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  1. 3 hours ago, Atgxtg said:

    It might my their book, though.

    I remember reading up on medieval romance and courtly love, and one of the justifications for falling in love with somebody was their having "huge tracts...of land". By my book that would be very insincere, but apparently telling a woman that you loved here for his green fields and forest was a thing back then. 

    "Darling, I love you for the 5000 acres of undeveloped land you have near the express way, perfect for an industrial park. I love you for your beach front property. I even love you for your fens and marshes." No, I don't get it.  

    I don’t know, maybe the honesty about the material advantages would alleviate a doubt about sincerity? Maybe. 

  2. 1 hour ago, The God Learner said:

    I found a handful of candidates by searching for "13th age forums". Pelgrane and RPGGeek seem to have one each, for instance. 

    I bought 13G at the recent sale, by the way. I really like the feel, quite different from either HQ or RQ. I got it mostly for inspiration rather than playing, so I think I  can make do without 13A for the time being.

    If I were the publisher, I'd commission an adventure or two next and develop a reasonable adventure starting point, perhaps in the Shadows Dance area since Uz seem so prominent in the rules. I might do the same myself if I were to run a campaign. 


    Pelgrane no longer hosts forums (I’m not sure why, perhaps the same reason C7 does not). 

  3. I’m having the same problem. There’s some discussion on MeWe, but little of it 13G (and I only got 13A for 13G, but it looks like a fun system). 

    We did character creation together and, man, that was a slog. I began questioning whether RQ or HQ wouldn’t have been easier (systems I’m more familiar with, but the group balks at). I wish they had put all the class info in the book at least. Passing all those books around was a bummer. 

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  4. 8 hours ago, MOB said:

    The 13th Age ttrpg is owned by Fire Opal Media and released by another publisher (Pelgrane), and 13th Age Glorantha is produced under a license involving both of them. So there are various considerations to take account of in getting a community content agreement worked out. Whereas for RQand HQG, it is simply between Chaosium/Moon Design and DTRPG.

    Rather than delay, we are going to get the RQ/HQG community content resource up and running first, and then can look at including 13G in it too.

    Great, I hoped it was license issues and not an abandonment of the system. And the adventures should be easy enough to translate anyway. 

  5. I’m somewhat surprised he concludes that 13th Age Glorantha is the most complex of the three systems. While I think that’s true of the play, RQG comes across as quite intimidating to start and in some of the magical subsystems and HQG is more complex to get one’s head around if one is used to just rolling dice to see if he or she hits. 

    I don't think he is wrong. It was just a perspective that I had to think through to see the sense of it. Still, I think I’m going the 13AG route because, while complex, it is complex where my players are familiar with complexity. I want to spend most of my time introducing a truly wonderful world to romp around in. 

  6. 59 minutes ago, soltakss said:

    What I would do is to only use Difficulties when they are really important.

    So, for example, why would you use a Hard Difficulty in HeroQuest? As HeroQuest 2 assigns ratings based on the narrative, something is only Hard if you say its Hard. By not saying it is Hard, you avoid the problem that the Helerite often fails. 

    Personally, I have no sympathy for Hero Point Hoarders, the mechanic is there to allow Hero Points to be spent, if the Helerite chooses not to spend Hero Points and would prefer to fail very often, then tough.

    I think the problem is that the Helerite spends his HP and the Uroxite hoards them as xp. 

  7. We need a d’Aulaire’s Book of Orlanthi Myth—not Hamilton, not even Bulfinch—but the d’Aulaires doing a children’s art book of myths. I think it would require an Orpheus style heroquest though.

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  8. Sorry, I’m new to HQ too, but, depending on how quickly in the setting corruption mounts up, couldn’t you just have a corruption flaw start out at 6 and advance it once every time your magic is used? Maybe advance it 3 or 6 on certain levels of failure. That way the flaw starts off fairly easy to resist, but still mounts up for a character that does make use of magic frequently. 

    But, as I said, I’m not experienced with the way the game flows as yet. 

  9. A sacrificial burning of a book may be the way to dispose of a book that is deteriorating, assuming a proper copy has been made. They can’t dispose books otherwise, but a rotting book can be a danger to a library. The analogy would be the scribal destruction of old copies of the Hebrew Bible as new copies were made, also the ceremonial disposal of flags. 

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  10. I’m very interested in HQ for several reasons, but most importantly it sounds like a versatile engine to tell a variety of stories. I understand the only version of the rules in print is HQG. Are those rules easy to port into other settings, or should I try to track down a copy of the older Core (HQ2?)? I’d prefer print. I don’t mind buying the pdf, but if HQG works just fine I might as well just order that with the provided pdf. 

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