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  1. So, I really like Cthulhu Dark Ages, and I'm thinking about running the three adventures in the book this winter. However, there is one optional rule I really don't understand the logic behind. So, in Dark Ages, the base skill for Religion and Natural World, if using this optional rule, is 100-POW. And when seeing something that triggers a Sanity check, you roll againt one of these instead. If the check succeeds, Sanity points are lost. A successful check triggers an improvement check then and there. Ok, I see the point of using Religion and Natural World, but why is it calculated
  2. The information about the Mahayugas is a bit unclear (page 11, under Backgrounds, second pragraph). To me, it reads that one of Bhrama's days is 1000 Mahayugas, and each of these 1000 is again divided into four smaller epochs (Golden, Silver etc). And that Vishnu destroys the universe at the end of each one of these 1000 Mahayugas. Or something like that?
  3. Yes, in the second edition, it says: Skills (enlisted): Climb or Swim, Stealth, Throw, and two of the following: Dodge, First Aid, Mechanical Repair and Other Languages. Skills (officer): Accounting, Fighting, Firearms, two interpersonal skills (Charm, Fast Talk, Intimidate, or Persuade), Navigate , and two from Other Language, Psychology og Survival. This seem strange to me. Enlisted Hellfighters have no fighting skills? Or am I reading this wrong? E.
  4. Short question about the excellent Harlem Unbound 2nd edition: Is the Harlem Hellfighter (enlisted) missing the Firearms skill? Seems like they should have that on their skill list? E.
  5. I'm really looking forward to this campaign. Are there any updates on the timeframe for release on PDF?
  6. I've flipped through the book, and read some sections here and there, and I really like it! I have seen a couple of things that aren't typos, but maybe should be corrected anyways. On page 43, the word "BATTLE" looks like it is the header for the next sections (Castles, Communication, Community). It is not, right? On page 72: the header "Equip investigator" should be Equip Investigator, with capital I, as it is a header. It would also be useful with some weapon descriptions. I'm not clear on what a "Sword, Long" is (the table on page 92). Two handed sword, as far as I k
  7. I see. Well, the story isn't really affected by the description in the book, but I was curious if there were any specific reasons why the writers had changed it. Other cities in the campaign isn't described as fictive, as far as I can remember. I'll go for a more historically accurate Nairobi.
  8. So I'm running Masks of Nyarlathotep these days, and I noticed that the information on Nairobi is presented as a fictional version of the city (page 400): "The fictive Nairobi presented in this scenario bears no resemblance to the modern Nairobi of more than 500,000 residents." I'm a bit confused by this. Why is Nairobi presented as fictional in the first place? One of the things really like about Call of Cthulhu is how the game uses real places and history. In the campaign, Nairobi is a "new colonial town of about 8000 people". In real history, this number was 24,000 (in 1921). The m
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