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  1. Not its not complicated. I roll d00 and look up the result. Your adding extra steps and things to track. Nothing wrong with that but it seems to me that if you want localization then use the hit location rules or play Mythras or RQ. Your trying to fix things that are not broken. You've got a whole lot of posts changing stuff in the magic systems too but without having tried any of it in play. Surely its better to try things and change them if they don't work, rather than thinking they won't work or need to be improved before trying them?
  2. Why make things so complicated? The whole point about the major wound table is that it is fast and fun. This just adds more rolls and more book keeping. Your game obviously, but this just seems to me to be adding stuff to the rules for the sake of it. If you want more 'realistic' simulation then stick to Mythras or Runequest.
  3. Thank you! This is the clarification I was looking for. It is appreciated.
  4. Fair enough. I won't bother with my modest plans if there is no straight answer available. Seems the safest way. Mongoose don't look to be interested in Legend anymore and no straight answer from either when I asked this question on the Mongoose forum and no straight answer here. Back to Pathfinder perhaps.
  5. This is first I have heard about any Open Cthulhu. I am not really a player of the Cthulhu games so to me, this post comes out of nowhere because it doesn't mention anything about Open Cthulhu.
  6. Whats frustrating is this post comes out of nowhere, answers lots of hypothetical questions very clearly and raises still more. A couple of people ask for an answer about Legend and get an answer that's evasive. Legend has been around a number of years. They must know what the position is. All want is a straight answer. If that answer is 'hey! there are some legal issues that mean it's a bit unclear but we're working on it', I will live with that. But the answer is not clear and I don't speak legaleeze. What is Open Cthulhu?
  7. Well I wish he wouldn't. If someone asks a straight question, it would be more helpful to have a straight answer. He started it it all off with his OP, and he gives straight answers there, so he should so the same with the question about the Legend OGL.
  8. I just checked with Mongoose and they don't seem aware of any change so maybe it is still OGL but just not visible?
  9. Oh! That's news. I wonder when that happened?
  10. So to be clear then, the Legend OGL is fine as far as Chaosium is concerned? A simple 'yes' will do. If its a 'no', then an explanation would be good.
  11. I too would like to know this. I am a Legend fan and have thought about releasing some of my own things for Legend using the OGL as Mongoose seem to have stopped bothering. It is important to have clarification I think. Is there an official answer?
  12. Well, I always thought that arbitrary meant that a decision was based on a whim rather than a good reason. The INT cap in mrq makes sense (more than a CHA cap, but I guess that works too) and is making a game system reason for the cap. So in that sense its not arbitrary at all. Someone thought about the cap, looked at the math, put a system in place and explained the system. Like PhilHibbs said that seems to be the opposite of arbitrary. But yeah, I guess its how you want to run your game.
  13. Carew

    Movement Rate

    I agree, its too slow. If this is an error from the older version, why was it not corrected? There seems to have been a lot of this carrying things over from the old days without bothering to check and see if they were broken to begin with or would cause problems with new rules. It does not look like the designers did any of that properly.
  14. In Mongoose Runequest 2 and Legend, common magic is capped at INT divided by 3, so if your INT15 the maximum Bladesharp you can get is Bladesharp 5. This avoided arbitrary limits and tied the spell magnitude to the characteristic. I like this approach best and will be using in my games.
  15. Carew

    New here

    Well, I have read through the magic and combat chapters in RQG and also looked at the many question topics on the Runequest forum on this site. The combat rules looks to have a lot of inconsistencies and inaccuracies and the whole strike rank thing is far more complicated than we like. It is a bit troubling that the game designer says something different to what is in the rules or seems to interpret the rules differently. I will probably use Mythras as our basic system and then just use Glorantha cults and local color with some of the history. We may use Hero abilities from Legend too, because some of those are quite cool, and I might make them a cult gift or something. Thank you for all the helpful advice.
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