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  1. Every Legendary game requires new Legendary Monsters for players to fight or befriend. you do not have time to come up with them all. Book of Beasts: Legendary Monsters 1 bring you 7 fully fleshed out monsters that you can torture your players with. These monsters, initially posted free on JonBrazer.com are bundled up together for easy reference for your and your players. Each includes strategies and unique abilities for you to surprise and challenge. Download Book of Beasts: Legendary Monsters 1 today and make your game Legendary.
  2. I don't have that book. I have the RQ1 monster book and I did use that as a basis. But I updated it to Legend myself. Sure much of it is the same, but there are differences between the versions. I had a special request for a griffon so that is what I did. My philosophy is that it is better to start off attempting to to understand the basics before attempting to move onto creating something from whole cloth. In practical terms, that means deconstructing existing material and figuring out how it works. If what I updated was identical to the MC book, then I'd say I was successful in my attempt. I'm probably going to do another update or two before attempting my own monster creation efforts. If you ignore these early attempts, I understand. I'm still new to the system and I am still learning it. Updates like these help me understand what a monster should reasonably look like. This way, when I do attempt my first solo monster, I am making something of higher quality than a total novice.
  3. So the survey is in with no real clear winner. So the two most logical places for me to start are NPCs and Monsters. Being a notable Pathfinder monster designer, I decided to move ahead with monsters first. Since it was mentioned in the other thread that a griffon was needed, I decided to kick off the monster a week with that. So be sure to check out the griffon and tell us what you think. And be sure to pick up Legendy Factions: Common Factions 1. This book compiles the factions presented for over a month into one easy to download and reference supplement. Be sure to grab your copy today.
  4. If you haven't seen, we just released the 5 cults that I published on my website for free in a single downloadable PDF: Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1. If you like this kind of "try before you buy" style of publishing, be sure to pick up these cults. If this first publication is a success, we'd like to continue the free item a week and bundle it up into a new product. We've got a number of ideas: New Monsters: I've published 2 monster books for Pathfinder and I am thinking about converting them over to Legend. NPCs: Would you like to see a book of NPCs? My thought would be start off with common NPCs like a town guard, captain of the guard, beggar, thief, black smith, nobleman, etc and then later publish a villain and his/her henchmen. How does that sound? Cults: As you've seen but with more customization. Spells: Common, divine, arcane, blood, etc. 2-3/week. Traps/Poisons/Diseases: This is more of a miscellaneous category of dangers. Magical and mundane. Other: Please share your thoughts.
  5. As part of our Legend experiment, we created several factions and released them free on our website. Today the last of this experiment is released. We gathered up all these factions we released on the web and are releasing them as one compiled product: Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1. This product contains all the Factions released on our website to date. We would like to know if this "try before you buy" style of publishing works for you. If it does, we hope that you take a moment to download these factions. I did mentioned that Legendary Factions: Common Factions 1 contained all factions released to date. That includes this last one: The Order of the Red Guard. Read all about this underground sorcery faction, its sorted history and its new common spell today. We hope you have been enjoying these factions as much as we have. And thank you all for the wonderful feedback.
  6. I try to post a new faction every week but I still need a little more time to finish working out my first sorcery order. In the meantime, I posted a new monster. Read all about the Billy-Goat Gruff on JonBrazer.com. As always comments are welcome.
  7. This week's faction for the Legend RPG is the Nightfire Cult. It is more heroic in nature and is perfect for all players to be in a single group. Please share what you think. Nightfire Cult
  8. This week's faction is called Sereana’s Swimmers. Based on the Inuit goddess Sedna, Sereana is the goddess of the sea and marine life. The guild consists of her followers that hunt for food in the sea in a way pleasing to Sereana and offers the goddess sacrifices. However the priests of Sereana have been giving unusual instructions to the guild as of late. Find out more at JonBrazer.com. This is also the first faction where we're trying our hand at the game's crunch. We have a Heroic Ability unique to the faction as well as stats for a seal. We encourage you to look these over and give us any constructive criticism you may have. I hope you enjoy these.
  9. Very nice rust. I liked it a lot.
  10. My first book published on Kindle. Not expensive. Software used to generate: Microsoft Word for the content and an old version of Photoshop to get the cover together. Page orientation is standard on all devices that can reorient themselves (aka all modern smart phones and tables). Embedded 3d models, animate and videos, the format still have a ways to go yet. Slide show: the file format can handle it, but this particular file does not have it. However, the Beta was better than the VHS. HDDVD held more more memory than the Blue Ray. Its all about market dominance. Unless apple gets off their proverbial butts to grow their market (which they show no sign of doing since their phones are so profitable, despite them losing market share), they'll lose the way. And apple will go back to being how apple was in the mid 90's without Steve Jobs. Basically, mass quantities of authors are not going to take the time to learn a software package to generate books for 1/10 the market until they are atleast 10x as profitable.
  11. Amazon has a kindle app for ipod/phones and android devices. You don't need a kindle device to read the book. Heck, the new kindle fire is an android. Barns and Nobles has apps that work on non-nook devices. The companies that are going to set the standard are platform independent. Authors and publishers are reporting sales of 8-10 times as many on Amazon then they are on Apple. Its the fact that the kindle app is everywhere.
  12. IMO there's alot wrong with iBook Authors there are getting nearly no coverage: 1) You need a mac to run iBook Authors. So your limiting your pool of who can create one. I don't care how good it is, Plenty of people will never trade in their computers for a Mac. 2) I don't hear of any talk of being cross platform. So they're shutting out Android users, despite Android having a larger share of the market currently and its only getting larger. (there's more but these are the big 2). The only real advantage that I can see this surviving any real length of time is that Apple/iphone users spend more on their computers/phones than PC/Android users. But if apple doesn't fix the two big problems, there will be an open source version of it that will be cross platform, both to create and to read. And that will dominate the market.
  13. I'm working on that for my next one.
  14. Thank you gents for the feedback. I updated the cult. What do you think of the changes?
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