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  1. I see. Well, the story isn't really affected by the description in the book, but I was curious if there were any specific reasons why the writers had changed it. Other cities in the campaign isn't described as fictive, as far as I can remember. I'll go for a more historically accurate Nairobi.
  2. So I'm running Masks of Nyarlathotep these days, and I noticed that the information on Nairobi is presented as a fictional version of the city (page 400): "The fictive Nairobi presented in this scenario bears no resemblance to the modern Nairobi of more than 500,000 residents." I'm a bit confused by this. Why is Nairobi presented as fictional in the first place? One of the things really like about Call of Cthulhu is how the game uses real places and history. In the campaign, Nairobi is a "new colonial town of about 8000 people". In real history, this number was 24,000 (in 1921). The modern Nairobi has over 3 million residents. I love this campaign, but I'm curious about the decision to use a fictive version of Nairobi in the campaign. It feels a bit strange, especially when compared to the attention to historical detail in the other parts of the campaign. -E.
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