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  1. Well, I always thought that arbitrary meant that a decision was based on a whim rather than a good reason. The INT cap in mrq makes sense (more than a CHA cap, but I guess that works too) and is making a game system reason for the cap. So in that sense its not arbitrary at all. Someone thought about the cap, looked at the math, put a system in place and explained the system. Like PhilHibbs said that seems to be the opposite of arbitrary. But yeah, I guess its how you want to run your game.
  2. Carew

    Movement Rate

    I agree, its too slow. If this is an error from the older version, why was it not corrected? There seems to have been a lot of this carrying things over from the old days without bothering to check and see if they were broken to begin with or would cause problems with new rules. It does not look like the designers did any of that properly.
  3. In Mongoose Runequest 2 and Legend, common magic is capped at INT divided by 3, so if your INT15 the maximum Bladesharp you can get is Bladesharp 5. This avoided arbitrary limits and tied the spell magnitude to the characteristic. I like this approach best and will be using in my games.
  4. Carew

    New here

    Well, I have read through the magic and combat chapters in RQG and also looked at the many question topics on the Runequest forum on this site. The combat rules looks to have a lot of inconsistencies and inaccuracies and the whole strike rank thing is far more complicated than we like. It is a bit troubling that the game designer says something different to what is in the rules or seems to interpret the rules differently. I will probably use Mythras as our basic system and then just use Glorantha cults and local color with some of the history. We may use Hero abilities from Legend too, because some of those are quite cool, and I might make them a cult gift or something. Thank you for all the helpful advice.
  5. This is really helpful Jajagappa. Thank you for this background. We will use this for her character. I will look at getting the Glorantha sourcebook too which seems to be thing thing we need. I may also look at the older adventures someone else mentioned. I have heard of Griffin Mountain so that might be a good place to start.
  6. This sounds really cool, but is also really frustrating too. I did a search in my RQ pdf and there are mentions of Arkat but not who he (she? it? they?) is, or were, or what they really did. Is this Arkat a god or a hero? I cannot tell from the RQ book. So this cool idea is now a really frustrating cool idea because there's all this deep Glorantha backstory that isn't covered anywhere except in maybe wikis and this humungous and humungously expensive Glortantha guide. Its like you've got to be a Glorantha expert to even start playing unless you want to make shit up and find out its wrong, or doesn't fit later. Unless your characters are all Sartar people that is. Also what is the Second Age? It is mentioned in the RQ book a few times but there is no real information on it. I cannot find the Ralios book on the Mongoose website either and someone said that all the information in it is now wrong. Why is it wrong? Maybe I am thinking too much about all this, but we just want to be able to understand Gloranrtha a bit more, and my player wants a sorcerer character that fits with the world and has some kind of back story like the Sartar characters. All this history and stuff scattered everywhere in different books (some of which seem to be wrong anyway) just makes it all really difficult. Sorry to be sounding negative! Just want to have a fun game!
  7. Carew

    New here

    We've yet to play but have started making characters, and already hitting some issues. One character wants to be a sorceress from this Ralios place, but there's no detailed character guidance like for Sartar characters, so not sure what to do. My players do like luck points so they'll probably go in, and the combat system too, which we have used since Legend. So it may be that we use the background and some of the spells maybe, but more or less use Mythras. I don't know yet. I have been reading the posts on the Runequest forum here and there seem to be lots of gaps in the rules and confusing rulings around magic and combat so may be better to ignore RQG system altogether. We will try an adventure and see how it goes.
  8. Thank you Thyrwyn. As I said, we're familiar with BRP as we've just finished a home-brew Legend campaign and have played some Mithras too. Magic is obviously really important and everyone has it so that will take some getting used to but for the other things you mention we've learned sometimes the hard way! That is goods advice on the skill levels for encounters and I will remember that. Thank you again.
  9. Thank you everyone. Where can I find more detail on Ralios? My player wants to control the elements, so we're looking at spells to help do that. I see mentions of all these in the RQG rules but as I said, I'm new to Glorantha and I don't know what a lot of this is supposed mean or signify. There is a HECK of a lot of stuff to take in to understand it all. Thats a kind offer and thank you, but I don't want to start getting into all this deep Glorantha stuff at this stage. Is there a Ralios book or supplement I can look at, or direct my player to? Having gone through about two third of the rules, this is what I'm finding difficult (and so are some of my players). Its all very cool, but there's all this deep backstory that is really tough to absorb if you want to get a character that feels right, and if you want a character that isn't a Sartar character, but comes from somewhere else, then your screwed on your backstory. My player's rationale is she's an elemental sorcerer from far away travelling to find a certain spell to free her captive sisters. She has met the other characters as part of a caravan which was attacked before play started, and then we shall play the quickstart adventure and see where that goes. But the game seems to want to force all the characters to be from this one area with this common background and it doesn't accommodate for different wants from players too much. I could say to my player that she needs to make a Sartar character that follows the backstory, but we've done that in other campaigns for other games we've played and it doesn't go down well. We like to sandbox with diverse characters.
  10. Carew

    New here

    Hi. Found this forum because of Runequest Glorantha, but I've played Mithras before after playing Legend, so its good to see that Mithras and Legend are both supported here. We're starting a new Runequest Glorantha campaign and using those rules, but I wanted to know how compatible Mithras and Legend adventures will be with RQG because I don't really know how to start a Glorantha campaign. I thought I might try some of the Spider Gods Bride adventures, which is Xoth, but also thought I might try some of the Quests book adventures from Mithras but set in Glorantha. Will that work? Not sure. Also, I have two players who have played in my Legend and Mithras campaigns who are now going to try RQG. The combat system for RQG looks different but also faster. Passions I know from Mithras, and they seem similar. My question is, do I use Runequest for my campaign or Mithras rules? Read through the RQG rules and not sure which way to go but the background rocks, so would like advice from the experience people here. Happy gaming!
  11. Hello. New to Glorantha but not new to BRP games having played some Legend and Mithras. Just got the RQG rulebook and getting to grips with the system. My friend has Glorantha 13th Age and there's a real difference in how that plays to BRP and in how Glorantha is presented. I'm setting up a campaign for others new to Glorantha now, and using the free scenario you can get but with our own characters. We are using the RQG rules for characters but one of them has read that you can play sorcerers from some place in the west and she really wants to do that. She played in sorcerer in my Legend campaign (which was using Xoth) and likes that style of magic. Where can I get help on background and a generator like that in the rulebook but for these western places? I did some looking around and she wants her character to be from Ralias but I can't find much more than that. Also, what tips would you give a GM new to Glorantha? I read a bunch of threads on RPGnet about starting small and that's good advice, but I'm talking more about how to structure adventures and things like dungeon crawls. Some of my players are Pathfinder and D&D5 players and need something like that to get into the game. So thank you and looking forward to this gaming! Only took me 20 years to finally give Glorantha a whirl!
  12. New to this forum, but been playing Legend for some time, then Mithras, now getting ready to try out the new Runequest Glorantha. Never played in Glorantha before, but my friend has 13th Age in Glorantha and we had a few good sessions, so thought I'd take the plunge. So "Hi" to everyone and happy gaming.
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