players. I do like the 3^2 notation.
  11. I’m somewhat surprised he concludes that 13th Age Glorantha is the most complex of the three systems. While I think that’s true of the play, RQG comes across as quite intimidating to start and in some of the magical subsystems and HQG is more complex to get one’s head around if one is used to just rolling dice to see if he or she hits. I don't think he is wrong. It was just a perspective that I had to think through to see the sense of it. Still, I think I’m going the 13AG route because, while complex, it is complex where my players are familiar with complexity. I want to spend most of my
  12. I do hope Kolat makes it in in some form, we need a Sartar specific shaman tradition.
  13. I think the problem is that the Helerite spends his HP and the Uroxite hoards them as xp.
  14. I think this is where the higher number makes mastery shine. A fail is generally going to be a high number, but the mastery bump turns it into success. It’s still that number rolled that determines ties.
  15. We need a d’Aulaire’s Book of Orlanthi Myth—not Hamilton, not even Bulfinch—but the d’Aulaires doing a children’s art book of myths. I think it would require an Orpheus style heroquest though.
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